HTC One X Android Jelly Bean ROM update, still sceptical

We like to tell readers about developments with operating systems and we’ve recently discussed the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X smartphone. We told how the official update could start rolling out for unlocked versions some time in October with carrier versions to follow, although there is still no confirmation on this. Some people who don’t want to wait choose to use custom ROMS and today we have news of an HTC One X Android Jelly Bean ROM update and we’ll bring you the details although we’re still sceptical.

We know many of you are waiting for Jelly Bean for your HTC One X but here at Phones Review we always advise against using custom ROMS updates and suggest that readers wait for the official update. We also caution that if you do use these ROMs then if you hit any problems the responsibility is entirely your own. However we know that many readers enjoy tinkering with their devices and of course there are many ROMs that work perfectly well. From time to time though there are rogue ROMs and as we can’t always validate the source we can’t recommend using them until we hear evidence that they are legit.

Today we have news of an AOKP custom ROM Jelly Bean update from TripNDroid Mobile Engineering for the HTC One X, as reported by the International Digital Times. This ROM will apparently increase the performance speed of your HTC One X and will bring users all the benefits of Jelly Bean with a stock Android experience that removes bloatware and cleans up user interfaces. The report from IDT also goes on to detail links for the ROM and other software that you need as well as a step-by-step tutorial and also tells you everything you need before you proceed. Erring on the cautious side we are not putting the ROM link here but as we’ve said you can find it at the above IDT link.

However a caution is also issued, similar to ours above, and potential users of the ROM are strongly recommended to do “thorough research” before continuing with the update. Also a couple of comments cast doubt on the validity of the ROM, hence we remain sceptical. What we’d like to know then is has this AOKP custom ROM worked for your HTC One X? If so then let us know so that we can share the info with our readers. If not we’d still like to hear from you as knowing this could help other readers out.


7 thoughts on “HTC One X Android Jelly Bean ROM update, still sceptical”

  1. RobotLegBen says:

    Working on mine too. And quite a number of other people’s device judging from the posts in the XDA thread. Perhaps some of that ol’ investigative journalism would come in handy…although I’m ‘sceptical’ that it exits here.

  2. Gareth says:

    I installed this first time, being new to rooting and general tinkering. Steps were very easy to follow and if you take the time to read the xda threads, you’ll know exactly what you are getting and the current limitations. There is the odd little quirk, but certainly nothing major and if I were to weigh up the pros and cons of having it installed I’m unreservedly impressed with how much better it is compared to the stock experience. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

  3. farnsbarns says:

    This is the epitome of bad journalism. A 5 second google would have given you some interesting info to include in this otherwise useless article.

    What do you mean by “valid”?

    The rom is not AOKP at all (as if you have any idea what that is anyway).

    Ivevbeen using it for weeks. Very stable, fast and smooth.


  4. Hi there just installed ordroid 260 jellybean for one x although it can be a lengthy process as far as I can tell the only drawback is once you have updated hboot I don’t think there is any way with s-on to change back to being ics compatible. Besides that super smooth UI refined keyboard I find much better especially in landscape am yet to try 3d games but will do soon . For information on how to upgrade to 3.0.xxx 401 check xda developers android development list .

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