TDK Speaker offers charge and listen Wirelessly

If you are in the market for a wireless speaker, there are many wireless speakers about that can charge your device by a dock or cord, but when it comes to the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker, the devices uses a Qi compatible inductive charging pad that has been built into the top of the speaker.

Other features offered with the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker according to Uncrate, include a built in rechargeable battery unit, Bluetooth 2.1 wireless audio streaming, a ported subwoofer, 4 full range left and right speakers, a USB charging port, a 3.5mm jack for non-wireless connections, and features an IPX3 compliant weatherised design.

That IPX3 compliant weatherised design apparently protects the speaker against spraying water, and the device has been configured with omnidirectional room filling TDK Signature sound, whilst that rechargeable battery delivers up to 6-hours of portable audio play time.

With that Qi inductive charging pad on top a user can place their Qi compatible device or device with a QI case on the speaker system to get that device charged up and ready to go.

And basically that about it with the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker, other than how much the device will set you back of course, which by the way is $399.95, and if you think the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker is just what you need, you can purchase the device by heading on over to the TDK Performance website.

Is the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker something you would be interested in purchasing?

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