Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean OTA Update Option

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has proven to be another hugely popular smartphone since it was first released a few months ago. Meanwhile owners of the handset are excitedly waiting for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to be released, and we now have news of an OTA update option.

The software has already been seen running on the handset in a video which we told you about recently, but as the Android Community are reporting the update has leaked again. We have already reported that the software’s release was getting ever closer, and this latest leak confirms this further.

This latest version could be the final OTA update after a few developer devices received it, and is thanks to the guys over at the XDA Developers. Unfortunately the update is only for owners of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and will not work with US versions. It is listed as build I9300XXDLI1, and it seems as official as it gets.

Owners of the handset can take heart as it seems the official update from Samsung is likely to be only days away, or at the most two weeks. If you have refrained from having a go of some of the older Android 4.1 Jelly Bean leaks use the XDA link above to get going.

As always only do this at your own risk and if you are confident of taking such actions on your nice new smartphone. Hopefully Samsung will get the official Jelly Bean update to all versions of the Galaxy S3 a lot quicker than what was seen with the handsets predecessor the Galaxy S2 and Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Android platform continues to suffer from software fragmentation as once flagship handsets are seemingly abandoned only a few months after some consumers purchase them. Are you looking forward to Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S3?


39 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean OTA Update Option”

  1. anthony iglesias says:

    Samsung I’m a fan but this is where apple has the upper hand they release there updates fast and everyone get it, i know they only have one phone but release for your flagships phones at least (S2, S3, ETC, come on already you guys gotta get it together already we don’t even have a release date. What a shame such a great product and it doesn’t even have your best operating system on it.

    1. DoubleY says:

      yes yes , thats why IOS 6 is only released for Iphones with developer license , yet , when any IOS version gets released it is full of bugs and problems , not to mention the wait for a jailbreak … if you don’t want to wait for a good product and update … visit XDA Developers and download a custom JB rom or download the leaked one … stop mentioning Apple at every freakin post about samsung .

    2. IPhones get an update when the software is ready, same as android, blackberry, symbian and any other os …jelly bean is ready and is available for galaxy nexus. S3 version needs touchwiz adding and testing – be patient and stop whining about apple being quicker or buy an iPhone!

  2. Themistah says:

    This is a s3 discussion how did apple come up? I like flashing custom roms, kernels, themes and hacks to use the full potential of a device…. I don’t rate devices on how fast an update is released…

  3. Emjay1978 says:

    When i had an iphone 4s…”Let me spend hours jailbreaking a device and add all the tweaks to get it how i want. Oh wait another IOS? No Jailbreak? Well that was a waste of time…”
    Now With an s3… “Oooo look it has all the all the jailbreak tweaks and i can back them up BECAUSE THEY ARE APPS!!! oh and i can receive files over WiFi and Bluetooth!!! GET IN”

    Let me send you this custom ringtone…. oh wait you got to get an app ok ill wait whilst you download it. WHAT I CANT JUST NFC it to you??? You can’t add more storage space to your iphone???

    Wait a minute you cant browse the file system without jailbreaking!?!?!?

    Trust me i was a big apple fan boy until i realized how restrictive that phone was, its such a pile of poop of which samsung took and made bettter with the S3. Iphone look good but will still need jailbreaking.

    Yes i know you can root an android phone but it really doesnt give much more functionality.

    Jelly Bean update will be here soon, but even with just ICS the S3beats iphone hands down even when the iphone5 comes out because ios6 is SHITE!

  4. I’m looking forward to jelly bean its the biggest updated since froyo and from what I’ve heard project butter is a real winner android is better than iPhone overall but the iso is absolutely responsive and super fast I’m hoping jelly bean brings that.

  5. dral29 says:

    I was thinking. What makes apple efficient is their focus, the unity of their inventions. Take exemple of google – android – nexus. They get updates quicker then any other phone android speaking. I have S3 myself, I would like to add that updates are kinda gifts. U feel happy 😀 but we need to “comprender” that maybe the reason of delays may be complex… What I would like to share as well is: man samsung need slow down a bit. One week ego my phone was off the hook, today my phone feels as a Flingstones phone

  6. I couldn’t wait any more!! Had to see wat this project butter and Google now was all about. Got an s3 but I got the latest version XXDLI2 ota update and it’s brilliant. Works fine. Couple of small negatives. E.g. information bar on the top of my screen is grey now(not much differance really), the only app that doesn’t work is sky go (sky need to update to JB). But yea now this is an iPhone killer, everything u do now looks beautiful when u do it (great animations on all screens) and battery is fantastic now. Still will get the official update if Sammy ever bring it out. But I’m loving JB.
    Galaxy S3 running JB 4.1.1 firmware XXDLI2 UK

  7. jeet says:

    dear bros. n sisters, please don’t update your phone from anywhere except the official update because if you will do so and even get it and something goes wrong(it will) and you factory reset your phone it will never open again. its a conspiracy against google’s android smartphones. don’t get your phones killed.

  8. Khalid says:

    Hi guys I was a Nokia user 3 years ago and I loved Nokia but now they are well behind. I hate iPhone so I had Galaxy S2 as my first Android device and nw I have Galaxy S3 and I just simply love my S3. Its awesome. 1 thing iPhone is just a status symbol nw a days and no real kind of multi-tasking which sucks big time.
    Also iPhone don’t know that he has Google Android as its competitor and we know hw much we Google and love to Google. The biggest and best search engine on this planet. So we can see the future of Android and Jelly Beans is just another step to make software more user friendly and fast.
    Andriod Rocks.

  9. Dustin says:

    Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t a bad OS at all. I mean yeah, JellyBean is very smooth, and polished OS but seriously.. The SGS3 is a B.A. phone as it is, and let’s be real. ICS is a major improvement over GingerBread. So patient people, wait for the OTA. Guys + Gals who just can’t wait, get rooted and flash yourself some CM10!

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