Motorola Droid Bionic Android ICS update final version

The updating of Android hardware to newer versions of the operating system is often a painful drawn out process, and there are still some handsets that are either a year old or older that are still waiting to be upgraded from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to Android 4.0. The Motorola Droid Bionic has seen another Android ICS update leak, which may be the final version.

Despite numerous promises and false hope from both Motorola and Verizon, the Droid Bionic remains on the aging Gingerbread operating system, and the handset has just passed its first birthday but there shouldn’t be anything preventing the device technically for it to be upgraded to the later software.

According to a report on GottaBe Mobile the Android ICS update has leaked again, and it seems this leak could be the final version that Verizon will eventually release for the handset. It has a build number of .244 and the software wasn’t pulled from a Quality Assurance server, which could mean the software will begin rolling out soon.

If this was the final version we could then see a soak test begin in the next couple of days, and if those testing the software don’t report any major issues, an official release of the update could just be around the corner.

The Motorola Droid Bionic was once one of the premier smartphones on the market despite its release being delayed, and considering the handset features a dual core processor the Droid Bionic should be more than capable from taking care of Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is still one of the biggest criticisms of the Android platform and the time it takes for once flagship devices to be upgraded to new versions of the operating system. Hopefully we have some news about the updates official release soon.


30 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Bionic Android ICS update final version”

  1. Crvols says:

    This is it for me and Motorola! I bought mine on day 2 and have seen nothing but newer devices and software update delays since I jumped in. Whatever goodwill they initially had with me is gone and, even though I like my phone, I will not reward them with future loyalty.

  2. jfr69 says:

    I’m running the ICS leak & LOVE it .. Haven’t had 1 issue so far, my data connectivity issues have been non-existant.. With ICS, the Bionic actually lives up to it’s worth. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but worth it..

  3. corymcnutt says:

    I got my Bionic on day one…day 3 they replaced it because of random reboots, but since then it has be rock solid…especially after the updates. I will be switching to the Note 2 if it comes to Verizon because I like the form factor…and it’s rocking Jelly Bean.

    1. Justin says:

      That’s not even funny. The Bionic is way better than that when it was released, and Apple launched the iPhone 5 with dated technology. The dual-core it’s got may be an A15 cortex, but the S4 has been used in phones since the Rezound last year and is just as good as the A6. This fall will show tech with quad cores running with LTE. If Apple really wanted to impress with their one phone a year, they would have done a Qaud Core LTE phone, not left out NFC, etc. It can go on and on.

  4. Motorola has been full of empty promises and horrible attempts to make up for it. They made the mistake of “promising” Jelly Bean for all phones 2011 and up. We all know the Bionic won’t receive Jelly Bean, so why even give us that little bit of hope? Motorola makes some great phones, and decent UI skins for Android, but their support is horrid.

          1. Bionic says:

            That I saw. But no where did I see the Bionic will get jelly bean. I find it highly unlikely given the phones age and it doesn’t even have ICS.

  5. VindizO says:

    Im a diehard Motorola fanatic. All my phones prior to the smartphone era were Motorola. I even have the XOOM running jellybean. But alas..this updating taking so long just made up my mind..im going Note 2 as soon as its available.

  6. Jim Barr says:

    I’m also running the ICS leak (though an earlier one: .232) and I really like it. if Verizon/Motorola ever push out a final version, they’ll have a winner.

  7. Jeff Kovach says:

    I am surprised no one commented on the fact that this article is misleading… We don’t know if this is a final version or simply another leak- but the headline of this article makes you believe this is the final verdict. Shame on you. Don’t lure people to read an article with a misleading title!

    1. Jeff Kovach says:

      I also find it irritating that in spite of the Bionic having its first birthday that people STILL post pictures of the original Bionic device… That was never MADE!

  8. mhump54 says:

    What I find funny is, how some of us somehow feel like we are entitled to this update. I don’t know about you but when I purchased my Bionic I did so with only one expectation, that it worked. I had 30 days to make that determination. If it didn’t perform, I had the option to trade it in for another phone. If I didn’t take advantage of that, shame on me. If you didn’t, shame on you. Personally, I love my Bionic and will gladly wait (although impatiently) for it to come out. Unlike other billion dollar companies that charge you full price for an OS upgrade, I think Motorola is more then generous in offering an updated OS on a phone that hit it’s one year anniversary for free no matter how late it is. In short, anything that Motorola, Google or (whoever your service provider may be) is willing to give us without cost is an unexpected but welcome bonus.

    1. coozers says:

      Except that many of us bought the phone because we were told that it was going to get ICS. With a year and a half lifespan, getting it to us over a year in is definitely not good business. It was between bionic and razr for me. If IXS wasn’t promised for bionic I would’ve gone razr.

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