BlackBerry 10 is a brand new OS confirms RIM CEO

Whilst RIM still wallows in the mire of the downturn in their fortunes that has seen their market share crumble to rivals such as Android and iOS, and failing to deliver devices that capture the attention of the public, Research In Motion is of course banking on turning everything around with their BlackBerry 10 devices, that is assuming if the firm ever gets round to pushing them out.

And if you are one of the BlackBerry faithful that perhaps was assuming BlackBerry 10 would come with certain elements of BlackBerry 7 aboard, it appears you would be somewhat mistaken, because according to an article over on Ubergizmo, the CEO of RIM has stated that BlackBerry 10 is a brand new operating system.

Apparently Thorsen Heins, in an interview with Eweek, defended the delay with BlackBerry 10, basically confirming that the company wasn’t updating BlackBerry 7 but rather building an entirely new operating system for their devices.

Heins has been quoted as saying, ‘Nothing from BlackBerry 7 is in BlackBerry 10, nothing.’ Although the CEO did say that the DNA is still present and as such the experience will feel intuitive to long time BlackBerry device users.

The BlackBerry CEO went on to state, “There’s a lot of consumer and corporate research on how do people use their devices. … That led to a whole new user design for the flow of the applications. So right now if you look at [competitors’] devices, you have the tiled screen or you have the icons. What do you do [if you need information], you call an app. Work within that app, want to do something different? Back, new app. Need to do something else? Back, new app. What BlackBerry 10 will do for you is stop this paradigm of ‘in-out,’ as we call it, and through multi-tasking, real-time capabilities will allow you to flow across those applications.”

So there you have it, BlackBerry 10, once it finally arrives will be a whole new operating system, but the big question remains is if BlackBerry 10 can be successful in bringing RIM back from the brink.


6 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 is a brand new OS confirms RIM CEO”

  1. grandb3rry says:

    I like BB10 interface as they have a lot of original and unique ideas in the op.software but they are wasting so much valuable time. They need to push the next gen handsets now otherwise I’m not sure if BB will ever be able to catch what it had already lost. Shame if it dies though.

  2. Gary says:

    I’m a die hard HP WebOs Pre 3 user but I know its dead in the water, I’ve used ios and andriod and I like andriod but I will be a new BB10 user, it just looks like everything I want WebOs to be, I just hope I will be able to use the android market on BB10, any news re this ?

  3. SB says:

    After Apples win over Samsung in patent war (ok, its just a battle, war is still to be fought), RIM has got good chance to rebound and make its mark once again.

  4. Mohit says:

    BB10 All the way,
    Looks like the RIM of that past is all set to surface again with a Blockbuster product.
    M in all love with OS and Dev Alpha.

  5. unlockworldwide says:

    ….. back from the brink. Wait, the brink was back in the Lazaridis / Balsillie time warp. Thorsten Heins was the poor mut that they pushed into the ABBYS. So the question is can RIM climb out of an abbys? The answer to which, however regrettable is, NO.

    BB10 may be many things to many men but its attributes will most likely be emulated by Samsung, HTC, et al. That may not be fair practice but it will serve as Attorney fodder when the RIM Receivers (or are they executors?) file patent infringement to all and sundry.

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