New Samsung Galaxy S3 Kensington Gel Case via Amazon

One of the most popular smartphones of the moment is the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) and as well as bringing you news on phones and tablets we also like to give readers details about useful accessories. If you have a brand new Galaxy S3 you may want to protect it with a decent case and today we have some information about a new Galaxy S3 Kensington Gel Case available from Kensington and also Amazon.

We all like to keep our shiny new phones as free as possible from scuffs, scratches and dents and the Gel Case has been designed for the Galaxy S3. It comes in black (K39654WW) or white (K39653WW) color options priced at $19.99 and cleverly manages to offer durable protection while still giving the user access to the controls, touchscreen, camera and more. The Kensington Gel Case uses a soft silicon layer for cushioning your phone from day-to-day use and feels as good as it looks.

If you want to consider an alternative there’s also the Kensington Soft Case for the Galaxy S3. This one comes in black (K39655WW) or blue (K39656WW) color options and is also priced at $19.99. It pads your phone with a layer of soft shock-absorbing rubber for a comfortable and easy hold on your device. As with the Gel Case the Soft Case also offers easy access to all of the phone controls for convenience, as well as the rear-facing camera.

News on these cases came to us from Mobile TechReview Forum and you can see the product order page at Kensington.com here. You can also order any of these cases through Amazon.com. If you purchase either of these cases for your Galaxy S3 we’d welcome your opinions and whether you’d recommend them or not to other readers? Send your comments to let us know.

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