Windows Phone 8 backup syncs messages to Outlook.com or Hotmail

The mobile world is gearing up for the release of the next version of the Windows Phone operating system, which should provide more of a worthy alternative to the Android and iPhone platforms. It seems Microsoft is working hard on the new software so it works seamlessly across multiple devices, and today we have news of Windows Phone 8 backup that syncs messages to Outlook.com or Hotmail.

An article over on The Verge is reporting that sources close to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 plans are claiming that the company will be offering users a backup capability to Windows Phone users that sign in via a Microsoft account.

When a user first launches a Windows Phone 8 device they will be greeted with a splash screen that will encourage users to use a Microsoft account, which happens already with Windows Phone 7 to keep data in sync. With Windows Phone 8 the new splash screen also hints at the ability to keep contacts, documents, music, photos, and more in sync with your Xbox or PC.

Currently it is not possible to confirm the Xbox sync plans, but it seems Microsoft is going to allow Windows Phone users to share data easily to their Xbox console via SkyDrive. It is also thought that the backup options in the Windows Phone 8 will include the ability to automatically upload photos and video to SkyDrive, and sync MMS and SMS messages to Outlook.com or Hotmail.

It will also be possible to sync settings such as accounts, themes, and Internet Explorer favourites as well as individual app settings with app lists will also be synced as part of a backup routine. So far these options have not been present in Windows Phone or Windows Mobile software, and will be a much welcomed option.

It will also allow Microsoft to offer a similar experience to what iOS users get with iCloud, or even the backup options that are on offer with Google’s Android platform. We should get to see what is going to be on offer when the Windows Phone 8 event kicks off in New York tomorrow. Do you think Windows Phone 8 will offer a worthy alternative to other platforms already available?


One thought on “Windows Phone 8 backup syncs messages to Outlook.com or Hotmail”

  1. Sibron says:

    Still no usb sync to Outlook on my PC???
    Come on Microsoft, I can sync an Android phone and an Apple phone with my Microsoft Outlook, but I can’t sync Windows Phone 7, 7.5 or 8 with this Microsoft program.

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