Nokia Audible app for Nokia Lumia listeners

The way many people enjoy reading books has changed dramatically in the last few years as more and more of us are using eReaders or tablet PCs as our platform of choice. Long before these devices were available though there was the option of audible books available, and today we have news of the Nokia Audible app for Nokia Lumia listeners.

As an article over at Nokia Conversations is reporting the popularity of audio books is growing and reflects how our lifestyles are increasingly getting busier, but such books are nothing new as they have been available since the 1930s in the US for blind adults. Later near the end of the 20th century professional actors started to narrate such books, which took the listening experience to a new level.

Since then the explosion of digital downloads to mobile devices has given audio books another boost, and now there is the free Audible application available for the Nokia Lumia range of handsets. Audible is an Amazon company that is one of the largest providers of such books, and via their Windows Phone application users have access to more than 100,000 different titles.

There is the choice from classic titles, language guides, and contemporary best sellers, and once the free app has been downloaded you will have to subscribe to the service or purchase audio books individually. In the UK this costs £3.99 for one download each month, or titles can be purchased for around £15+ for each book.

Users get the chance to listen to eight excerpts for free before they need to commit to part with any cash, and the application features four main screens that include news, my library, stats, and shop. My Library will be the most used screen as it is where you listen to the audio books while the Shop is where users can browse and purchase titles.

It was found that in use the player is intuitive to use with a couple of nice features such as the option of skipping back thirty seconds if your mind wanders, and the button free feature allows users to control the app by swiping the screen instead of pressing any buttons. To find out more and to download click here.

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