Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 in Camera Shootout

Two smartphones that are grabbing a huge amount of interest right now are the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III), released a few months ago, and the Apple iPhone 5 that will be hitting shelves on Friday. Both of these phones have a huge amount to offer and of course many of you will already have decided to purchase one or the other, purely because you prefer the Android operating system over iOS or vice versa. However if the phone you favor depends more on its camera capabilities then you may be interested in our Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 camera shootout.

We’ve already looked at a specs comparison of the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 and then more recently took a closer look at the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 and the battle for iOS or Android supremacy. However as many people use their smartphones as their main camera now, today we want to focus purely on the cameras of the two handsets to see what they have to offer. Although we’ve given you the basic camera specs previously today we will look more in-depth at what camera is capable of.

First we’ll start with the Galaxy S3 which many of you will already know has an 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video capture and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing shooter. There are plenty of options for making the best of the S3’s camera and Mashable has a full rundown of its capabilities and features. For instance users can customize the screen for faster access to the settings they use the most and there are 14 settings from basic functions such as Flash On/Off to more advanced usage such as white balance and more. Also apart from the customary tap-to-focus you can also tweak focus settings on the Galaxy S3 with features such as Face Detection focus and Macro focus.

If you are taking photographs in mixed light then another bonus is HDR (high dynamic range imaging) and another plus is the ability to take photos whilst recording video by tapping the camera icon on a particular part of the screen while you’re filming. You also have Burst Shot which enables taking 30 pictures in rapid succession and letting you choose the best while another feature is instant sharing of photographs to groups of people (if they are also using the Galaxy S3). Finally there’s also a Buddy Photo Share which groups images together by person using facial recognition technology. All in all, there are some useful and clever camera functions with the Galaxy S3.

Now let’s take a look at the iPhone 5 camera, which has an 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video recording capability and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera. On this initial information there doesn’t seem to be an awful lot between the cameras on the two phones but let’s delve a little further. Digital Trends tells how the new improved camera is actually 25% smaller than that of its predecessor on the iPhone 4S, which would generally be a negative point but that Apple seems to be keeping ahead of the game. Although many of the aspects of the camera on the iPhone 5 remain the same as the 4S, such as image resolution of 3264 x 2448, a backside illuminated sensor and five-element lens with F2.4 aperture, there are also some improvements.

For example, the front-facing shooter is now capable of Facetime video at 720p and there’s also a dynamic low light mode. The new notable A6 processor indicates that the camera should have better noise reduction, face detection, image stabilization and 40% faster shooting, plus users can now also take photos whilst shooting video, the same as with the Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 camera also has a sapphire crystal lens giving it improved protection and as the iPhone 5 will launch running the updated operating system iOS 6 this will also offer shareable Photo Streams. However one of the most popular new functions of the new iPhone camera will be the panoramic stitch capability, which is built in. This has an auto stabilize, handy if you haven’t got a steady hand, and is capable of shooting a 28-megapixel panoramic image.

As you can see then both of these smartphones have some great camera functions and features and although the Galaxy S3 has already achieved huge sales we know that the iPhone 5 has amassed huge pre-orders already and will also be a smash success. We’d like to know if the camera capabilities of either of these phones are enough to decide whether you’d purchase the Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5? Let us know with your comments.


144 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 in Camera Shootout”

  1. the whole 28 m/pixel panaroma is just a joke! its an 8 m/pixel camera!!! take 10 pictire and put it together should we say you have 80 m/pixels…blabla??? just a marketing bananza to fool idiots. anyway panorama pics been on android for sometime so apple just playing catchup to ANDROD again

    1. Vin says:

      there was an app for ios to use panorama pics anyway. also apple not playing catch up to android (not androd) . Apple has always been superior, people only argue that android is better because they cant afford an apple product…..

          1. Manoo Bahar says:

            lol , my friend does too and he told me how you guys are told to say i-phone is best because you get more commision to sell i-phone! he told me he felt sick everytime he had to lie to customers . he changed job because hecouldnt take being a lier …

          2. David Soule says:

            That’s a flat out lie if I’ve ever heard one. I’m not going to take a side on this crap. I will say that any carrier that pushes iPhone is a fool and any carrier that gives their sales people a higher commision deserve to be shot by the CEO. What carrier would want to sell an iPhone with a larger subsidy vs a SGIII? That makes no sense. You or your friend is obviously talking out of their arse.

      1. than why do yo see all new things on ios are stuff that been used on s3????or s2? (androd i used my old i-p4s to type the screen is so small i mistyped :))
        lets take the great build quality of i-phone for once . how many i-phones with shattered screens have you seen??? many! how about s2/s3? not many! so does that still mean i-phone build quality is the best? how about the antenna problems? the reception on 4s could be a joke at times! apple iphone is a good phone. but it has a bad value for money. i-phones used to be the best of smartphones, but thats all history now.

        1. Robert Graulich says:

          Thats because there arn’t many s3’s Ive only seen two s3’s in like three months! And are probably see a thousands of iPhone 5’s by next week….

      2. Swervee says:

        Most people who have smartphones can purchase an iPhone with its contract price, $199 the usual for a smart phone of that Standard ,Its
        just preference.. you didnt think far enough.

      3. Beanie says:

        LMAO @ Vin!! This is the most rediculous statement ever! I’ve purchased 2 iPhones, 4 iPods, and 2 MacBook Pros (which includes one for a recent HS grad that is NOT my child). So I can’t afford what???? Anyway, as I can clearly afford Apple products, I stand behind saying most Android phones are better than iPhones. I used the word “most” b/c obviously Android has several devices. The Galaxy S2 is wonderful so it wouldn’t shock me if I end up loving the GS3 more than the iPhone as well. Please note that my opinion is not biases as I have owned both products…. And for the record, just because people don’t like iPhones, that doesn’t mean they can’t afford Apple products. I’ll stand behind MacBooks over other laptops all day long…. But as for the iPhone specifically, it can kick rocks!

        1. Vinny says:

          Good for you that you have so many apple products. And thanks for the essay to read. Maybe I have used the wrong type of argument. The main reason people say android phones is better such as s3 is because they have awesome specs. But have no one came across why they have good specs? It is so it can run android…. Same as all apple products. MacBook pros etc all have rubbish specs compared to competitors is because iOS is far superior than other os.

          1. robaldred says:

            Whoahh!!! Fanboy chill, thankfully not all Apple product owners are like you. All you’re arguing about is preference. Who cares what phones/tablets/computers people prefer, you like what you like others like what they like, simples, you really shouldn’t stress yourself our with this, the manufacturers care because they’re the ones making money.

          1. uptownhustler says:

            Vinny why resort to name calling we get you like the iphone. Some people like Android phones some like other phones who cares. But attacking someone because they don’t agree with you is childish,get over it and have fun with your iphone!

      4. Will says:

        yo Vin,
        if you didn’t see the price of apple and android products lately, then I’ll be happy to inform you that Android has some products either the same price and sometimes more expensive then Apple’s silly little iPhone. Galaxy S3 is $199 just like the iPhone. Maybe your in denial but you have clearely fallen for Apple’s Marketing Plot.

        1. Vinny says:

          No I just like how apple products spec is not as good as their competitors but still runs far better….. Maybe just the iOS is far superior. And then some people comes and start comparing specs…. Really? Android phones have better specs because it needs a higher end spec to run the buggy os

      5. wsu333 says:

        you are playing catch up if someone else has the same features way before you. some people also don’t have a service that supports the iphone, and arent willing to change just for the iphone.

  2. ross young says:

    I have aways had a iPhone from day 1 but I just upgraded to a galaxy s3 and this phone is amazing. I can do way more that I could do on my 4s plus my iPhone was jail broke. I put a Draco case and a Zapp screen protector and it feels perfect in your hand not to mention the 4.8 screen is beautiful. The s3 is a great phone I love it I wish I would have switched years ago iPhone sucks compared to s3. There are just so many choices with this thing it’s great. I will never buy a apple again .

    1. Beanie says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I had 2 iPhones (the 3G and 4) but when I switched to the Galaxy S2 I was AMAZED!!! I’m looking forward to upgrading to the GS3 as soon as I’m elegibile… *13 days and counting*

          1. Jaysen-Mikal Allen says:

            Actually its called the HTC DIX, which means Droid Incredible x and also there is a possibility of a nexus version making it that much bettrr, with the exception of the lack of a stylus.

        1. uptownhustler says:

          I hear you I am waiting for the note 2 as well. I am not into slamming other products as I have seen on this board. If you like the iphone or the S3 or the Note good for you. Thats why there are many options on the market. Everyone have fun with your new device!

    2. mobilemann says:

      I have quite a few of those phones. 4, 4s, 5, gnex, gs2, gs3.

      You have no clue what your talking about. iPhone’s can do pretty much anything Android’s can do and vice versa, especially jailbroken. (i used to develop jailbreak apps and jailbreak launchers (via the dreamboard framework)

      If you didn’t know how to use your iphone, you won’t learn your android either.

  3. budde2 says:

    Alls Apple did was put a bigger screen on it and changed the name and called it innovation Lol. There is no innovation to apple they by all there parts and software from other company’s like Samsung take you IPhone apart and you’ll see nothing from Apple them self,but you will see Samsung in it I promise that

    1. mobilemann says:

      the iphone 5 is also the fastest smartphone on the market, best GPU by about 3x, etc.

      I do miss my custom launchers, but that’s not innovation either:D

      1. Jaysen-Mikal Allen says:

        If we include the market thats a skip of a rock away to the west of california they have a phone known as the LG Optimus G that will have the, you guessed it faster processor known as the Qualcomm S4 Pro processor and more ram than your little i5 could handle.

        1. mobilemann says:

          So then we can include the iPhone 6 and iPad mini? Yes. Newer things are faster. I’m sure ill get over it like I got over my ip5 being faster than my gs3.

          Does being such an obvious fanboy help you with the ladies?

          1. Jaysen-Mikal Allen says:

            Well actually including the iPhone 6 wouldnt come out till next year whereas the Optimus G is coming out by the end of the year, iPad Mini would most likely also be equipped with the A6.

            Oh and actually yes, today happens to be 1 year and 8 months with my lovely girlfriend.

            Does insulting ones manhood and prominence with the ladies help you sleep at night and make you feel better about yourself?

          2. mobilemann says:

            If that insulted you man hood, then you have worse problems. thanks for being a food Engadget troll, focus on that rather than my point. (that it only count what’s in consumers hands, as some oems announce phones 6 months before they ship)

            Congrats on your first year long btw:) (or w/e helps you sleep at night)

  4. Alexandrea says:

    The S3 also does Panoramic shots with autostitch as well; this article failed to mention that. I love my Galaxy S3; I would never go back to iPhone again!

  5. daniel richardson says:

    People keep saying that the Apple iphone 5 is no innovation, but for it to be the fastest selling smartphone in a day with 2 million pre-orders its obviosly appealing to many people. Apple make their phones to tackle everyday situations, not just add pointless extras which make it look good on paper like the S3 and “direct call”, whats that all about. Thats why Apple is the most profitable company in the world because they know what we truly want.

    1. Yeah……we apparently want a “brand”. You’re talking to an iPhone owner here but it seems as though a lot of people just buy the brand without really considering the actual phones themselves. If I didn’t have a tonne of apps I’d probably switch to the S3 tomorrow from what I’ve heard, but once you get an iPhone it’s hard to switch.

        1. Malibu says:

          see that’s the problem with ifans. you are comparing an iPhone which is a phone to an Android which is a system. the device that you used that was using Android may have been glitchy, but the SIII is a very smooth running phone, with the Android system. that is one of the great things about not being an ifan. we have choices!

          1. QA/QC says:

            Hugh??? They are both supposed to phones at the end of the day…But if you were out to by a mobile TV set that fits in your pocket, then congratulations and enjoy those ridiculously huge screens…bu that’s why I bout an iPad for

      1. iphoney says:

        its the difference between having a gucci bag and a primark bag (well, maybe not primark, possibly topshop lol) – it’s iconic. The s3 is plasticy and comes in a vile colour or white. iphone 5 for me, its good enough and much better looking 🙂

  6. Lol says:

    Never going back to apple. Maybe will sell s3 for nokia. Just wish it wasn’t a windows phone. Apple always playing catch up and no freedom. You don’t own the device. Apple owns you

    1. mobilemann says:

      words can’t express how stupid your comment is. A smartphone is what you make of it, and 99% of the people (including you) commenting here will do nothing more hardcore than updating their facebook status.

      1. Tiffany says:

        Really? Anybody who has ever used iTunes knows how restricting it is.
        I’m actually writing emails to customer service for apple at the moment for my cousin, who is only 12 and can’t use a SINGLE APP on her iTouch because iTunes has locked everything related to that account due to an outstanding debt (where she accidentally tried to purchase a bunch of apps she believed were free..) on apps she doesn’t and never wanted to use.

        Please, crawl out of your apple cave and try to be OBJECTIVE. iTunes is terrible, and relying on it and how controlled by apple it is is just ridiculous.

        1. mobilemann says:

          dear platform zealot.

          I’m sorry your 12 year old has an outstanding debt with apple. Apple does not deactivate/ or disable devices, but they won’t let you download further if you owe them a balance. That’s pretty normal. see: visa, mastercard.

          as for my apple cave, my last two phones were both samsung (the galaxy nexus and the galaxy s3.)

          And your one of those people i’m talking about, speaking patronizingly to apple users as if your smarter for your smartphone platform of choice, or samsung / verizon etc aren’t just as desperate for vendor lock in. They are just smartphones, and there are real power users (not you) on all platforms.

  7. Samsung_converted says:

    The fact that the iPhone 5 is the fastest selling smartphone in a day certainly has no connection to its so-called innovation. The incredible hype and the Apple marketing machine can be credited with that fact. Buying a new phone simply because of an improved camera makes no sense. I have recently upgraded to the Samsung 3S from an iPhone 4S. Best thing I ever did. There is a smoothness that I never had with the iPhone. And I have connectivity that I never had before. I must have been a fool to go the iPhone route. I have to admit(with a blushing face) that the hype also got to me at that time…

    1. Hey Samsung_converted, quick question: I have had an iphone for years, currently using the 4 and thinking of switching to the 5. I’m also considering the Samsung S3 – what will happen to all my data, apps and music that I have on my iphone and purchased on itunes? Will I lose it all? Thanks! Daniela

      1. matonking says:

        Well you can thank apple for restricintg music, but you should be able to access it and transfer it to the samsung. I’ve done it with my brothers music (from itunes) transfering to my phone with no issues.

        You’ll lose your apps. It’s a different OS.

        There are programmes to help convert data like contacts from ios to android. Google it.

        1. mobilemann says:

          Apple was the first digital store to go DRM free.

          Please think before commenting hate just because it’s apple. You’ll save yourself from looking like a complete idiot.

          1. meh32 says:

            You might want to double check your facts about them being the first to go DRM free.

            Amazon DRM Free Jan. 2008
            Apple DRM Free Jan 2009

            Feel free to to now read the last sentence of your comment above.

          2. mobilemann says:

            i know you probably haven’t seen grown ups on the internet before, but people do make mistakes, and then admit to them.

        1. mobilemann says:

          the music will regardless if you buy double twist or not. The movies will not transfer, cause they use different DRM. (or if you use DRM free video services, aka pirate sites.)

      2. ian says:

        Daniella. The software you get (keis) from samsung once installed on your pc will scavenge ALL your contacts. Diary notes, pictures an stuff from Itunes.
        My Iphone 4 broke (have had 3 iphones). But i tore myself away ang got the s3. BEST THING I EVER DID! And the us point was, keis not only copied all my stuff from itunes, it also found my old Nokia software and copied all that too!!!!
        If u get an s3 you wont go back to apple. I DEFFO WONT !!!

        1. mobilemann says:


          Congrats that nothing you said in your comment was true. (apart from you opinion that your new phone is better of course:D)If you use google or exchange for your contacts storage, or use a mac, there’s a great chance kies will find nothing (as it did for me)

          I went from iOS to android after my iphone 4, (went to a gnex, then a sg3, then a iphone 5)

          Yes, @google-0f9753e20e8da3f862e53ff25dd75a83:disqus you will loose all your apps, app data, (unless you use some multiplatform services like evernote, plex, etc.)

          Your music will be transferable, Movies depend on the DRM that encumbers them.

          About 30% of the iphone 5 sales were coming from Android users, (overall, in terms of platform defections, android has double the rate iOS does, (22% of android users plan to defect to iOS, while 9% of iOS users plan to defect to Android) just to put it in perspective)

          I do miss the OLED colors, but it’s nice to know that the display sip’s power compared to the sg3’s (and battery life is a massive problem there.)

          Overall, Daniela, if someone uses a term such as “ifan, fanboy” etc in their posts, it’s a clear indicator that they have no clue what they are talking about.

          1. ian says:

            Mobilmann.. I know what happened, so dont call me a liar !!!!. KEIS DID do as I said.. It found Ovi and Itunes software and DID import all the contacts, appointments Etc… End of !!!!… I dont have time for lying.. It worked on my pc. If you cant get it to work on your PC it’s probably because you have your head too far up your own ass.

            As for the figures you quote? Well we can always find figures to suit our claims (ask ANY politician)… Just dont bother me again.. I was simply replying with teh HONEST information, telling the truth. I DO NOT appreciate being called a liar! How many times do you call people liars on here?? I HATE CONCEITED KEYBOARD COMMANDOES!

          2. mobilemann says:

            google android 22%, unlike yours, my facts aren’t made up. And my main point was just because Keis found YOUR contacts, doesn’t mean they will find everyones, as is evident with me.
            if you don’t want to be bothered again, don’t reply.

          3. Mamamelo Chabruto says:

            I switched from a Blackberry to an S3, fortunatelly I had my contact list tied with my gmail account. I just inserted my sim on the S3, signed into my google account and it backed up all my contact list over the air, no need to use KIES at all.

          4. Kevin Chao says:

            Yea and this guy can’t even figure out what phones he’s comparing.. Its the GS3 u moron. And where the hell did you get your information on users that are switching networks?? Thus guy sounds like he wants to know what he’s talking about but has no idea… You MIGHT lose all your apps but all your contacts will b backed up through your service provider. If losing your apps is your only concern then I suggest switching over and just downloading all new ANDROID apps.

          5. mobilemann says:

            Contacts will be backed up by your service provider? Your calling me stupid?
            Samsung galaxy s3 can be shortened a number of ways.

            Always truly amazing (amazingly stupid ) comments on Engadget.

          6. James8520 says:

            You might want to check again about the battery life “mobilemann’ and fyi most of the phone market is with android, check the figures before you type anything, ok?

      3. Mikeybike says:

        You will regret the switch, I did just that. iPhone4 > iPhone4s > SGS2 > SE ARC s > iPhone 5 soon… But you try it out, maybe you like Android better.

    2. theimpartialone says:

      hmm, I am going to sell my iphone for near purchase price thanks to almost no depreciation, unlike every android owner who would be lucky to sell it for a fifth of the original price

        1. Hubs153 says:

          My iPhone 4S, a more relevant comparison, is currently at $385 on eBay and climbing and has an eBay instant trade in of $325. I have been selling my iPhone since the beginning and have always made substantially more than the original purchase price which means not only can do I get a free phone, but can put extra money towards buying out of the remaining contract every year. I have tried an android and just wasn’t a fan. Android phones rush their features so they end up feeling very beta. Plus I’m a pilot and iOS has all the aviation software I use. Win win win! Oh, and the iPhone is prettier. 😉 Paying the same price for plastic as I would for the superior construction of an iPhone is like trading a diamond in for cubic zerconia. Sooo… Win win win win? I don’t hate android phones. Just prefer the iPhone for more than just the hype.

          1. mobilemann says:

            you must be using a different mobile OS also named android then. The Apps on iOS and Android can’t really be compared, apart from ports.

            I had to pay $5 for plex on both platforms. Basically, the entire premise and message of your comment is a complete lie.

          2. hamza says:

            yes but apple gives good apps like subwaysurfer , smash dude

            while android gives old apps which are of no use

          3. mobilemann says:

            Why has his experience been ranked down cause he made out well with apple products? are the commenters that pathetic in this forum?

      1. uptownhustler says:

        The Samsung has as high resale value as the iphone. You are just making the one fifth number up. Stick to facts not to stuff you pull out of your ass

  8. John says:

    How about you idiots realize its all a matter of preference. Samsung has cool features but the phone market is dominated by apple. Oh and please brag more about your samsung phone when they just paid apple 1 billion for infringing on patents. Who cares which phone is better, everyone is different

    1. RagdollAngel says:

      True dat! It’s all about personal preference. That’s it, that’s all. Why is it that Android user think they have the right to criticize and talk down about the iphone and iphone users, when iphone user are just glad Android users have a phone they like. It boils down to one thing. IPhone don’t need to have all the gadgets provided by Android because plain and simple…. iPhone users have better things to do with their time than play with their phones!!

      1. shinoxl says:

        im an i phone 4s user and ive had more or less every other i phone previously , i come to realize that apple are indeed the devil incarnate! they they tempt me with there eye candy porn, but in fact its porn on lease…i want porn for keeps , i bloody paid for it???! wtf is that!, i pay top dollar for a phone which is not as technically gifted as a cheaper phone i.e the s3 and s2 ? wheres the sense in that? apparently my handset is made from quality materials and its a better phone over all bla bla bla….err no its not , its not like its made from gold and friggin diamonds! simple fact, iphones have become overrated and are over priced, i wish i cud buy a s3 but im unfortunately stuck for another 12months!

        1. Dugf4 says:

          They are the same price? And why are you rambling about leasing it? You own any phone at the end of your contract. You paid top dollar for a phone that was superior to everything else out there because it came out before the Samsung. Just because something came out later on that was better in specs, your complaining? That’s true of every product made, whether its a phone or a car.
          Get over it.

  9. Ace says:

    Marketing is key ingredient to apples success, but why are we criticizing them for it, any product that is marketed correctly will receive a lot of attention. I love Iphone and I do like S3 as well, I have tested both, all in all its about preference. Some people like the build quality of apple better then other competitors, some people like the added on features of other companies compared to Apples. But one thing is for sure, apply knows how to tailor the marketplace in a way no other company can.Lets be honest, this whole idea of virtual wallet and NFC is still in its infant stages, it has a long way to go years before it becomes widely used, apple was smart enough to keep this technology for a future product. Lets be real, that’s fantastic marketing because once they come out with this NFC on there new device with an integrated application that will utilize it to its fullest, then people will line up to purchase there new product. S3 already has it but before it is utilized to its fullest capacity people will have changed the S3 to an S4, which in this case its another useless gadget. Again, I have nothing against Samsung and there products, I just don’t understand why people are arguing a useless argument, trying to compare 2 items that directly do the same thing but indirectly target a different type of individual.

    1. It is the main reason why Samsung is having problems. Not that they are really having problems selling phones, but for whatever reason they have an Apple complex. They constantly have to slam Apple publically at every turn to compare one phone vs. the other. It really more of a contest between the OS anyway. It makes them seem jealous and childish. Making fun of the customers for waiting in line, making fun of the specs, etc. It’s stupid. If you’re better than act better. In public Apple doesn’t even mention or say the name of their competitors. Have you ever noticed that? I mean they are suing them etc. but never, not at one event, have they ever mentioned Samsungs name. Samsung should follow their lead. Never should a rival ever sweat another companys release, ever.

      1. Ax says:

        Samsung is following Apple’s lead. Slamming their competitors got Apple to the top of world. Now it’s their turn to take the heat. Don’t you remember the Mac and PC guy commercials? If you can’t take it don’t dish it.

      2. areucrazy says:

        Apple compared and mentioned about galaxy Tab in its launch o f iPad 3 about Twitter app. Then they compared tegra 3 with A5X chipset. Get your facts right. (I don’t know about previous announcements as I only watched iPad 3 announcement)

  10. Does anyone know if you are going to be able to use iPhoto on the new iPhone 5 like how you can on the new iPad? You can tweak little things right now, but it would be great to be able to do more fine tuning on the phone rather than the computer. Aperture would be even better.

  11. DanDan0020 says:

    If you like Apple & iOS – Simples, buy an Iphone and your likely to always buy Iphones
    If you like Samsung & Android – Simples, buy an S3 or android device you enjoy using.
    There is not much you use more throughout every day life than a phone. Arguing over which is better is pointless. Simply go to a shop and try any phone that catches your eye until you find one that you enjoy and that works with every aspect (or as many as possible) of your life style.

  12. Lee says:

    I also love my S3. So much funner than iPhone. After less than 2 year of use of iPhone 4, it quickly became boring. S3 has beauty shot which is amazing for portrait, motion sensor, and lots of useful feature. It’s super fast as well. I think iPhone 5 will be fast as well with 4G LTE, but I don’t have any intention to go back to iPhone again unless Apple drastically make their phone fun like Android OS. I’m so happy with my S3 and feel liberated from all craziness about iPhone.

  13. Buck says:

    Sorry Apple fans, I love my S3. I have MHL, NFC and it uses standard micro-usb…none of which Apple has. You can’t change any basic software like email client or browser. You can’t even use any other MP3 but iTunes. I can. Have you seen the i5 cable? They changed it, not the same as your other Apple products, now you need an adapter to run your old accesories…another 20-30$ I’m sure. That full size USB plug isn’t even 3.0 capable, only 2.0!! I can understand brand loyalty but there has to be limits.

    1. Rustem says:

      Just going to argue on the micro-usb part. IMO, Apple’s 30-pin connector actually is (or was?) its strong point over the micro-USB for the following reasons 1) it feels much more durable (I do have micro-USB devices to compare to) 2) you can’t imagine the wealth of peripherals that use it, including BOSE docks, FM modulators (if you have a car that’s more than 3-4 YO, you’d most likely find it extremely useful), even stuff like treadmills in gyms. Not sure, but I believe micro-usb is physically incapable of some of this stuff. Personally, at least half of the value I felt from my iPhone would be attributed to accessories like that. 3) If it’s about availability, there’s hardly any less iPhone cables out there in stores and people’s handbags for you to borrow from, if you forgot yours.

      Now, I have to admit I’m not sure things will stay this way. Surely, more and more cars have bluetooth, so do many docks (not Bose, though, they might be taking sound quality a bit too seriously). There’s still a very big edge there, though. And with the lightning connector, they are loosing the 3rd point, because it will be a while before it becomes anywhere as ubiquitous as the uUSB.

      The problem I see with the uUSB, on the other hand, is that it’s just too fiddly, different smartphones have it in different spots, which is a pain for accessory manufacturers. Even if it was at the bottom, like on iOS HW, I think it’s not strong enough to support the weight of a smartphone – not for long 🙂

      So, at least in retrospect, the 30-pin connector was actually a bonus.

  14. jeff kaczor says:

    This guy who wtote this leaved so many camera settings and funcshion that the HS3 HAS the GS3 has every thing iphone has and 10x more
    And this loser dosent even knoew what he is talking about. You dont need another gs3 to to share with face detechtion or buddy share buddy share is for facebook and twitter and your contacts the phone is so smart it know by the face who is in the photo you take and it automaticly send a photo to there facebook and twitter to share the photo with them. And with smart detechtion the phone reads the face and if that person is in your contact list in will automaticly mms/text messages them a copy. And thy way it knows that persons face is because in all your contacts there is a photo of every different petson and it matches up they face and know what person that is. The thing he was talking about is NFC witch iphone dont have . With that you can do so much if your friend has anothet Galaxy s3 or if your friend has another device with NFC you can quickly tap the back of your gs3 to the other NFC device you can instantly beam photos full movies information music games huge programs important info news anything you ne it you can send it in a mere split second all wirelessly WITH NFC AND YOU CAN USE NFC WITH GOOGLE VIRTUAL WALLET AND PAY AT STORES WITH JUST A SIMPLE TOUCH OF YOUR PHONE TO THE STORES CASH REGISTER THATS IT YOU JUST PAID YEAHHHHH BADA BING BADA BOOM. PEOPPLE DONT HAVE A CLUE HOW MUCH CRAZY STUF YOU CAN DO WITH NFC. AND APPLE IPHONE DONT HAVE IT AND NEVRT CAN HAVE IT HAAAA BECAUSE OF THERE STRICK SHARING RESTICTIONS. THEY WONT LET IPHONE USER SHARE MUSIC AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF THAT WE CAN SHARE HAAA IPHONE PPL ARE MISSING OUT ON A WHOLE NEW WORLD. YES WE LEFT YOU IN THE DUST. GOOOO SAMSUNG AND ANDROID YEAHHHH YOU LOSERS

  15. XXX says:

    they just evolved not innovated like a past few years…………. sticking with my s3 specially for jelly bean once it releases then no ifone would be comparable.

  16. cass says:

    Coming back from Japan a couple of years ago from a 7yr tour its funny how Apple milks “innovation” and they are good at marketing it- I have a mac and lots of ipods but the phones are sleek looking with old tec hnology. In Japan the basic free phone many things. What Apple calls the bump Japan had that a long time ago. Although I did speakJapanese a little – I couldnt read konji and although I did have manuals in English – they were very thorough and had so many functions and features to the point of exhaustion. Also I noticed a lot of technology in cars 10 year ago in hondas and toyo that just came here 5 years ago. They hold on to it longer then let the US market have a chance? Iswitched from iphone to Galax3 and love it! Its so clear!

  17. smileyanz says:

    Was in Norwich uk the other day and walked pass an Apple store and honest there was more reps trying to push the junk to anyone passing buy, I couldn’t believe the nerve of them. Anyhow I went in and approached a fanboy and asked if they sold bananas and he said no and i said well that’s funny coz there’s loads all bunched up in there yellow and green outfits. An applesaurus and asked me to leave and seemed a little off with me!!!!!hehe for some reason. Perhaps he was just old in the tooth and had seen better day’s!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. angel says:

    hi there, im a complete novice i have the original blackberry phone and have had it for 18months now my contract is with virgin and i get 50 mins talktime, 250 texts, 1000 mins to other virgin phones and 1gb of internet useage per month all for 10.21 which i think is great, i have never gone over my internet useage and i use my phone for fb, emails, ebay, twitter, the browser for various searches etc every day. I am prepared to buy the phone outright. My concern for the iphone or a more updated phone is the cost of the monthly contracts. I asked virgin and they said just put the sim in and away you go but everyone i know who has an iphone pays about 35 upwards a month for it!!! this ive been told is because its always “roaming” and constantly connected to the internet – my question is does it have to be? cant you just use it like i use my blackberry at the moment click the icon and im in fb or whatever? any advice please? many thanks!!

  19. Ex iBes says:

    I have already made my choice! Galaxy S3, iSame sucks now as Steven Jobs took his iPhone with him. Mark my words Apple is the next Nokia, top of the range to the bottom of the barrel. People are so stupid why buy iPhone 5 that is 80% the same as 4 & 4s? Use Galaxy S3 and you will forget about iShit 5. P.S I was a massive iPhone fan but moved on for the better.

  20. Alan says:

    My wife has an iPhone 4S and I have a Galaxy S3. I honestly believe the iPhone 4S camera takes better action and low-light shots with less blur. I am a HUGE Android and open-source fan but I also appreciate the integration of the iPhone for my wife’s ease-of-use.

  21. Blah says:

    Blah Blah Blah! U can argue all you want, but the fact is Apple have got the formula right for many years now which is why ther are still one of the most popular mobile phones. First part of the formula is keeping the mobile phone MOBILE. Wow other phones have bigger screens and are massive, my TV is 46″ but im not carrying that around with me. The OS is simple does the job and is useful to a broad range of people from novice to expert. The whole apple environment is seamless which is why people like it. Stop bitching about Apples success, its a good thing.

  22. Blah says:

    Also doesnt matter how much you argue, Iphones are definately built to the highest standard. If there is a problem Apple replace quite easily. Other manufacturers break down and its total hassle. Bought Iphone 4 32gb 2 years ago for £199 on contract, is worth £250 now secondhand. Bought a Samsung once and after a week i had to pay someone to take it from me.

  23. I’m still using Samsung Vibrant S (The very first Samsung phone in the Galaxy serie) and I love this phone. The only issue is that I had to root it to instal the arabic language. Now, the new Android Jelly Beans OS support arabic language. Samsung Galaxy S III is an awesome phone.

  24. Ifixitall says:

    whats funny is samsung are one of apples leading chip maker and they also provided apple with the displays they use in ipad and iphones. So what eactly would apple be without the screens from samsung and the Chips from samsung. Hmmmm.

  25. Ifixitall says:

    oh and samsung are currently filling an infrindgment claim on apple based on the iphone 5 i think apple have shot themselves in the foot.

  26. Samsung newbie says:

    Hi hi, I just switched to Samsung note 2 from iphone 4S and really trying hard to make it work. Anyone have an idea why the photos result from my samsung note is bad? The results looks darker and less sharp compared to what I seen on screen when I took the image. Is this a setting issue?

  27. Borriez says:

    I own an iPhone 4. I am currently looking at the iphone 5 or SG3. The main things that i dislike on the iPhone 4 is batterylife aswell as reception. How does batterylife and reception compare on the 2 phones? Please, I need facts and no fanboy d!ckmeasuring, no offence…

  28. Sam kohl says:

    Can u please get me some info, like flipping of coins, to select between iPhone 5 and android phones, currently using iPhone 3GS. Lot of negative propaganda against iPhone 5, yes it’s very costly as compared to SG3 (50 % more), but still will love to have another iPhone provided its worth paying for it

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