Samsung ChatON Mobile IM more inviting than BBM

There are many instant messenger apps out there for your mobile phone, but we would like to bring your attention to the re-launch of Samsung ChatON, it has always been Blackberry Messenger that took the world by storm but many users have said that this IM is more inviting than BBM, we cannot judge on this because we have not pitted the two together yet in a comparison, so we will let you comment on this one.

We received an email asking if we would like to write a little article about Samsung ChatON, and to be honest at first we thought here we go again another instant messenger app for mobile devices, but after looking at it more we really like it. You can have this on your Android phone, the iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows phone.

OK if you want me to download at least give us something worth thinking about? This would have been your next question we are guessing; this is the new future for users to have that IM interaction and animated messages for that extra fun and freedom.

Samsung ChatON app features include this like “Enhanced Group Chat” where several friends can receive broadcast messages at once, or how about the “Trunk” that allows users to leave comments as well as share content to and sharing box. Other features include “Animation Message” that are animation messages that users can create with original texts and drawings, how about Anicon animated messages where animated emoticons from chaton.com can be download, we also like Micro SNS Community and the Interaction Rank as well as Buddies say where users can post comments directly to buddies profile any time they please.

Samsung ChatON is now available in 120 countries and it covers 66 languages, you can download this app right now for iOS (iTunes), Android (Google Play)and many more, for the full download details please visit https://web.samsungchaton.com

If you already have Samsung ChatON, please let us know what you think of it.


2 thoughts on “Samsung ChatON Mobile IM more inviting than BBM”

  1. oklo alaku says:

    I been using chaton since it was first released….I love the ability to create your own animation and the anicon…I dislike that you have to use mobile number to connect with friends…would have prefer a unique pin like what we have in bbm

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