Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE UK thanks to EE

Over on this side of the pond, the United Kingdom has been somewhat slow in dragging their mobile body into the latest 4G LTE technology, but we are getting our first LTE network this year thanks to EE otherwise known as Everything Everywhere, although currently there are no 4G enabled smartphones in the UK that can play nice on EE’s new 4G network.

However just how fast will that new EE 4G network actually be? Well to find out the guys over at Crave used a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, a revised version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that can play on 4G, along with the Speed Test app for Android, and produced a video of their findings.

Naturally for our UK readers that hope to eventually use a 4G smartphone on the EE LTE network, we have that video footage for your viewing consideration below, which the guys say the results were quite impressive with download speeds of 39.57mbps and upload speeds of 23.95mbps.

In the footage you’ll also see a little web browsing comparison between 3G and 4G so you can get an idea of just how much faster 4G LTE really is, although whether those speeds will be achieved once EE finally rolls out their 4G LTE network in the UK remains to be seen, as there are a few factors that could affect data speed such as your location or too many 4G smartphones on the network, although that shouldn’t be a major problem in the UK just yet, but no doubt once we have a 4G network more 4G handset will become available over this side of the pond.

Anyway, I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to mash that play button to check out this speed test of the EE 4G LTE network…enjoy.

Are any of our UK readers excited that EE is rolling out the UK’s first 4G LTE network, and will you be one of the first to snap up a 4G LTE handset in the UK?


18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE UK thanks to EE”

      1. s3 owener says:

        Hi i seen the iphone 5 i have the s3 my opion is iphone design is stronger than the s3 i seen some videos people droping the phones in to water or up in the air the iphone came out the winner but who in there right mind would smash / drop a expensive phone or not buy extra protection ie a case . S3 i have choosen because its diffevent design unlike iphone same design .im not saying iphone 5 is bad it has good features only problem i can think of at the moment is maps not as good as google maps End of day its personal choice both phones have there good points s3 will be cheaper contract wise .

        1. BradJames says:

          I’ve been a iPhone fan for 4 years and enjoyed all the tweaks from jailbreaking the standard iOS didn’t bring. The iphone 5 design has been floating about way before the 4S was released. So when it was finally confirmed I was gutted. So that’s another 3 years of the same looking phone with average specs & poor battery.

          The glass strips on the back of the new iphone are there for you to break. You can’t remove the battery Etc etc. All so they can rip you off with repair costs.

          Apple is a prison and I can’t wait to be free with a galaxy s3 with 4GEE

    1. 4g seems to be problems with on i-phone if you want change carreier(mobile company) later using the same phone. i-p5 goes on 1800 mhz only stopping it be used with lets say o2 or vodafone… next year i-p5s will fix that problem 🙂

  1. Aidan says:

    I work in the mobile industry as an upgrade specialist (salesman to you and me) and the iPhone 5 is disappointing, alot more customers are opting for the S3 so far yesterday and today

    1. d_a_v_e says:

      Wow, really, as an “upgrade specialist” could you explain how anyone could buy or upgrade to an iPhone 5 TODAY? Do you have special stock in advance of Apples release date?

      1. Josh. says:

        Clearly he means people are getting the S3 now as they aren’t finding the iPhone 5 as impressive as expected and so are not waiting a few days for it. Like me, I waited 3 months for it to come out after “leaks of a revolutionary phone”. Disappointing is an understatement.

    2. Hovabyte says:

      Considering the current S3 LTE is not yet available in the UK and customers buying the current S3 will have to buy a new phone for it to work fully on the new 4G network, you are really doing your customers a disservice by telling them to upgrade to the current S3 rather than the iphone 5 which will work.
      I understand the need for mobile sales reps to close a deal, add insurance and get that commision, but a lot of customers although wanting to have all the latest technology, are already struggling to understand all the info that us tech savvy have no problem with and in the long run there are going to be a lot of pee’d off customers who are going to be coming back asking why they where sold a handset that wont provide them with the 4G that they wanted and they will have to wait for another minimum term contract to expire before the upgrade or shell out £500 odd on a new phone. (although this will probably make you happy)

      1. Makiavelick says:

        The iphone 5 will not work on the EE network as it is limited to one LTE band and thqt is not the one EE is running on. I think you owe the guy an apology 😉

        1. Michael says:

          Incorrect. The iPhone 5 has a dynamic antenna which is able to support a number of bands. EE is supporting the iPhone 5 band. No apology needed…

  2. G says:

    If the LTE S3 comes out with 32 and 64GB internal memory (I have a 16GB 3G S3 and have filled the internal memory easily even with all music, photo & Video on the 64GB ext SD) I will be snapping one up and moving from Orange to EE, especially if I can keep my Sky sports and Deezer swapables (which i doubt).

  3. TitanBD says:

    I think the speed tests are seriously misleading. The reason you are able to get such fast download speeds is because the 4G network you are using at the moment is not congested with millions of other users as it will be, come launch day. As soon as the millions of users get onto the 4G networks we’ll be lucky to get download speeds of 10mb/s. Common sense should tell you the more users on a network, the slower the speeds.

  4. euringddave says:

    I just bought a Galaxy S3 a few months ago because it stated that it had LTE capability
    Some reviews appear to say that you need a different phone to use the new EE LTE service. If this is the case Samsung are going to be pursued by a lot of very unhappy customers, (myself included).

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