Wordle app recap, old but fun spelling game

As you know, more and more new fun word games come to the iOS and Android platforms regularly, but some of those old word games are still great fun to play, and so we here at Phones Review love stepping back in time to bring old school apps to our readers, you never know readers might have missed out on this game.

So stepping back quite a way we thought we bring you a reminder of Wordle for iOS and Android, a fast paced anagram game that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike, is easy to learn and play, and can be quite addictive. All the user has to do is combine six letter on a shelf to make as many words as you can in the allotted three minutes.

Wordle for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple iPad and Android devices offers some 3500 puzzles and tens of thousands of words to help the user build up their vocabulary, with time allotments from three minutes to 30-minutes or whenever you have time to play this fun word game.

The Wordle app allows the user to see definitions of words that are not familiar with, team up and play a fast round no matter where you are, gain a mental workout, achieve learning goals with a kids spelling list or English as a second language, compete against online high scores, along with sharing your scores with friends on Facebook.

If you enjoy such games as Sudoko, Scrabble or Solitaire, then you might find that Wordle is right up your street, and if you haven’t yet played Wordle on your iOS or Android device, iOS word game enthusiasts can purchase Wordle for $0.99 by heading on over to iTunes, and likewise the Android word game fan can pick up Wordle from Google Play at a cost of roughly $0.96.

We’d like to hear from any of our iOS or Android readers out there to let us know if they still play Wordle along with their other word games, or if you haven’t played Wordle before but will be giving the app a whirl.

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