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Here at Phones review as well as bringing news about the latest smartphones and tablets we also like to give you information about device accessories. One of the most popular phones right now is the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) and one of the aspects of this handset that has received wide praise is the camera setup. We thought that some readers might appreciate details of some Galaxy S3 camera lens accessories, to make the best of their photography experience with this phone.

Recently we looked at a camera shootout between the Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5 and both had plenty of notable features and functions so check that out at the link if you want to see more on that. On to the accessories now and all of these are available from AllGalaxyTab. Simply click on the titles of the individual items and you will taken straight to that product page to see more or to order.

The first accessory we have for your consideration is the 2X Telephoto Lens + Case Kit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) priced at $11.95. This is a simple to use 2X lens that you just screw to the back cover and away you go, even if the subject of your photo is some distance away. The back cover is attractive enough so that even if you’re not using the lens your phone still looks good and it’s also compatible with some other lenses for the Galaxy S3 (i9300). It’s made of high-class glass and the lens shell is made from top-grade aluminum for strength. It comes in smoky black (the cover) and specs include Telephoto 2.0X magnification and 2 elements in 2 groups lens construction while the main body lens dimensions are 20mm x 10mm.

The next accessory is the Fisheye + Macro Lens + Case Kit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) and this one is priced at $21.45. Again you simply screw the lens to the back cover and you’re ready for action using a wide angle lens. The front part of the lens can also be screwed off to give a super macro-lens for close ups so you have a 180 degree Fisheye plus 1.6X macro lens in one unit. This is also constructed of high-class glass and top-grade aluminum and also comes in smoky black. The lens construction is 3 elements in 3 groups and main body lens dimensions are 20mm x 18mm.

Now we move on to the Wide Angle + Macro Lens + Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) priced at $12.45. This is a simple to use wide angle macro lens that you screw onto the back cover for wide angle lens photography. By screwing off part of the lens you then have the super-macro lens for close-ups so effectively you have the 0.68X wide angle lens and macro lens in one unit. The wide angle lens gives images with no perspective distortion and the back cover is, yet again, in smoky black. The lens construction is 2 elements in 2 groups and the macro shot distance is between 10 and 23mm. Dimensions this time for the main body are 22mm x 11mm.

The final accessory we have for you to consider is the Macro Lens + Case Kit for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) costing $8.45. Again you have a smoky black back cover and a lens that you simply screw on. This super macro lens enables you to shoot images of objects at short distance (10 to 23mm) with no perspective distortion. The construction is glass and aluminum and main body dimensions are 21.8mm x 6.33mm.

These accessories will have you taking photos as though you were a pro and are all portable and detachable for your convenience. We hope that you will find these suggestions useful. If you purchase any of these maybe you could leave a comment giving us your thoughts on it? Perhaps you already use one of the above and would recommend it, or not, to our readers?


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