Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S Cloud & Dropbox standards

Back when Samsung unveiled the popular Samsung Galaxy S3, it was expected the firm would also unveil their S Cloud service; however that didn’t happen, but it seems that the S Cloud service is coming, as we have a video for your viewing consideration below, which shows S Cloud popping up in the settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The Samsung S Cloud hands on video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at The Verge, and by way of German website BestBoyZ, so obviously the commentary in the footage is in German, so you might not be able to understand what is being said but you do get the visual.

According to the guys, S Cloud features options for syncing both videos and images along with hooking into Dropbox, so would be a good way to take advantage of the 50GB free storage that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and of course the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Camera.

However, other than hooking up with Dropbox, it is a bit unclear what other features Samsung S Cloud will offer. The word was S Cloud was delayed due to Samsung looking for a cloud storage partner, and as Dropbox is seen in the video it would appear Sammy has now solved that little problem.

Of course as Samsung still hasn’t made any official announcement on S Cloud, the service could still be under development, but at least the appearance of this video does show that Samsung S Cloud does indeed exist in some form.

Anyway, enough of me, head on down to mash that play button to check out the S Cloud and Dropbox evidence on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Oh, and according to the German site, S Cloud comes preloaded with Android Jelly Bean, whilst other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 will gain the feature via an update.

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