Forget iPhone 5, Samsung & Nokia ads go for throat

Last week Apple revealed it latest smartphone to the world at a special event in San Francisco, and while there may be many fans of the company already got their orders in or planning on doing so, some consumers are a little bit disappointed in the device. Rival companies Samsung and Nokia are basically telling consumers to forget the iPhone 5 as ads from the two go for the throat of their competitor.

Both Nokia and Samsung have decided to knock the iPhone 5 in an advertisement and a tweet, and as TheNextWeb are reporting both the companies push their own products that they design and construct themselves, with the same message of “it doesn’t take a genius”.

With the use of the phrase it’s easy to understand that rival handsets arguably outclass the upcoming iPhone 5, obviously Apple fans will not agree with this but fans from the Android and Windows Phone camps will be enjoying the somewhat disappointing launch of the iPhone 5.

As you can see in both the images on this page Samsung have put up an advertisement comparing the specs of the Galaxy S3 with the iPhone 5, while Nokia took to Twitter and put a no in front of the phrase. It does make you wonder if the same ad salesperson may have been responsible for selling the companies the line.

Samsung also has a pop at Apple in its ad with a remark about the USB cable, and says that the Galaxy S3 uses a standard microUSB plug. The company also makes a big thing of the specs for the Galaxy S3 compared to the iPhone 5, as the gloves are now completely off in the smartphone sales wars.

Were you disappointed with the iPhone 5?


13 thoughts on “Forget iPhone 5, Samsung & Nokia ads go for throat”

    1. Ken says:

      Small correction… Galaxy s3 is a great phone, well built if a bit plasticky, but looks good and if there was no iPhone this would be the phone for me. But you are correct, android is a work in progress. Does not have the finess or aesthetic attention to detail that iOS has.

  1. kestrel1960 says:

    As Apple have proved time & time again it’s not all about specs. I am happy with my three products (one of them an iPhone 4 which still has plenty of life left especially with a software upgrade coming soon – something which is a bit of a lottery on Android phones) & all of them sync with each other perfectly without my intervention.

    I just want things things that work seamlessly with each other in the background & Apple always delivers that. Game over.

  2. Kaffeguy says:

    I was somewhat disappointed with the iPhone 5 because of the screen size. If they are able to have different size cards they are able to have 2 different size screens. The 4 inch screen is nice, some of us prefer a larger screen not a 5 inch screen but a bit wider screen. I would like to see the iPhone with removable internal storage. they did a lot of internal work which some are not being recognized as a great thing. Yes they are selling phones off the chart.

    1. HookedOnTabs says:

      Sorry to hear that Rob, 2 more years of Same-O, how do you like those 3.5″ apps on the little baby 4″ screen? Just wondering, Galaxy Note, no training wheels included, for progressive users.

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