iPhone 5 rap video with offensive but true lyrics

The hours are ticking down for the biggest announcement of the year, yes that’s right the iPhone 5 and of course iOS 6 are just two of Apple’s products we are waiting to learn more about. Whilst you wait we would like to bring your attention to the best video to date giving you all the juicy details about Apple and its new iPhone 5.

Ok it is not real but in fact a very cool put together iPhone 5 rap video with offensive but true lyrics, if you watch the video we are guessing that many readers will agree with what is being sung, are you ready for Mac Daddy and the iFhone 5? And yes we did spell iFhone right.

We had an email from a friend saying watch this awesome video by Mondo Media, the email had a Phandroid link in there so we clicked it and saw this video (Watch the cool Steve Jobs: Resurrection iPhone 5 Parody video below this article). Yes we have heard all the rumours, specifications, design, what will the price be, when will pre-orders start and so much more. Listen to the rap video below and all will be revealed, even the final price.

Sorry, we cannot stop bouncing around the room laughing and dancing our heads off, this song is so catchy and in some ways probably true in what Mac Daddy raps.

Mr Cook starts off in this video talking mentioning that Steve Jobs built Apple, but then says that Apple is all mine, you hear me all MINE. Then all of a sudden Steve Jobs appears as a hologram rapping his way explaining on the way about iFhone 5 and Apple etc.

Some of the lyrics we love include: “Shut up, Cook Or I’ll beat yo skinny ass with my new MacBook”, or what about “I’m Mac Daddy – dead or alive, iFhone 5!! So just buy, and don’t ask why, you know you’re gonna get an iFhone 5”.

If you watch the whole video we love the bit when they show the iFhone 5 that is not black but charcoal, and someone in the audience says it’s the iPhone 4S, the fanboy shouts out “Bullsh**! It’s the same phone as before!” and then Steve Jobs rapping back “Not true! It’s got a new power cord, so I hope you like buyin’ new accessories”, Whatcha gonna do – buy the Galaxy? We will not say anymore about the lyrics because you have got to watch the video.

PLEASE remember this video is all just for fun and nothing personal, we will be here tonight to cover the event so please bookmark us, we will be letting you know everything about the Apple event from 6PM UK time.

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