Apple Store down before September 12 Apple Announcement

We will keep this short and sweet; the Apple Store is down across all countries at the moment, and seeing as it is before the September 12 Apple Announcement today you know something special is coming.

Will Apple be updating its store with a new iPhone, how about a brand newly designed iPod Touch? Apple is up to something by taking the online store down, they are most definitely preparing for today’s keynote event in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Every time Apple holds a keynote event they seem to take the store offline, this we can handle, what we cannot handle is the waiting process of what they are going to add to the shopping store. Could they be adding the iPhone 5? That has been rumoured to come with a bigger display and even 4G LTE service.

The Apple September 12 Apple Announcement Event kicks off at 6PM GMT (UK) (10 a.m. PT start time). Be sure to stay with us for all the hot juicy news, updates will fly in all night long.

Whilst you wait for more news and details of when the store is back up and running, please click our iPhone 5 Tag Link for all you need to know so far about the new Apple smartphone.

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