iPhone 5 accessories with small dock connector revealed: Update

As you no doubt know, many rumours concerning the next iOS smartphone have hit the net in the past, one of which is that the iPhone 5 will sport a smaller rumoured 9-pin dock connector, and it would appear that the smaller dock connector is a foregone conclusion with the new iPhone, otherwise why else would accessories makers produce accessories sporting the new size updated dock connector?

According to a report over on 9to5 Mac, images of new iPhone 5 accessories have been revealed by iLounge, although iLounge has now removed those pictures at the request of Scosche, one of which was apparently made by them.

Anyway, one of the accessories is a dual device wall charger that is apparently called the ‘syncABLE Pro’ and has a cable that transforms a standard microUSB cord into a cord that is compatible with the smaller dock connector, and there was also a dual device car charger called ‘reNUE Pro.’

another image shows the bottom of an iPhone 5 case with an iPhone 4S sitting inside to show how the bottom docking and audio holes will allow for segmentation protection with the new iPhone bottom. However there is no word on a release date for these new iPhone 5 accessories or just how much they might cost, that is of course if the rumours turn out to be spot on and Apple does deliver the device with that new smaller dock connector.

Everyone knows that Apple is expected to unveil the next iPhone during an event on the 12th of September, and word is the iOS smartphone will start shipping as of the 21st, whilst word also has it the new dock connector will also feature on the Apple iPad Mini.

UPDATE: We have since visited iLounge and noticed this message “The images have been removed at the request of Scosche”

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