iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 in iOS vs Android Showdown

There was a time that Apple had the smartphone market to its self but times have changed and the fruit based company now finds it has a lot more competition especially from old foe Samsung. Arguably the two most wanted devices currently available are the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, as the iOS and Android devices are locked in a showdown for supremacy in the smartphone world.

As the International Digital Times are reporting the two smartphone platforms have a large part of the smartphone market, and the competition between the two is arguably at its most fiercest now. The iPhone 5 is expected to become one of the best selling electronic devices ever made, and leading up to its announcement anticipation levels had reached fever pitch.

Meanwhile though many Android users would suggest the device doesn’t bring anything new to the market, but the question is which device is better to actually buy? The Samsung Galaxy S3 has some of the best hardware currently available, and will next month be updated to the Android Jelly Bean operating system.

Then there is the more expensive iPhone 5 that will be running the iOS 6 operating system, and is ideal for anyone that already owns an iPad or MacBook with its high level of integration. iOS 6 will bring with it 200 new features that include an upgraded Notification Center that will bring calendar invitations, messages, Facebook friend requests, and much more.

The software will also make it easier for users to share content via Facebook and Twitter, and iCloud has added functionality. The Galaxy S3 still has the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that is almost a year old now, so until it receives Android 4.1 it is arguably losing out to the iPhone 5.

Apple’s A6 processor that is found in the iPhone 5 is 22% smaller than the unit found in the iPhone 4S, and has twice the computing and graphical power, and will use less energy than previous versions. The Galaxy S3 meanwhile uses Samsung’s Exynos processor that can outperform both the Tegra 3 and Snapdragon S4.

When it comes to the handsets displays the iPhone 5 has the highly touted Retina Display that can show images at an 1136 x 640 resolution, and it has an 800:1 contrast ratio. The display measures 4-inches across, which compares to the Galaxy S3 and its 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen, and with a resolution of 1280 x 720 that is a probably another round to Samsung.

The iPhone 5 begins at $199 for the 16GB version that then goes up in $100 for the extra storage space, while the Galaxy S3 can be purchased for as low as $99 with a two year contract. The Apple iPhone has always been a bit of a status symbol and will see a number of accessories and cases launched for it, while the same can be said about the Galaxy S3 that can be customized in a number of ways.

Despite the Galaxy S3 at least holding its own against the iPhone 5 in terms of hardware, when it comes to generated hype the iPhone 5 is still out in front. There is every chance the iPhone 5 will outsell the Galaxy S3, but many of our readers have stated that they will now turn to the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 for their next smartphone.


44 thoughts on “iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 in iOS vs Android Showdown”

  1. Drew says:

    Well I agree with 1 thing in this article, the iPhone 5 is definitely hyped up. But in no way will the hype be anything positive. The iPhone is still missing nfc and won’t support some of the features it will come with because of the carriers in the U.S. Also Apple will be sued over LTE patents, but I digress. I guess what it all comes down to is whether you want user friendliness and “ready to go” out of the box like the iPhone 5 will offer, or you like customization and like to explore in depth features of your phone like the Galaxy S3 offers.

      1. Taylo says:

        I was at a party and everyone was sharing music and pictures through NFC. It’s a really nice feature. One of the girls there just upgraded there iPhone 4 to a iPhone 5 and she said she’s taking her phone back and getting a galaxy s3. She loved the bigger screen, the nfc and some of the little things the iphone couldn’t do. My next phone will probably be the s3 or the note 2.

  2. Loading... says:

    First it was iOS6 now its the iPhone 5 (iPhone 4.5S?). Its one disappointment after another. What is going on with Apple, they have taken the focus out of innovation and put all their time into marketing and trying to get people to buy a product that is clearly outdated and unrevolutionary. If they want to attract new customers they are going to have to do better then “a larger 4″ screen and a faster processor”.

    1. iSash says:

      Read about Apple’s SoC .. i guess that will make you happy. If you are a apple fanboy you should be aware of one thing that “Apple make its own way. It never followed the crowd and I hope never will.

  3. Ethomas says:

    NFC is wishy washy. Apple doesn’t need to waste time in a wishy washy technology. That’s a waste of space. How many different google phones are there? And how many with ‘as current as the market at the time’ technology? I’d hate to have something that’s not even solid installed on my phone…. Extra cargo if you will. It’s a failed investment and a waste of space. I’m sure the 5 lbs Samsung Note will have the space for that crap…. With all the unrefined ideas that they come up with

      1. bradg17 says:

        Yeah lol I’m an iPhone user but I noticed that too. People argue that they don’t need i, and once they get it they say “of course it isn’t neccessary but I want it.” however with NFC I’m not too sure I want it right away. I’d rater have them work out the bugs and get more retailer support before I get it. Like what happens if your phone is dead when you go to pay, and you don’t have your credit card because you’ve come to rely on it.

    1. mintslice says:

      Yes, and when the iPhone finally gets NFC then it will be fantastic and Apple will run ads making Android users wonder why NFC isn’t as good (while in reality it will be much like iCloud that kind of works and which App developers are moving away from because other clouds work better)


      1. growupandroidgeeks says:

        The reason is that Apple generally wait until the technology is matured and they can implement it with their famed polish. I wonder actually as a percentage, how many people with NFC equipped phones actually use it or even find it slightly useful yet? Wait until the infrastructure becomes mature and there are NFC terminals at 95% of retailers. Thats when you’ll find it standard spec on an Apple product.

        Android handsets are advanced in terms of Hardware specs, this is nothing new. Apple products excel in the area of the User Experience. It’s as simple as that. If you want to fiddle and change settings and wonder exactly what the hell you are supposed to actually do with a quad core 1.5GHz processor on a smartfone, go buy a high end Android device.

        If you are just too busy to be bothered with all the geek tinkering, need your phone as a slick and smooth tool to use to organise your life and social events, and want everything to work without bugs or crashes or hassle in general, buy an iphone.

        It’s that simple

          1. ‘Quite user friendly’ = difficult for many people to work out what’s going on.

            My wife spent a month trying to work out her ICS Samsung S3, I just use my iphone – and found out a few extra nice details over the first few weeks – but no problems or difficulties finding out how to do things.

            She only really likes the screen, otherwise she wishes she’d bought an iPhone.

          2. Richard says:

            It’s difficult for many people because they’re going from the iPhone which compared to any higher end Android, is like a caveman. “It’s so simple a caveman can do it!” ICS is extremely easy to use. The only thing that you have to nerd about in Android is rooting your phone and then playing around with it. By the way, rooting takes about 4 clicks, so I wouldn’t even say it’s “nerdy”. Google Now > Siri, Google Maps > Apple iPhone Maps, Android > iOS. It’s more preferred than iOS, more advanced, and cheaper to make. There’s nothing that Apple truly made. Multi-touch screen? Nope. A curve on a phone? Yeah, right. Box shape? No, the Jornada did. Pinch to zoom? No, there were things out before the iPhone with a pinch to zoom feature. Apple steals. Samsung perfects.

    2. jeff kaczor says:

      Your on crack NFC is the next best thing. Arr you maf that samsung perfected it before apple even knew anout it. Do you know how many things you can do with it? I can tap my phone to another phone with NFC AND in srconds send huge files videos photos mesages programs you name it i can send it eith a single tap to anothet phone in lightnig speed ba bing its done. Snd if you had a brain apple cant put it in there phones because of there sharing RESTRICTIONS You csnt even damn well blue tooth another iphone to send anything and also nfc is patend buy ssmsung. So apple would be in court agian friom stealing. They just stole one of the best tecnologys around today from SAMSUNG LTE 4G WITCH SAMSUNG OWNS THE PATENT OF

  4. Tiffany says:

    “The Galaxy S3 still has the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system that is almost a year old now, so until it receives Android 4.1 it is arguably losing out to the iPhone 5.”

    Is it?! That’s laughable. Even with ICS the GS3 beats out the iPhone. When the JB updates finally begin to roll out, the iPhone 5 will just be even more of a laughingstock. :

    1. Your opinion? My wife has an S3, I have a 4S. Mine has the better photographs, and seems to work more reliably – possibly because she uses her phone and doesn’t spend hours trying to delve into it’s depths (she gave up trying to work stuff out and I can’t be bothered to try).

      Basic things – she still doesn’t get any audible alert if I try to call her on Skype (she says she wasn’t logged in! Crazy!) and she can’t swap out the SIM without taking off the back and taking out the battery!!!

      1. GMAN says:

        you must be blind then if you think the 4S takes better photographs then the S3 even the apple fanboys admit that the S3 takes better photos. Reliability would also include battery life which the 4S is terrible in.
        Crying over changing sim cards how often do you that

    2. Johnjohn3337777 says:

      iPhone for ever is amazing everything the other manufactures has done to beat or eliminate the iPhone. And nothing has been acomplish. iPhone vs the world and it still winning. iPhone #1

  5. Jonathan1 says:

    I would have to agree with Tiffany. ICS is far ahead of iOS 6 which coming from a long time Apple fan boy to is saying something. I think the increase of .5″ to the screen size and lack of NFC, not to mention sealed back with no microSD slot makes the iPhone a poor choice. As to Facebook and Twitter integration, Jelly Bean rocks that big time, not to mention Google Now which makes Siri looks silly. And then there’s Google Maps vs. Apple’s version which many are already saying is lame. Oh well..

  6. Raf says:

    I have a Samsung S3, my wife has a Apple 4S….. I find they are both good phones, and suit our needs. But the only thing that buggs my wife is that with my Android i can blue tooth another Andriod phone no matter the brand, and her Apple can only bump another Apple, also she must go through Itunes for music, videos etc, has i can put movies or songs etc on my Andriod and watch them on an Aircraft when we go away on holidays. Unless i have it wrong….. Apple seem to have a bit of a ( closed system ).
    Other than that both good phones

    1. Yes that is one thing that always bothered me was IPhones were Itunes Compatible only. It is pretty simple for me to connect my Android phone up and easily drag and drop any file or format right on my “SD Card”.

  7. Ian says:

    I do love reading all these comments. I’ve owned an iPhone 3GS for nearly 4 years now and I’ve waited for the 5 to come out so I can compare it to the S3 before making my decision on which one to buy. Yes the iPhone is missing NFC and yes the S3 does have it. So far I have never come across anyone anywhere that has actually used this feature. If it was used as much as credit/debit cards then apple would have made a big mistake not to include it. I live in the UK and very much doubt NFC will be mainstream here for at least another year and this is also most likely true for the rest of the world. I can understand why apple didn’t use it…this time! I’m sure when the technology reaches bigger hights apple will intergrate it into thier phones.
    Rather than adding thousands of new features and hardware that no one uses, wouldn’t it be better to refine the ones we use on an everyday basis?
    I know the S3 is the more powerful phone, I know you can do millions of tweaks with the OS to make it better suit you and I know it has a bigger screen. All this said I still decided to go for the iPhone 5 simply because……I prefer the way it works.
    They’re both really good phones so pick the one that suits you best and stop telling people they made the wrong decision because they didn’t get the phone you did.

    1. clonedroids says:

      Well said !! They call us isheep, then they have a go because we don’t follow Android, the platform with over 70% market share. Because we dare to prefer a different operating system. I call that individual thinking

      1. People with iphone 4, 4s and 5 are running similar hardware with the same OS.

        How many people with last year’s Androids are getting updates?

        No, thought not.

        70% market share, 7 different versions? 5% market share for ICS?

        That’s like saying everyone uses Windows – and ignore that some are still on Windows 98.

    2. Well I don’t really care about which product you buy, but you must be upset at the added $30 Lighting to 30 Pin adapters you now must purchase so your old 3GS cords aren’t obsolete. Hopefully you didn’t buy any expensive IHome Docks because those probably won’t work either. Also make sure you don’t have any presentations coming up because the IPhone5 isn’t equipped to output to projector anymore other than the AppleTV. I also don’t like the fact that you can’t simply make a call + use the internet.

      1. You’re saying the iphone 5 comes without any cords?

        I can very simply make calls AND use internet – what are you talking about? I don’t even need to dial – I just say ‘call my wife’ or ‘tell the boss I’m on my way’ and it’s taken care of.

    3. Nice comment. Having used both iphone and Android I must say I much prefer the way iPhone works – although many aspects of Android are attractive (easy wifi or 3G toggles for example) – but even with a price surpassing the iphone 4S (allowing a bit for the plastic box instead of smart glass and metal) and more power, I still wouldn’t prefer it. The screen is brilliant and big – but not so nice to look at. Iphone still gives the best quality display.

  8. Jason says:

    They both are great phones, and it is healthy to have both products out there for consumers. For those who don’t care for Apple, the Samsung phone is a great option, just as the Asus and Sony tablets are great options instead of the IPad. The people that benifit from all this competition is the consumer. I have the Iphone 3S and also have been waiting for the IPhone 5. Though there are some better features on the Samsung, I like that the Iphones are not as wide as it fits in my front pocket better and is not as bulky. Needless to say I already ordered by 32g Iphone 5.

  9. Kaffeguy says:

    NFC is not only for paying purchases. Check out Sharon Vaknin’s Cnet video on NFC and trick you can that can make life simpler through automation using NFC tags. From what I hear they are inexpensive and do not drain your battery. This is done through magnetic induction. Watch, it taught me a few things.

  10. smileyanz says:

    Was in Norwich uk the other day and walked pass an Apple store and honest there was more reps trying to push the junk to anyone passing buy, I couldn’t believe the nerve of them. Anyhow I went in and approached a fanboy and asked if they sold bananas and he said no and i said well that’s funny coz there’s loads all bunched up in there yellow and green outfits. An applesaurus and asked me to leave and seemed a little off with me!!!!!hehe for some reason. Perhaps he was just old in the tooth and had seen better day’s!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brad says:

    When are people going to wake up? I have had ios and droid. I harbor no ill intent towards either. I prefer ios simply because my experience with apple has been better. It’s called competition. People by nature don’t wanna think that the product they have is second rate to another. It’s very simple you bought what you wanted and believe is best for you. Be happy with your purchase and quit trying to prove your dominance. I think both os’s have great features and benefits to them both. In short be happy with what you have and your decision with your purchase.

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