HTC mystery announcement, our prediction on new device

The HTC mystery announcement has got a lot of people wondering, and we at Phones Review are one of them. HTC is causing a stir at the moment prior to its event kicking off tomorrow, and they have released a new photo of a not-known product with a small 10:08 on the device with the words “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software.”

If you visit the HTC Facebook page you can see this photo (Also shown below), the teaser shot below also has the numbers 19.9 and we know that means the date of September 19th, and yes that is the same date as the iOS 6 public release. There are many rumours flying around so we will divulge in our thoughts a little to get the chat started.

No one knows if the new device will come running Windows Phone 8 or Android, we do not know if it will be a tablet or a phone, could be a brand new 5-inch smartphone running WP8 or another cool Android 5-inch handset? Some have said that the 10:08 on the device could be a code to say that it will be a 1080p device, but this is in our mind believes its just the time HTC always puts on the photos. Ok, so what does “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software,” mean? A rough guess would mean this derives to Windows Phone 8 guesstimation.

Could it be the new HTC One X5 or how about the HTC 8X aka Accord? We will guess some of the specs that could be announced for the device tomorrow, 1080p HD 5-inch display, 16GB internal storage, quad-core Snapdragon processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and 1.5GB RAM, how about throwing in a Verizon exclusive to the mix.

All we know is all will be revealed tomorrow so please bookmark us for news updates.

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