8 Samsung smartphones Apple trying to ban

I’m pretty sure the entire mobile space knows that Apple was victorious in their patent fight against Samsung with the court coming down on Apple’s side, a ruling that could lead to several of Samsung’s Android smartphones being banned in the United States, and Apple is quick off the mark to let the mobile space know just which Samsung devices they are looking to get banned.

A report over on The Verge by way of an Apple filing (PDF), shows that it appears that Apple has decided that eight Samsung handsets need to be banned from sale in the US, and those eight Sammy handsets Apple wants banned are…

The Samsung Galaxy S2 (AT&T), the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile), Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S Showcase, Samsung Galaxy Prevail, and the Samsung Droid Charge.

Apple also produced a chart showing each device that infringes design patents and trade dress, and shows that the Skyrocket, Galaxy S Showcase, and Galaxy S2 Epic 4G are the only devices that don’t infringe the company’s more technical utility patents.

Of course Apple now has to convince the court that they will be irreparably harmed if the Samsung devices fail to get banned from sale. However, naturally Samsung is going to fight the ban, and has also issued a statement on the matter, which says that they will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of their products in the United States. Of course Samsung is also going to appeal the ruling, so the fight isn’t quite over just yet.

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