HTC Thunderbolt Android ICS promise broken not forgotten

Many mobile phone customers at the moment are talking about Android Ice Cream Sandwich and when will they receive their update, we can now report that those with the HTC Thunderbolt that was the first to launch with 4G LTE support that the promise has gone.

The HTC Thunderbolt Android ICS promise has now gone yet again, many hoped that August would have been the month. The official release is not ready yet, all first thought it would come in June, then July and then August, and now we are in September. Even though customers have not received their update we must stress that the HTC Thunderbolt Android ICS promise has been broken but not forgotten.

If you visit the HTC Facebook page you will notice a question from Paul Klepac asking the question “Well guys, today is the last day of August… Any chance of seeing ICS for the Thunderbolt today?”

We thought that there would not be a response, but HTC did reply saying in a nutshell that they did miss the deadline and that customers are looking forward to the update, they are working actively with Verizon on ICS software for the Thunderbolt and will let customers know when they have the update.

This is great news because at least we all know it is coming, yes it means waiting a little longer for the official release. Those that are impatient and want their device running ICS, please have a read on our previous article explaining a little about the HTC Thunderbolt Android ICS stock ROM leak.

Please let us know how you feel about the HTC thunderbolt Android ICS update delay?


10 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt Android ICS promise broken not forgotten”

  1. Bodawg says:

    I truly wish that I could treat my obligations the way that HTC and Big Red are. I could pay my bills late, or not at all, and never get in trouble. Unfortunately, I grew up.

  2. TallTony says:

    I am fortunate that my upgrade didn’t come up until the HTC Rezound came out. However, my wife and daughter both have the Thunderbolt. It’s a shame that I got my update before then did. They were pioneers who decided they wanted this first 4G/LTE handset on Verizon. Instead of getting rewarded, they are being penalized. This update should have been ready months ago. Now, both ladies who liked HTC and its Sense interface are now reconsidering another HTC purchase. Makes me wonder if HTC executives went to business school in the modern era… Retention is just as important as selling new products. In a market that’s approaching saturation, Loyalty can shift quickly. Show loyalty to your customers by keeping them happy and they will return that loyalty by sticking with you and even referring you to their loved ones and friends. I’m a Realtor and I work hard to ensure my customers are happy with my service and ethical standards. I want and need to stand out against my competition. Why does HTC seem to thing this doesn’t count for them. Of course, they forgot they are an amazing HARDWARE company. If they would issue an ICS update without Sense and let the interface be an OPTION for customers later, the update would have been delivered months before and a lot of people would have been happier! Those who love Sense could get it eventually but those who wanted ICS features sooner could have enjoyed it a lot sooner and avoided frustration. Let’s see if anyone learns a lesson from this years actions and results.

  3. David says:

    I ordered the Thunderbolt the day it came out. My kids have the rezound. The rezound is what the Thunderbolt should have been. I am rarely an early adopter… now I know why I probably NEVER will be an early adopter again. Will NEVER buy anther HTC product. And, when my contract is up, will tell Verizon that I am going to another provider and will make sure they understand why I am leaving. Loyalty is a TWO WAY STREET.

  4. Joseph M. says:

    At least support for Verizon’s first “Droid” with LTE is still looking better than support for the second and third. Glad I went with my gut and picked this over the Samsung Charge and the LG Revolution, despite the poor battery times. My instinct told me to buy the one with the most RAM.

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