IKEA app shows 2013 catalogue

With the increasing popularity of smartphones has brought with it a huge choice of applications for users to take advantage of. This has led to more companies using smartphone applications to engage with consumers, and today we have news of the new IKEA app that shows the 2013 catalogue.

Many consumers like to get their furniture and other products from the Swedish company, and the company has recently updated its free application for the Android and iPhone platforms. The IKEA catalogue first made an appearance back in 1951, which means it has now been available for over sixty years.

The iPhone version of the catalogue was first introduced in 2009 with the Android version following it later in 2011, and just like the printed version of the catalogue users will find it filled with great designed home furnishing solutions and inspiration, which will suit the needs for every size of wallet.

There are around 350 images in the application that show 1,000 products out of the total 10,000 products that are available in total in the IKEA range. This latest update the developers have made it possible for users to unlock extra content found in the catalogue, which is achieved by scanning selected pages found in the printed catalogue.

This will also provide additional images, 3D models, and films with the pages in the printed catalogue can be found by finding a smartphone icon on the top right corner of the page. The catalogue is available in over forty countries and to find out more or to download either head over to the App Store or Google Play.

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