Apple reputation after Samsung nightmare

Most of you will be aware of the ongoing disputes between Apple and Samsung over the last few months, which looks to continue for a long time yet. In many people’s eyes though despite its success so far, Apple’s reputation has been damaged following its Samsung nightmare.

As it is being reported on Cnet research is suggesting that Apple is becoming ugly, and even some of the company’s own fans are thinking this. A company called Media Measurement has taken some research following the recent verdict in the Apple vs Samsung trial.

Many people took to Facebook and Twitter and voiced their opinions about the matter, and both companies’s received an equal amount of negative comments, but as the data was looked at more closely Apple started to receive more negative comments via its Facebook page.

The researchers found that there was a lot of negativity aimed at the iPhone maker, with many believing that Apple were trying to use the law to protect itself against innovations, which were not as innovative as they seemed.

Before the verdict the comments on the company’s Facebook page touched a number of topics that included questions about the release of products, general messages of support and praise, complaints about price and product performance, and technical queries. The week after the trial forty percent of the comments on the page focused on the trial.

Immediately after the trial it was found that not many fans of Apple took to Facebook to defend the company, which may mean that some people believed that Apple were simply being a bully. It has to be remembered though that people can easily sign up to a company’s Facebook page pretending to be fans, only to post negative comments.

There will be many that believe Apple is getting too big for its own good, and is going after Samsung because it is nervously looking over its shoulder at the increasing competition from its rival. Did Apple go down in your estimations after the courts verdict?


13 thoughts on “Apple reputation after Samsung nightmare”

  1. Lotus says:

    Well what do we all say when someone cheats, they cheat pure and simple. It reminds me of the Doris Day song, “anything you can do, I can copy better” the fact is intellectual property was stolen in this case and knowingly. I was never an Apple fan but when I looked at the simiilarities, I agree with Apple. The second thing is that Samsung is throwing it’s toys out of the cot with LG who they claim has stolen trade secrets regarding screens. I think we should not dwell to copycat found and cry wolf with regard to Samsung. Very much like my eight year old throwing the toys out of the cot. Grow up Samsung! As for Apple you made your bed and feathered it with patents and now you sleep well.

    1. Logic says:

      It’s painfully obvious you actually are an Apple fan. Apple’s iPhone didn’t just come out of nowhere. They took existing technology and designs and improved upon them. Other phone makers, including Samsung in this case, took the popular iPhone and improved upon it. If you say that’s copying, then all of the companies that make shorts are copying the first company that made shorts. And all of the auto companies that make cars with 4 rubber tires, 4 passenger doors, a trunk in the back, engine in the front, radio between the driver and the front passenger, and aerodynamic exterior are also copying the first car that was made so. “Feathered it with patents?” Take a deep breath and think: Is this going to promote innovation or not? Will it promote competition or not? Calm your Apple fanboy boner down and be honest. It’s us, the consumers, that lost.

  2. Oj says:

    I’m an iPhone user for the past two and half years and was looking forward to getting the next iPhone but that has changed now. Find it hard to believe apple going this far to ban a competitors product and for that reason ,I’ll never buy any apple product again.Why not let the consumers decide instead turninng to litigation to dominate market? I’m waiting for the Galaxy note 2.

  3. Oj says:

    After watching Steve Job’s comment ‘great artists create and genius copy’, I can’t understand why they go round the world suing competitors for copying the look and feel of their products. It seems to me they re running out of ideas.How many products out there look similar? . Consumers will decide and we re not fools. Stuck with my iPhone4 till October, can’t wait to get rid.

  4. yarrellray says:

    Apple is a sad conclusión and so are all it’s users who are basically uneducated simpleton’s who have no knowledge of technology. Apple has never been innovative nor have they presented products that were cutting edge or industry leading. Samsung has always lead the way for innovation they have always pushed the boundaries to bring products to market that people love. Ie Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. And with the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 as well as the upcoming Galaxy Nexus 2 they have done it again. They are the leaders in software innovation case and point pop up player, smart stay, and the overall concept of the Spen on it’s Galaxy Note and upcoming Galaxy Note 2. That’s pure innovation at it’s best. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD and only the Galaxy Note 2 will beat it because of the large battery life and excellent large screen. After all it’s Samsung that made apple change the size of it’s crappy iphone.

    1. Kaffeguy says:

      It is true they have never been innovative nor have they start something from paper to finish. They hire designers and then they see what a product will look like and then they go after manufacturers to see what is available and what they can make to fit the style. To me in essence they are a design company, not a hardware company.

    2. Josh says:

      First world problem: “That phone is “CRAP” because of its size, so I’ll buy this other one because it can iron my shirt”

      Third world problem: “this water has “CRAP” in it, but I have nothing else to drink so I will drink it anyway otherwise I could die of thirst.”

      Every fanboy in the world needs a good kick in the ass. You are busy arguing over which company is better like you have a mass amount of money invested in them but this is highly unlikely. It’s trivial crap. Meaningless. If only the world had this amount of people that were actually passionate about something important then maybe the world would be a much better place to live in.

  5. HookedOnTabs says:

    I still own 2 of the banned phones.
    The G S4g Epic may have round corners, but it has a lot of features Apple phones have never had. 4G, sideout keyboard, SD, quick change battery, 4″ Screen,flash, and so on. How can a mindless jury not see the difference.
    Now my Galaxy Note has 20 more features then any Apple phone, so how is it a copy cat?
    Ridiculous at best. Even the next Apple phone is no match for the note 5.3. Oh, and I forgot, they have banned or asked at least my new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. IPad 10 won’t have the features and software it has today.

  6. Allan says:

    I was saving up credit card points to buy an iPad. Not any more. Apple is behaving like the school yard bully and I won’t nt be supporting that in any way.

  7. Drew says:

    Its becoming shameful to own an iPhone these days, I am also concerned I may be sued for using the word ‘apple’ when buying fruit, which also has rounded edges

  8. Joshua says:

    Love how Samsung users pretend they were going to buy an iPhone and then say now they won’t

    One thing I have learnt about android users is they tend to bad mouth apple more than apple users bad mouth android

    I wouldnt half doubt that the apple bashing that was done on thier Facebook as reported by this article was done by the apple lynch mob know as android users.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the Samsung handsets but the users are an angry bunch lol

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