Top 4 Apps to Make You a Better Person

We all want to make a difference to our lives; gaining self worth and meaning is one of life’s biggest goals! We pretty much all have smartphones nowadays too, which come with a whole host of apps, through which we can game, buy products and indulge in other activities. Here are some of the top apps to get rid of the guilt and start feeling like a better person today…

TED talks are famously spreading around the world and reaching out to us via YouTube. Some of the greatest minds on the planet stand and talk about their latest theory, recite poetry or play music. It’s a free-for-all, pick ‘n’ mix bag of folk from around the globe and it never ceases to amaze. TED now has its own YouTube channel, which has the whole collection of video shorts too. The app allows you to download a range of talks from spoken word by Sarah Kay, to Sir Ken Robinson explaining why he thinks schools kill creativity! Having this app will definitely expand your mind and delight you no end!

Ear Worms
Have you ever fancied learning a foreign language? I know, the classroom wasn’t exactly the perfect ground for studious learning years ago but it’s never too late to start learning a new language! Lest you ever be an ignorant tourist abroad, it’s time you invested in Ear Worms. Described as ‘brain optimising, accelerated learning’, this language learning can be done on the go with this nifty little app. Common phrases and sayings are taught over music — yes, really! From Polish to Arabic, you really can start to get cultured in whole new way.

Sports Tracker
Now, this app only works if you do the legwork and start to exercise. So dust off those old trainers and begin to geek and work out at the same time. Sports Tracker notes your time, distance and so on, so that you get a good picture of your performance. It also advises you on the weather, sunrise/sunset times and how many calories you burn. Using GPS, it’s able to pinpoint where you are and highlight other buffsters on the move. This is a grand way to kick off your new sporting hobbies and maybe you’ll even ‘run into’ a fellow fitness fanatic along the way.

This app is the one that really will get your noodle thinking and your actions changing. EcoChallenge has managed to find a fun way of reducing your impact on our wonderful planet! Living sustainably has never been so easy; the app walks you through your food, products and travel impact. It’s enlightening too, packed full of facts and infographics such as ‘ten times more apples are produced in New York than its residents consume’. Wow.

Search for the apps named above in your relevant store provider. Do you have any favourite apps, which improve your life?

Bio: James Duval is a gadget geek with a passion for Angry Birds, and more life-enhancing apps too. He blogs for KDCUK.

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