Samsung Captivate Glide Android ICS update expectations

For those over in the good old US of A and own the Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-i927) smartphone, that have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for your handset, you might like to know that the Android 4.0 update is now available for the Samsung Captivate Glide by way of Samsung Kies.

Samsung has posted an article on how to update your Samsung Captivate Glide to Android Ice Cream Sandwich for those that aren’t too sure how to grab the update, and of course you will need to backup all your date before downloading and installing the Android 4.0 update on your handset.

As you probably are aware, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update makes common actions more visible and enables the user to navigate with simple gestures, and delivers a new polished and modern feel user interface with home screens now having new items such as widgets, wallpaper, and applications all reset to default.

After the Android ICS update the app menu sorting, home keys, and folders will be reset, and downloaded apps will be preserved, contact groups and all contact will remain, but contacts within the contact groups will be removed. Email accounts which were added as a Samsung premium account or Social Hub will also be removed, whilst music settings and playlists will be reset, although paired Bluetooth devices will be removed during the update.

The SIM card or external microSD card can be kept installed during the update, but if you wish you can remove them from the device beforehand and reinstall after the update is complete.

So there you go, what is expected after the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update just in case you wasn’t aware, and of course if your experience any problems with the update feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


30 thoughts on “Samsung Captivate Glide Android ICS update expectations”

  1. Cha$e says:

    Did update as directed by Samsung website. Keyboard will not light up? Many errors stating “unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped”. I get this error 10 times a day. Calling SS support now to see if there is a fix – will update later.

  2. truestory456 says:

    Keyboard backlight wont light up anymore also noticed that i cant take screen shots anymore and homescreen wallpaper does not move anymore when swiping left and right

  3. I am also getting the same error
    “unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped.” after I hang up from a call, or if I miss a call and try to swipe to see the missed call.. I am wishing I never updated to this ice cream. Had no problems with this until I updated 2 days ago!! UGH!!!

  4. Shoulda Boughta Droid says:

    HUGE network issues now, with ICS on my captivate glide. I have 4/5 bars in the office and i cant load facebook…. No problems before. And it says 4G now instead of H+ at the top. WTF? It’s not 4g why is it lying?

  5. Chris Cote says:

    I hate the upgrade, I get the errors, the turn over feature wont work either. I wish there was a way to go back but there doesnt seem to be. This si the first time I have ever upgraded a phone and the last.

  6. i’m getting tons of errors, sometimes when i try to answer a call by simply touching the screen it hangs up the call. absolutely unacceptable. samsung/at+t – you suck for releasing this without testing better.

  7. Scott says:

    Other than the errors, is anyone else noticing that the update does not include all of the advertised features? Missing the Lock Screen feature to unlock directly to the camera app, and the camera app is no different. I am not seeing many comments about this out there, but Samsung had a page on their website that advertised all of these great features (which is now not available) for the Captivate Glide ICS update.

  8. Jen says:

    I too am having issues, I can’t answer calls, I keep geting error messages. I get multiple text messages, I get strange sounds after I hang up after I make a call, I can’t view my missed calls… This is BS. I need this fixed asap! Samsung … AT&T… SOMEBODY HELP!

  9. Joesph says:

    factory resetting got rid of my phone error, but my wifi toggle still doesn’t work very well. and on the samsung site, it says that the phone may not get ALL of the advertised Android 4.0 features.

  10. Like most of the others, my keypad no longer lights up & I can’t take screenshots anymore… The ‘error’ message was annoying, but it has started 2 happen less frequently. Gonna call Cust. Support 4 solutions @ the 1st of the week!

  11. TracyV says:

    I also updated my Captivate Glide to ICS and had the same issues as everyone else. The backlight stopped working on the keyboard. On the physical keyboard the ALT key does not work for multiple characters. Used to be able to press and hold the ALT key to turn it on for typing a series of numbers. Now I have to press and hold the ALT key in while I type. Also my phone app kept crashing. This error when away with the factory reset, but the keyboard issues persist. I just received a replacement phone, luckily mine was still under warranty. I am definitely not updating this one to ICS because of the keyboard issues.

  12. Andrew Dub. says:

    SOLVED: I contacted Samsung support, and they instructed me to to a factory wipe. After backing up all my content with Samsung Kies, I did the Factory Reset, and made a test call. No more errors. Seemed to be the Fix, just do a factory reset.

  13. MW says:

    I updated about a month ago and have had similar issues. Keyboard backlight doesn’t work, the clock sometimes gets behind by several minutes, the “com.android.phone has stopped” happens after calls end, and I get some text messages several times (sometimes up to 50 times). This sucks.

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