Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update may start this week

The official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is hugely anticipated and we’ve been bringing readers all the latest developments on when this might appear. Samsung recently told how it would arrive soon, some time this month in fact. Today we have learned that in fact the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update may start to roll out as early as this week for some, although those in the U.S. may not receive the upgrade until later in the month.

We know from comments to our previous Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean articles just how many of our readers are eagerly waiting for this latest Android update and we’d be interested to hear from any readers who get the official update over the next few days or so. A few days ago we told how there have been unofficial Jelly Bean leaks for the Galaxy S3 but we know that the majority of people will feel safer waiting for the official update to arrive. Although Samsung has never given an exact date for the update we now hear that Jelly Bean will begin rolling out this week.

This information came to us in an article on GforGames, sourced from SamMobile and although the details of the Jelly Bean rollout starting this week seem pretty sure, it is not clear which regions will see the update first. GforGames suggests it’s not likely to be the U.S. first while SamMobile actually says the update for the American Galaxy S3 won’t come until the end of this month. SamMobile has often been a reliable source for Samsung-related news and their actual words were that the update would start “next week”. However bear in mind that their report was actually a few days ago and that of course means that we should start to see the first signs of Jelly Bean arriving for the Galaxy S3 this week.

While you wait you may be interested in a preview of Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 courtesy of GSMArena. They’ve been testing out Jelly Bean on the device using leaked ROM’s and give a comprehensive look at what you can expect from the official update. There’s a whole rundown on the new features such as Project Butter and Google Now and the user interface, synthetic benchmarks, web browser, camera and video recording and apps and services are all looked at in detail.

The conclusion feels that this is a big upgrade for the Galaxy S3 with plenty of new improvements and features that are worth having and that will really enhance your Galaxy S3 experience. You can also see a video showing Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3 below this story. We’re really interested to hear what our readers have to say about the news that Jelly Bean looks as though it will begin rolling out for the Galaxy S3 this week and would really welcome your comments on this to share information with other readers.

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive the official update first then perhaps you could let us know your region or variant so that we can get an idea of where it hits first? If you’re in the U.S. are you disappointed by the news that the Jelly Bean update may not arrive for your Galaxy S3 until the end of this month?


42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update may start this week”

  1. Johan says:

    The International Galaxy S3 With 1GB Of ram is A Decently Built Phone But ICS OS Or Even Jellybean OS Is Still Not Going To Power It To Its Maximum Limits , Because It Needs To Be Optimized A Lot ! Not Just the OS But All its apps on playstore and stock apps . Example ive seen the iPad 3 And even with 1gb of ram and a weaker processor than the s3 ,, it delivers a quality and interface On A Much Higher Resolution Dispaly that the S3 currently cant deliver Even Though Its Speces Are Better Than The iPad 3 So Why Is That ? .. Because Apple developers Do actuely care Anout Thier acustomers , apple developers Never release any app or An IOS Version untill they make sure its the fastest and the best and the most stable at what it does , example that the s3 isnt optimized and stable . sometimes it crashes and says not enough ram even on home screen And It Gets Really Slow Even With Few Apps Installed , And The Textures In Lots Of Games Take A Long Time To Load And You Can See The Frame Rate becoming Really Low Even Sometimes Below 25 Frames Per Secound so seriously samsung just give us An Experience That Is worth what we payed for, wich is the best

    1. Cody says:

      This is kind of adorable because I’ve got both an ipod touch (latest version) and the Samsung Galaxy S3. And I can tell you that never once has my s3 complained about not having enough ram, and it’s not slowing down at all, whereas my ipod is definitely getting slower the more apps that get installed. Also, news flash, I can probably count on one hand the number of times any app on my s3 has crashed since I got it halfway through July, and apps crash on my ipod several times a day. Even some of the apps I have on both run better on my s3. If you’re going to complain about something as stupid as screen resolution when the resolution on the s3 is still pretty freaking good, you’re wasting everyone’s time anyway. Go out and get your iPad, and let me know how those flash videos work out for you.

    2. Bunjiquo says:

      Fastest, best and most stable – that is unless you want a clock that can handle daylight saving without breaking your alarm. Apple should perhaps start thinking about some function to go with that fashion.

    3. Mikel Syn says:

      …. you completely lost me at the last sentence. I can’t even tell where the last sentence started considering every word had its first word capitalized.

      Back to proper discussion and not being a grammar Nazi:
      Perhaps you maybe be happy now that tomorrow is the announcement for the iphone 5 yes? if you want comparison, please compare the nexus 7 with the ipad. on a side note, kudos to you if you can see 25 frames per second. your eyeballs must be bleeding every time you watch a movie then huh.

  2. Reverend Shack says:


    Owned an S3 since launch. Use it for business, heavy user. Am a gamer, play a lot of games like GTAIII and virtua tennis. Not dropped a frame, never been slow.

    Never, ever had the problems you suggest. Also, you’re comparing a tablet to a phone, so no points there. I don’t compare my PC and my tablet, they’re different devices.

    Seems someone has believed the hype about apple. How about you stick with them and pay over the odds instead? Oh, and learn to spell and use capitalisation correctly, because you negate your own opinions by looking like a dim witted apple fanboi.

    I’d sell your S3 and get the latest copy of the iPhone so you’re happy, and henceforth stick to the 2nd most popular mobile OS. Yes,, that’s correct, for all your criticisms the public thinks you are wrong.

    1. ben says:

      “you negate your own opinions by looking like a dim witted apple fanboi”
      love it!

      I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. it still surprises me at how fast this shiny pebble feeling phone is!

      1. Mikel Syn says:

        mine has been about 10 hours, with moderate to heavy usage including lots of ebook reading, and playing the occasional games. however, i can significantly cut the battery life if i use the camera or camcorder heavily.

    2. sanky says:

      I totally agree with you Shack.. these rotten apple fans needs some reason to fine issues with GS3, comparing with a tablet. I have also owned GS3 since the launch and have no issues wat so ever.

    3. Beth Waldner says:

      I love android and agree with you. However I thought you should know how silly you sound saying “Oh, and learn to spell and use capitalisation correctly, because you
      negate your own opinions by looking like a dim witted apple fanboi.” When you misspelled capitalization.

  3. Jacko says:

    Running leaked jellybean and to be honest its not worth all the hype its slightly faster and has google now which in my opinion is a waste of time never gets you what you want and cant answer saft questions

  4. I called Samsung CC/S and I was informed the update is available and I should update my device, but I wasn’t able to, the lady told me I might have to wait a week, since the updates are sent out in batches by the mobile networks.

  5. shakerbaker says:

    Can’t wait for this update. I’ve replaced my Galaxy Nexus JB 4.1 for an S3 a month ago…. and I miss JB! My nexus felt better with JB after updating! It will be the same with the S3. Love butter project!!!

  6. Chris says:

    I finally got the S3 on September 1st for AT&T (Would rather wait for my color to be advailable than to have a color I do not care for). I came from the Galaxy S Captivate, so this is my first taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. I can wait a month while I explore the tasty OS. If I get the update, I will let everyone know as soon as possible.

  7. I’m certainly looking forwards to the update. Not that there’s a whole lot wrong with the S3 right now. I should say that I’m coming from a iPhone that I used for 2 years.
    The only thing I’ve found fault with the S3 is the Exchange client which I need for work mail. On the iPhone, it just worked. On the S3, although the set up was very similar, it took a few tries to connect (and wanted severe permissions granted, which I assume the iPhone did too, but didn’t ask me) but the Exchange client just sucks life out of the battery. I have to turn of sync for that otherwise my battery only lasts about 4 hours.

    Other than that, it’s a superb phone.

  8. liam says:

    apple this apple that. they wouldnt be anything without there screens and chips if it wasnt for samsung they would be nothing.Samsung screens samsung chips. my S3 has never crashed, and works flawlessly with anything i want it to do.

  9. jay jay says:

    Who cares about apple think there products are boring my girlfriend has a 4s and it constantly freezes it’s slow as don’t know what if someone rings her it takes her about 5 swipes to answer she’s not into tech what so ever and even she admits apple are crap she’s coming to my world of the galaxy s3 had my s3 since they came out my phone has never crashed froze slowed down or nothing and that’s with ics what’s it gonna be like with jb can’t wait!

  10. Garpy says:

    Update may not be what you think. Now, admittedly I could be wrong so take this as a “look into this” From what I have read elsewhere the Jelly bean update takes away flash capability which apparently is on it’s way out anyway. The problem is flash will still be around for a few years yet. If this removal of flash is true then some may wish to hold off. Again if true, Android maybe should have waited or left flash alone for now.
    Just something to think about.

  11. jose says:

    I know a person who works for samsung mobile and he told me that they are waiting the iphone 5 to be releesed to releese the new android for the s3 like that they can keep people intertained…and forget about apple..

    1. MrPride Mokhele says:

      I’ve got the same phone on Vodacom too. How did you manage to get the update? I can’t seem to get it anywhere, not even when I go to software update on my phone.

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