HTC prepared to fight Apple all the way

Obviously Samsung wasn’t the only tech company arguing with Apple over patent infringement, as I am sure you know that HTC are also in legal wrangles with Apple, and one would have though that with the recent battle between Samsung and Apple going Apple way, other firms would be a tad wary of going the same route. However it appears that HTC hasn’t been frightened off by the verdict against Samsung.

The guys over at Ubergizmo by way of Cynes, are reporting despite a few months ago in the battle between HTC and Apple the court ordered both firms to come to some kind of settlement, it looks like HTC is prepared to go all the way to trial and not settle.

Apparently the chairwoman of HTC, Cher Wang has stated that HTC has no intentions of settling the continuing patent suit with Apple, but suggests that the company is prepared to go all the way to trial with the hope that a jury will come down on HTC’s side, and of Samsung’s defeat Wang said that it doesn’t mean that Google’s Android camp is defeated.

Now whether HTC’s stance on this turns out to be the right move or whether it is folly remains to be seen, but it does at least show that whilst Samsung’s stand against Apple didn’t quite go Sammy’s way, HTC hasn’t been swayed by that outcome, which in itself is a good thing, because other manufactures that do have a similar beef with Apple shouldn’t simply back down simply because Apple was victorious this time, and who knows, maybe HTC will be the one rejoicing once the final decision comes in.


4 thoughts on “HTC prepared to fight Apple all the way”

  1. Emmanuel Bunggo says:

    i do really love apple..but this lawsuit is way overboard..banning samsung is just going too far.. most people cant even afford apple products in other countries. im sure that they will sue pretty much every “Android” handheld that is of course violating their patent.. so much for choices..

  2. Jasam says:

    Oh, i absorbed by your title of this article, i only know that Samsung is a big competitor of Apple, according to your article, now i know there are so many trouble between these cell phone manufactures~

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