Nokia Lumia 920 releases November but lacks wow factor

By now everyone knows that Nokia has unveiled their first Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the form of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, two devices that Nokia hopes will drag the company back into favour in the mobile space and regain some of their lost market share, and now it appears we now know when the Lumia 920 will hit the mobile space.

According to an article over on Reuters, unnamed sources at European telecoms operators have revealed that Nokia is to begin offering the Nokia Lumia 920 at some point in November, presumably in time to catch as many sales in the key holiday season.

The new Windows Phone 8 devices that Nokia unveiled at their event on Wednesday, looks fairly similar to previous Nokia devices, and haven’t captured a great deal of attention from analysts, with many analysts giving the Nokia Lumia 920 and the smaller Nokia Lumia 820 the thumbs down, saying the handsets lacked any ‘wow’ factor, and probably wouldn’t make ‘big inroads’ against rival devices.

However, even if Nokia does release the Lumia 920 and 820 sometime in November, the Windows Phone 8 devices will still have to contend with the likes of the very popular Samsung Galaxy S3, and of course by then Apple will have delivered the iPhone 5, so will have the new iOS smartphone to compete against as well.

It was previously though that Nokia would release both smartphones in mid October, but it looks like that release date has now moved to sometime in November, which may or may no be too late in the game, but we’ll have to wait and see if Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 handset can become a success and claw back a little market share for the Finish company.

What do our readers thing of Nokia’s new Lumia handsets, do they capture your attention enough to want to own one, or do you agree with those analysts and the devices fail to wow?


7 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 releases November but lacks wow factor”

  1. Preecha says:

    This is definitely my next phone. I had the original XDA way back in the day and have loved Smartphones ever since. Done iPhone twice and unless the 5 is a major step forward I am frankly not interested. Also being a corporate user the iPhone never really fit properly. I really hope MS have provided a platform in the new OS for proper business integration. Above all of this is the point no one seems to be talking about which is that Nokia make excellent phones. I have gotten used to poor coverage, drop outs and bad call quality with the Apple phone. As Nokia makes phones for a living I am expecting the call quality to be excellent. I am really hoping the MS Nokia partnership is a match made in heaven. If this does not work I expect MS will just buy and absorb them.

  2. Rinslowe says:

    SOLD – Day one.

    – who are these analysts actually?
    – why is November too late? (Nokia were never going to dissuade the Android and IOS faithful anyway)
    – Is it purely a personal opinion the phone is lacking that “wow” factor? (*Because it has a lot more wow to me than either of the other two top brands you mentioned).

  3. Anthon Jackman says:

    I agree that the new Nokia Phone has a lot more going for it than either one of the top dogs and the specs are awesome in my opinion. This phone will appeal to so many people not to mention our beautiful ladies who hate touchscreens because of their nail. We can not underestimate the power of the women out there that will absolutely buy this phone. I find d easier to use than an iPhone too. And as amazing as Android is we all know we want so.etching new and Windows is that something new.

  4. Geoffrey says:

    Well it’s wowed me. I’m dying to get my hands on its PureView camera features and its better-than-retina display. Oh, and ability to use it with gloves in cold weather. Oh, and its seamless integration with MS Office, so that I can view and work on my most important documents while I’m out and about. Oh and its secure wallet with NFC that will soon be able to replace my credit card. Oh and its stunning design and deep, rich colours. Oh and its fully off-line navigation. Did I mention its cool wireless charging system? Plus its OS is completely fresh and up-to-date, What more wow do you want?

  5. uhublue says:

    I’m an iPhone user and enjoy Apple products. I’ve owned the iPhone 3G and still use the 4. I really like the Windows phone OS – it’s simple, fast, and straightforward. The Nokia Lumia 920’s design doesn’t “wow” me (it’s definitely not as pretty as the Galaxy S3), but the hardware and software features are attractive. If Apple’s iPhone 5 doesn’t reinvigorate the boring iOS interface, I’ll be switching to a Windows phone, hopefully the 920. Also, I think the sweet spot for a mobile phone touchscreen is between 4.3 – 4.5 inches.

  6. Stromso beboer says:

    Are u drunk? Or just paid by Apple?
    Lacks the wow factor?
    Of ANY phone got the WOW factor this year, it is Nokia Lumia 920.

    Remember, your readers are not stupid!!!

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