Nokia Lumia 920 price somewhat shocking

There seems to be quite a buzz over the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, with many people saying they want the handset Windows Phone 8 handset, but at what price? Well Nokia recently unveiled the European price tag for the Nokia Lumia 920, and one does have to say the WP8 Lumia 920 does have somewhat of a shocking price when compared to other smartphones.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Tech Thoughts, the Nokia Lumia 920 commands a rather hefty price tag of 637 Euros, which is roughly 25 percent more expensive that the very popular rival Android smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 commands a price tag of roughly 540 Euros, about $690, whilst the Nokia Lumia 920 is 673 Euros, roughly $840, which seems quite a bit more expensive, and might lead people to consider overlooking the Windows Phone 8 handset and opting for a less expensive rival device.

The guys have done a price comparison with European rival handsets such as the HTC 8X costing 550 Euros, the HTC 8S costing 299 Euros, and even the Nokia Lumia 820 at 499 Euros, all quite a bit less than the Nokia Lumia 920 price wise, whilst the only smartphone that is more expensive than the Lumia 920 is the iPhone 5 at 679 Euros for the 16GB model.

Thus far Nokia hasn’t announced carrier availability for the Nokia Lumia 920, and perhaps the reason for that is the high price the Lumia 920 commands, but obviously the big question is will people spend that amount of cash for the Lumia 920 when they can get the iPhone 5 for a few Euros extra, or the Galaxy S3 for considerably less?

So we’d like to ask our readers who have been considering purchasing the Nokia Lumia 920 once it becomes available, if this hefty price tag has put you off, or will you be getting the Windows Phone 8 handset no matter the cost?


121 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 price somewhat shocking”

  1. rosco_t says:

    I’m a 2 previous iPhone owner who was originally going to upgrade to the iPhone 5. I saw the joint Microsoft/Nokia announcement of the Lumia 920/820 on Sept. 5th and got interested in the Lumia 920. I spent several hours checking everything that I could find on the phone out and decided before the day was over I no longer wanted the iPhone 5, I wanted the Lumia 920. I still watched the iPhone 5 announcement a week later to see if there would be anything that wowed me and quite frankly was underwhelmed so it didn’t change my mind. I see by your graph above that the Nokia Lumia 920 is still less expensive than the iPhone 5. Would I pay less for a superior phone????? You’re darn tootin. I preferred the Lumia 920 without knowing the price of either one and was fully prepared to pay as much for the Nokia as I would for the iPhone 5. To me the Nokia Lumia 920 is the best phone available today and I still don’t know what the U.S. price will be. I’m sure it’s not going to be more than the iPhone 5 so I don’t care.

    1. mobilemann says:

      it’s a great phone, and it will easily be the best camera (outside of the 808)

    2. Jk says:

      Nokia was the best until smart phones came in. Symbian was a real waste compared to iphones.. With the phone 8 lumia 920 or 820 they r gonna be back

      1. jake says:

        are you high nokia brought out the 1st and best smart phones but for some reason the retarded masses found symbian hard to use

  2. jepjepp says:

    what’s shocking about Nokia Lumia 920 price? IP5’s price for 32gb, for all their mess (Maps, for ex) is justified? SG3 is not of in the same league and has been on the market for a while, so there’s no comparison.

  3. pelle says:

    How about comparing the 32Gb iPhone 5 to the 32Gb 920? Or how about NOT comparing a six month old phone (Samsung S3) to a brand new phone. Or how about using less SENSATIONAL headlines when in fact there is nothing SENSATIONAL about a great phone with features no one else has with a price tag that is LOWER than the supposed class leader.

    1. Mr. Tofu says:

      Thank you. It makes no sense to compare these phone when you consider the facts surrounding them. I wish pointless articles like this (and others) would stop trying to find something negative about the 920. I’m getting one.

  4. praegrandis says:

    Gonna buy a Lumia 920. Its a sweet deal considering what it has to offer.

    And the comparisons are way off. Comparing a 16GB to a 32GB? It’s like comparing a can of soda to a liter of juice; nonsense.

  5. Rich Paine says:

    Couldn’t possibly consider the awful iphone 5.
    I however want a phone with a good camera as I don’t have one, plus good sat nav / maps as my sat nav is severely out of date.
    That really just leaves the Nokia 920 for me.

    But when you consider that with the new phone you’re getting a good camera and free sat nav for the price, is it an expensive phone or in fact rather cheap?

    1. Lulu says:

      I’m getting Lumia 920 because it has a great camera, plus offline GPS service feature. 🙂

      1. Rich Paine says:

        Nokia have done their part in developing the best phone currently available and is clearly worth the price tag. The problem lies with convincing people to switch OS over to Microsoft. Let’s hope MS do their part too.

          1. Chetan G says:

            I am a Lumia 800 user..all of my friends and relatives who are using iPhone or SG3 said that the user interface is really good on Lumia..better than theirs..am sure WP8 is gonna be really good..

        1. blessyz says:

          I went into the shop and had a go on windows phone. Loved it. It owns dinosaur iOS

      2. rosco_t says:

        That’s two of the biggest reasons I want the 920. I’m a grandparent and want the best available camera to take pictures of my grandkids and the offline GPS is an advantage no other smartphone has. And Nokia has the best Map app there is out there. They’ve been licensing it to a lot of people.

      3. mobilemann says:

        offline GPS has been available through Apps on iOS and Android for years, although co pilot (the only android offline app i’ve known of, is freaking terrible compared to navigon and tomtom for iOS.

        1. bobsg says:

          offline satnav which doesnt connect to the net was first available on the nokia n9! offline satnav on apple was only available if you jailbreak the phone!

          1. mobilemann says:

            Umm, the apps I mentioned and tomtom for win mobile 5.0 (with external bt GPS receivers of course) all beg to differ.

          2. Nanda says:

            No. You dont have to jailbreak the IOS (IPhone). Offline Satnav maps are available on IOS at 2 OR 3 Pounds for UK / ROI. You can download the maps, store and use it. This apart, you can have expensive options like Tom Tom / Navigon. I have been using them on my iPhone 4.

  6. Giles Jones says:

    If you want cheap low spec hardware then there’s plenty of options. If you want a phone with an amazing camera, wireless charging and 32GB storage then you pay more obviously. Nokia will do themselves no favours by being the “cheapo” option, it just makes them seem like a budget option.

    1. mobilemann says:

      nokia makes great software, i wish they focused on it more than wireless charging. like airplay.

      why has no one made a android or windows version of airplay

      /looking forward to all the comments made by people who have no idea what airplay actually can do

      1. Adam Koueider says:

        There are versions of Airplay. Samsung made something called Allshare and can be used on all Samsung mobile devices to connect to Samsung Smart Tv and all Windows PC’s so yeah!!! (yes I know what Airplay can do)

        1. mobilemann says:

          thanks for making the end of my post true.

          Allshare is an app. You can’t allshare Plex, you can’t allshare any other video or audio programs. Airplay is an API. you can use it anywhere you see video or audio.

          Allshare doesn’t even do mirroring. ( i would know, i own a sg3 and a samsung 42″ plasma)

          it’s 5% if that of airplay functionality.

          People on these forums aren’t very technical:/

          1. Adam Koueider says:

            Yeah it does there are 2 forms of ALLSHARE: ALLShare Cast and Allshare Play. I.E cast for video and Play for Audio. Which was recently brought together into the form of one ALLSHARE in Allshare play.

            Samsung make Several Speakers which sound beautiful that support both Airplay and Allshare. Ofcourse I am geussing here but as I haven’t seen a Plasma Samsung Smart TV this is the reason it doesnt work. You would need a Samsung Smart TV. Not sure if it is compatible with other brand Smart TV’s (i.e LG and Sony). SO it does mirror and if you don’t have a DLNA supported TV you will need an All share dongle that connects to the TV

            In fact its probably more versatile. It works with Samsung Tabs, SmartPhones, TV’s, PC’s, cameras, Speakers… so again I say Yeah!!!

          2. mobilemann says:

            “But the things you have created. to be honest I haven’t tried. Even if it didn’t work all you would have to do is convert it to the necessary format chuck it on you phone or computer in the form of a video or an audio file and you should be able to ALLSHARE it.”

            i have an S3 you know. And what you described completely defeats the purpose. Way to not get the point.

          3. Adam Koueider says:

            So if you own an S3 doesn;t mean anything. The Galaxy range can play many video/audio formats. Far more than the Iphone/Ipod touch. I know this as my Ipod touch can’t play many of the formats of audio songs that my s3 can.

            And yes I too own an S3.I am 100% sure that you could not say watch a movie that you have edited in say Sony Vegas (without Publishing it first) on the Iphone. So if you want to use Allshare on your TV buy the $29 dongle.

            I proved you can mirror and your point is stupid. You claim that Airplay is better simply because like all Apple products it is proprietary. Whilst AllShare is based on an industry standard called DLNA which means it can play audio or video on any DLNA supporting device and let me tell you they far outnumber the Airplay devices. Come to think of it only Apple TV (a $100 extra) Pc’s and Macs with iTunes and a handul of speakers support Airplay.

            What next are you going to claim the “lighting” connector is better than Micro USB????

          4. mobilemann says:

            “You claim that Airplay is better simply because like all Apple products it is proprietary.”

            the next time you decide to paraphrase me, quote me directly, as i did you, so we don’t have to deal with your child like interpretation of what you think i said. (that is not at all what i said, or meant)

            you not understanding the difference between an app and an API (and the flexibility that gives it) should have been my exit to this idiocy.

          5. Adam Koueider says:

            I was assuming since based on your comments there was no groundbraking argument that supported your argument in the same way Apple do not have an argument supporting their choice of Lightning over MicroUSB.

            When the app does the same thing as the API and there is no true advantage then it doesn’t matter. Its not like Apple are chucking an Android and making Airplay Open Source if they did then your comment is right.

            If you want me to quote you directly: “why has no one made a android or windows version of airplay” the simple fact is Allshare is an Android and Windows Version of airplay. Simple name 3 things Airplay can do that AllShare can’t.

            And please research a bit as one comment said “Allshare doesn’t even do mirroring. ( i would know, i own a sg3 and a samsung 42″ plasma)” when it quite obviously can with a DLNA supported device(Obviously yours is not and you will need to buy the dongle). I look forward to hearing your response.

          6. mobilemann says:

            It doesn’t do the same thing. how many times do i have to repeat myself? 3rd party apps without modification can stream video from their servers your servers, plex w/e to your streaming box. this example alone proves how much more flexable and API is. Allshare with a dongle does do mirroring. My confusion is because i have a DLNA supported device for viewing on my plasma, but it apparently doesn’t support the mirroring. So i need a new samsung approved device.

            Also, yes, quote me directly, since your interpretations of what i say are about 6 miles off what they are.

            now, what i said:

            “why has no one made a android or windows version of airplay”

            which you laughably responded with:

            “the simple fact is Allshare is an Android and Windows Version of airplay.”

            this is funny to me because i didn’t know that samsung was android, and only one flagship phone model, and one external dongle (and a few smart TV’s) support allshare.

            “when it quite obviously can with a DLNA supported device(Obviously yours is not and you will need to buy the dongle).”

            This is a lie. first talking like DLNA supports mirroring, it doesn’t in it’s spec. Samsung is doing something different to get mirroring to work. Second, DLNA is incredibly fragmented (real fragmentation, not pretend like android) Where most DLNA devices only support 1.0-1.3 of the spec, meaning even less functionality.

            I know it’s hard, but stop being an idiot. Try talking about stuff you’ve USED.

          7. Adam Koueider says:

            – I have an S3 and mirrored successfully to a Samsung Smart TV.

            – “That makes allshare 100% proprietary as well.”
            How on Earth is All SHare proprietary it is available in the Google Play Store. (Hence Android Alternative. Like Chat on an iMessage alternative which is also available on all ANdroid Devices)

            -“So i need a new samsung approved device.” No you will only need the Dongle to mirror.

            – “this is funny to me because i didn’t know that samsung was android, and only one flagship phone model, and one external dongle (and a few smart TV’s) support allshare.”

            Every single Windows PC supports allshare. (Hence WIindows Alternative) The Galaxy S2 to my knowledge supports Allshare so does the Galaxy note and Note 2. And I am sure a whole host of Samsung devices do too. (Like the new Galaxy Camera).

            -“Try talking about stuff you’ve USED.” Every thing I spoke of I either own or have used. (Other than the Galaxy Note 2 but thats coming and Galaxy Camera)

            -“first talking like DLNA supports mirroring” sorry for miswording what i meant was… AllShare supported device if not you will need the Dongle.

          8. mobilemann says:

            “How on Earth is All SHare proprietary it is available in the Google Play Store.”

            this indicates you believe everything in the google play store is open source. It’s not. The vast, vast majority are written under closed source (proprietary to the company) licenses, including allshare. Since Desktop mirroring is not supported in DLNA, this is the way samsung went to fill that very large void.

            “No you will only need the Dongle to mirror.”


            My point wasn’t about every PC, my point was it’s limited to the galaxy series within samsung, which is a fraction of android as a whole. Airplay works on all iOS devices since late 4 or early 5. (it’s early and i’m to lazy to look it up)

            And when i say, try talking about stuff you’ve used, i’m saying airplay, as that’s the one you’ve talked me into believing you have never tried.

          9. Adam Koueider says:

            “My point wasn’t about every PC, my point was it’s limited to the galaxy series within samsung, which is a fraction of android as a whole.”

            1.Yes but look at the fact that the GS3 had sold 10 million devices in less than a month. 1 million Android devices get activated each day. So that means 200,000 of them were GS3s thats a fifth of all Android devices without taking into account the hundreds of other Samsung Smartphones so thats almost a half. Samsung sells over a quarter of all Smartphones. Almost all of these are running atleast GingerBread or higher so…

            Then lets look at Apple’s Airplay:
            2. All PC’s and Mac’s with Itunes installed equal to Allshare.
            3. Apple owns 16% of all marketshare so therefore technically Allshare is hitting a broader market.
            4. TV’s: About a Dozen Samsung Smart Tv’s support AllSHare any Tv that doesn’t you will need a $29 dongle. For Airplay you will need an Apple Tv which costs $99. Advantage AllShare.
            5. Speakers: Only 5 Speakers I know of support Allshare while there are atleast a few dozen that support Airplay. Advantage Airplay.

            So lets tally up the scores (in reference to accessability) Allshare: 3 Airplay: 1 Tie: 1

            “I’m saying airplay, as that’s the one you’ve talked me into believing you have never tried.”

            I own an Ipad, ipod touch (4th Gen) and have Itunes installed on my computer and laptop. I also have a Samsung Speaker that supports both Allshare and Airplay and have used it to play audio through both Allshare and Airplay they are about equal in my mind.

            Truth is both are flawed. If Apple could take a small loss in profit then they could hand out the API to TV manufacturers and it could become an App on all Smart TV’s. Allshare is quite confusing first time around and the average consumer would probably give up well before establishing connection. Airplay on the other hand has a nice UI and makes it easy to distribute your audio and video easily and quickly but there is a flaw in where it is located I mean right at the bottom left corner in Itunes and not on the actual music and video. First time I had to Google it to use it. The way you explain Allshare as being Proprietary then technically yes it is proprietary it definetely needs some work as it only allows you to Share stuff that is on memory and isn’t complete. For example you can;t Allshare stuff on Music Hub.(Really its a Samsung music APP!!!!) also they both are way too limited. Correct me if I am wrong but Airplay doesn’t allow you to play a song your friend has on his ipod touch on the bus through your ipod touch. Or your friend has a movie on his Itunes and you are at his house with your Ipad there is no way without Syncing to stream that Movie through your Ipad.

          10. Adam Koueider says:

            Back to your original statement: “nokia makes great software, i wish they focused on it more than wireless charging. like airplay.”

            You are right wireless charging makes you leave it on a Pad so when you want to answer a call it takes it off charge. I want to wait until true wireless charging can be achieved when as long as you are 5 metres away from the power point it will charge the device. But Nokia are in a Losing game an Airplay alternative will be seen as playing catch up but Wireless Charging WOWS!!! the ignorant consumer…

          11. mobilemann says:

            just so it’s clear to you as well, (with your proprietary nonsense talk) That makes allshare 100% proprietary as well.

            i look forward to you continuing to expose your lack of knowledge for all to see.

  7. Stu says:

    It could be cheaper, but it’s not overly expensive. If anything I think it’s probably priced about right. Just like one of the comments below says, I was in exactly the same situation – I’ve had the past 3 iPhones and when I saw the Lumia 920 announcement I was sold and wanted one before the price was even announced. Apart from the fact that it’s thinner, there’s nothing particularly amazing about the iPhone 5 so it’s confirmed my decision to go for the Lumia 920 when it’s released. Let’s just hope it’s available on O2 in the UK……

    1. lumpaywk says:

      I think at first its going to be EE exclusive. That said O2 suck why go with them lol. EE will be cheaper and has 4G (4G at most will come to the same as O2 who are the most expensive provider in the UK and does not even have the best cover)

  8. Lulu says:

    These news media people don’t know anything, they are just crazy. This over $600 price for Lumia 920 is for a unlocked phone set. I’m pretty sure Lumia 920 will cost only $200 or less with AT&T/Verizon’s 2years contract.

    I will buy Lumia 920, and don’t care about price. 🙂 I’m willing to pay $1000 for this great phone. I love Nokia’s offline GPS service.

    1. Jake Patterson says:

      same here! price, really is not an option when your looking at a new phone, people spend 2-400$ on an iphone that truthfully costs apple ~$200-250 to make. offline nav is the set point for me, lost unlimited data so this is like a blessing,

      1. mobilemann says:

        Your name is so earily similar to mine that i have to clue you in.

        Android and iOS have offered offline GPS for YEARS.

        1. Jake Patterson says:

          Haha that’s weird, and I can honestly say I’m probably one of the only people with an iPhone and could not care less for it..I don’t use it other than email and calling anymore, and what apps/how can I use offline gps? My cars GPS unit is sooo outdated. Doesn’t recognize half my town

          1. mobilemann says:

            tomtom is fully offline maps for GPS. i bought it i think around 2009 or so, they’ve updated the maps for me completely 5 or 6 times. (all free)

          2. bobsg says:

            offline satnav which doesnt connect to the net was first available on
            the nokia n9! offline satnav on apple was only available if you
            jailbreak the phone!

    2. lumpaywk says:

      In europe its even better, I really dont get the USA making you pay for a contract phone lol. Here in the uk we may have to caught up £50 most with a 2 year contract unless we have the worlds cheapest deal. That said i dont know what you pay for line rental etc. But still the iPhone over here works out at least twice the price over its life sometimes even 4times as much for the same level of contract.

      That said i want to do everything i can to make nokia lower it after all why pay more whe n yo ucan pay less lol. So um yeah nokia how over priced are you geez whats up with that!

  9. I am planning to purchase the 920, yes. I’ve owned iPhones since the 3G. I was planning on getting the iPhone 5 but it’s lack-luster improvements were disappointing.
    The Nokia came to my attention around the same time they were announcing the iPhone 5’s features.
    I wanted to give the iPhone 5 a chance – I even went to the store after it was out to get a feel for the phone. Frankly, I just don’t like the iPhone 5. It’s not even disappointment, I generally just dislike the feel of the phone. Oddly, there seems to be a point where a phone is too light and too thin for my liking. The iPhone 5 is past that point and I just don’t like it.
    At the same time, I’m very impressed with what I’ve been seeing from Nokia. Granted, they’ve had some marketing snafu’s – but that’s not as uncommon as people would like to think – it’s actually something of a standard practice.
    Nonetheless, I’m very excited about the Nokia 920. But, it also hasn’t won me over yet. Windows Phone 8 is still an unknown — and Nokia isn’t completely in my wallet yet. I want to see the real phone, in person, and I’ll make my decision then.
    Whatever the case may be, I won’t be getting an iPhone 5 because it’s too thin and too light for my liking.. I’m also very much done with iOS. When I wiped my iPhone 4 to sell it – I immediately thought, ohh my — I forgot to back up my voicemails! But then I remembered; Ohh yeah, I can’t do stuff like that on iOS. I’m done with that rubbish!
    I also won’t be getting the Galaxy S3… because, well — to be honest it feels like a cheap piece of hardware. I just don’t like it.
    So, hopefully Nokia’s new flagship phone lives up to everything they are advertising. If it’s even 80% there – I’ll be a buyer.

    1. Chetan G says:

      Hi Kelly, am sure you are going to love the 920..the UI is really better than iOS and believe you me its really really easy to use..very user friendly…am sure when u get your hands on 920..u will be amazed :)…

    2. mobilemann says:

      the ip5 is anything but lackluster.

      it’s easily the fasted phone on the planet when considering the full SoC. The camera in the 920 though i’m sure will kill the iphone’s. Depends on what you do on your phone as well, because there are still categories where WP7 doesn’t have apps. (especially in stuff i use, like IP camera’s, a Decent RDP AND VNC client.

      windows phone doesn’t even support the standards webdav, carddav and caldav.

  10. Blactionman says:

    Like Roscoe and Eric ive been eagerly waiting for the iphone 5 for 2 years whilst (even more annoyingly so in the last few months) and after seeing the sham-balls that is IOS6 and realising that due to the extra hackers recruited by apple and new thunderbolt cable hampering a proper jailbreak until probably February so id be stuck with a substandard locked down phone, i looked elsewhere and im totally in love with the nokia. I just wish they would get there act together with at least a promo of the features of WP8, anyway your comparison isn’t of a 32gb Iphone… in euros the Lumia is 637 euros and the equivalent iphone 32gb is 750 euros… but nobody called the iphone expensive… because…..its an iphone…and when they release a 5s next year and add the NFC chip in it they conveniently missed out the 5 NFC function will be the next big thing….because….its an iphone….you could of tried to disguise the fact your a fruit fanboy and done the proper research. Roll on November.

  11. Andrew White says:

    I’m definitely getting one. I think its priced just right. Nokia always made high quality handsets, I’m glad they have stuck to their guns and not lowered their standards. U usually get what you pay for. The screen is phenominal the camera is phenominal and thats just the start. I hope the phone goes viral and propel Nokia back to where they belong. At the end of the day Nokia will be the only other company that gives Apple a run for it’s money and produces similar or better products. We need Nokia, imagine a world where Apple has free rein.

    1. Lulu says:

      Beside great screen and camera image stabilization, I love Lumia 920’s offline GPS feature.

  12. spitefulgod says:

    Shocking how the best phone on the market will be a lower price than the market leaders you mean?

  13. ahughes says:

    I switched to a Lumia 900 last year from the iphone ,windows interface is great and the product design is beautiful. will upgrade to a 920 mid next year . I am not missing the iphone.

  14. Phillip N Tracy says:

    And why?
    Curved glass
    Polycarbonate color injected design
    Pureview imaging software camera
    Crazy high ppi and screen brightness
    New image stabilization software
    Larger screen
    Wireless charging capabilities
    Super sensitive touch screen

  15. BNrickers says:

    Cost is not an issue. I want to hold them both and understand what it means for me to own one eco-system over another. I want a tablet to go with it so I must wait. I mostly want a 7 inch tablet, so I might have to go Android for the next two years unless someone steps up with a windows or apple 7 inch form factor.

    1. rosco_t says:

      I have stayed away from Android because I’ve heard bad things about it’s security. Some of the apps they’ve made available had unwanted guests. Windows is going to have the Surface RT which I’m probably going to get because all the Windows devices will interact with each others apps. That’s an advantage to me. It’s not a 7 incher though. It’s about the size of an iPad.

  16. David N says:

    I too have owned the iPhone since the day it came out. it was revolutionary at that time. I skipped the 3S and got the 4. I then skipped the 4S and was anxiously waiting for the 5. And was GREATLY disappointed! It falls short in so many ways! I don’t even care if the Windows 8 Mobile is just OK. The Nokia Lumia 920 (Hardware wise) is so superior to the new iPhone. I don’t see how even an Apple Fanboy (which I was up until 3 weeks ago) can argue the point that the iPhone 5 is better. Its not. The Nokia Mapping is the best that ANY mobile device has to offer. Look at the deal they just signed with Oracle.They aren’t going anywhere.

    1. pulsey says:

      Thanks. This has helped me make my mind up, I’m going to go for the Nokia 920 too 🙂

  17. CSJr says:

    The Lumia 920 is not expensive. It is priced right for a 32GB model. The iPhone5 is too expensive for a 16GB Model with less features. ( lower resolution, smaller screen, no NFC, too many others to list..)

    1. rosco_t says:

      The biggest one you didn’t mention is the Apple Maps debacle. Especially compared to Nokia Maps which are the best out there.

  18. Chetan G says:

    I just read through all the comments before commenting on this article..not even one of them was negative about the pricing and rightly so. the Lumia 920 is THE best phone in the market and it sure does command the price. I really do not know why iPhone does not get such articles written, the iPhone 5 does not have anything new, it did not get anything new to the smartphone market..LTE was got by SG3..Lumia has got so many new features…iPhone doesnt even come up to the market standard and adopt NFC. The only thing Nokia has to improve is its PR I think. I am a big Nokia fan..using Lumia 800..waiting to upgrade to 920 🙂

    1. Rich Paine says:

      It’s because certain websites or writers are afraid of getting on the wrong side of Apple and their isheep. Prefer to hide within the crowd (or wool) where is is safer.
      But as the public slowly start to turn and eventually realise there are better options than iphones, journalists will start to write realistic and honest reviews.

  19. Ad says:

    I plan to replace my Galaxy S2 soon. On first sight I liked the Nokia Lumia 920, predominantly for its Innovative camera, robustness, and high quality screen, while I like what I saw of the user interface of W8. Only…, that was when it was announced. Now I only hope that it will be available before is completely out-of-date.
    Anyway, Tech Thoughts have it probably 100 Euro wrong- The 920 will cost 537, a little bit cheaper than the Galaxy S3 and that is exactly right.

  20. Devil 3 says:

    Look at the tech specs of lumia 920,its simply amazing and don’t compare it with that plastic s3…Premium phones needs premium prices… it has 32gb internal memory so compare it with iphone 5 32 gb if you want…

  21. rosco_t says:

    I’m going to make another comment. I’ve read all the comments so far and am amazed at how many people who have been relatively happy with their iPhones (I’m one of them) and were waiting for the iPhone 5 changed their minds either when they first spotted the Lumia 920 (as I did) or checked it out after not being that thrilled with what the iPhone 5 had to offer compared to previous iPhones. And that’s even before the Maps debacle was reported.

  22. jimbo says:

    Yeah, I’m going to buy it. As long as it’s under a grand, I don’t care by how much…it’s the future, stupid. And in the great US of A, we never pay more than $200 anyway.

  23. Mr_Frisky says:

    Lumia 920, overweight and overpriced, and you can be sure v1.0 of anything MS will be as buggy as hell.

    Sorry i’m afraid I wouldn’t risk buying an expensive phone from a company (Nokia) who a re about to go bankrupt and leave owners with no warranty or support, well that’s the advice I give my customers and friends.

    1. Rich Paine says:

      v1.0? What about Windows Phone 7X?
      I’m not a MS fan as such, I’m not too sure but I have hard that they have had some experience in developing operating systems….so I’ve hard.

    2. Chetan G says:

      Mr Frisky… the map failure in iPhone can be considered a v1.0 mega failure for apple too..and maps being one of the most imp things in US/UK etc..so based on your logic..ppls should not buy IPhone 5..thats good for Nokia 🙂

      1. rosco_t says:

        Not only that, Nokia has licensed their Map app to all the other WP8 makers and just struck a big deal yesterday with Oracle licensing their Map app. I read an article that said Steve Jobs would have never released that Map app for production b4 it was ready.

    3. rosco_t says:

      Wow. Wonder what OS you use???? Doubt very much it could be Linux. Almost no-one uses that. So guess it must be Apple since it’s the only other one out there besides MS. And I’m not considering Android because that’s not really a computer OS. It’s primarily for cellphones and has now become fairly common on some tablets but has security problems so I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole.

    4. rosco_t says:

      Sorry, forgot about RIM but you couldn’t possibly be using their OS because you talk about Nokia being close to bankruptcy. Nokia is nowhere near as close to bankruptcy as RIM. Nope, gotta be Apple.

      1. Rich Paine says:

        You have to give the guy a break rosco_t, he just paid a fortune on the biggest POS 2012 has produced. He must be angry, surly.

  24. SmartPhoneNubie says:

    I am really looking forward to the 920. I think that AT&T/Nokia/Microsoft should offer a pre-order special. If the contract price is going to be $200 then the pre-order price to sign-up now should be $175 to get people to commit to the new OS and the new phone and to this for the next 2 weeks and watch the pre-order sales come in and see if it puts iPhone 5 to sleep.

  25. Jorge Miguel says:

    Why is the price somewhat shocking again? I’m shocked that it’s cheaper than I thought. With the technologies this phone offers, it should’ve been as expensive as the iPhone.

  26. gtz says:

    never had an iphone and seems that i never will. Plan to upgrade from android to wp8 (lumia 920 of course) as soon as it hits Lithuania

  27. Phoneisatoy says:

    I am buying Lumia 920.. Phone for me is a toy and I like new ones every couple of years.. i had the 3Gs, the galaxy player and now I want the WP8..

  28. Steve says:

    I’m a normal customer who fancies treating himself to a good phone. Very simply, I’m not going to use any of the top phones to their maximum capability, so there comes a point at which the price might put me off. That’s about £30 a month on a contract. If I can get a lumia 920 for that then I will, otherwise it’ll be between an iPhone 4s and a galaxy s3, both of which are excellent phones.

  29. anand71 says:

    Remember when comparing with the iPhone that you need to add an extra £61 pounds to get a two year warranty, whereas the Lumia 920 comes with a two year warranty as standard. So all in all, with superior technology the Lumia is good value.

    1. rosco_t says:

      Really. I didn’t know the Lumia 920 comes with a two year warranty. I see though that you mention a price difference in lbs (I don’t have a symbol for it on my keyboard, sorry) so I assume that’s somewhere in Great Britain. I hope it’s the same in the United States where I am.

  30. John Haniv says:

    Nokia makes by far best maps and i need those. Car manufacturers uses those too. Had a chance to run 920 in my hands few minutes. Man….its smooth and brought back that long missed WOW effect back. Also had a plan for iphone5 after previous iphone…not anymore. Iphone 5 is EPIC fail. Just trying to pull last pennies from Jobs legacy. Soon i start to short apple stocks….bring me the money….easiest so far.

  31. Bobinator says:

    Not to mention that Nokia is throwing in Nokia Music, a Zune like offering that gives you free streaming access to anything you want to listen to. Did I mention that it was FREE for Lumia owners?

  32. Mike D says:

    lol …the Lumia 920 is clearly a much better device all round, and its apparently cheaper the than iphone 5 how is the reputed “price somewhat shocking” ? … the iphone is so 2007, ask yourself truthfully are you really pleased with your iphone 5 ? 😉

  33. blessyz says:

    The only downside to moving away from Apple is that iPhones keep their value and even now a second hand iPhone 4 is worth £200-250

  34. Rulzbroken says:

    Seriously – I learnt mobile from nokia – 5110-6110-7110-6610-8310- endless models, I learnt reliable from Nokia – could throw every phone ever made from 2 storeys high, reassemble it and make it work, I learnt apps from Nokia – symbian-wow, i learnt human technology from nokia – every user interface was where it needed to be batteries lasted days not hours.. then poof 2006 – e71 i hated the worst looking device ever, a tank yes, but why nokia why? for 6 years, i owned phones worth their salt – Desire HD – Galaxy s2 and admired those that changed mobility – 3GS and Iphone 4 – brilliant devices but somehow and HOW.. the 920 has my imagination fired,my fingers twitching, my mind racing… after 6 years I think I WANT a nokia, no no cancel that I NEED a Lumia 920… and no i havent played with it, but i still look at every fragment of information with baby eyed awe… Will say no more.. thats just what i feel.. looking to welcome back my friend – welcome back my Nokia – no price is too high for family get together.. 🙂

  35. rulzbroken says:

    Seriously – I learnt mobile from nokia – 5110-6110-7110-6610-8310- endless models, I learnt reliable from Nokia – could throw every phone ever made from 2 storeys high, reassemble it and make it work, I learnt apps from Nokia – symbian-wow, i learnt human technology from nokia – every user interface was where it needed to be batteries lasted days not hours.. then poof 2006 – e71 i hated the worst looking device ever, a tank yes, but why nokia why? for 6 years, i owned phones worth their salt – Desire HD – Galaxy s2 and admired those that changed mobility – 3GS and Iphone 4 – brilliant devices but somehow and HOW.. the 920 has my imagination fired,my fingers twitching, my mind racing… after 6 years I think I WANT a nokia, no no cancel that I NEED a Lumia 920… and no i havent played with it, but i still look at every fragment of information with baby eyed awe… Will say no more.. thats just what i feel.. looking to welcome back my friend – welcome back – no price is too high for family..

  36. Kate Peth says:

    I was going to upgrade to the 920 but apparently O2 in the uk have decided they wont get enough sales on it so have removed it from their website so now my up grade is to be an 800 am getting it on 7 days review but am pretty sure it will not be as good as the 920. since this was to be my first real smart phone I was looking forward to it. any feed back on the 800 would be good as I dont think it will live up to the 920.

  37. ion says:

    Sorry, but the post is wrong.

    You put the price for S3 and iPhone5 only with 16 Gb. Please select the price for S3 and iPhone 5 32 Gb. Surprise! S3 32 Gb has the same price as Lumia 920 in Europe (600-650 euro). iPhone5 32 Gb is about 850-900 euro! You have to pay 250 euro extra for iPhone 5 32 Gb. Great deal, isn’t it?

    Shame on you.

    Lumia 920 price is fair enough. Much, much better smartphone than iPhone 5 and much cheaper.

  38. bob says:

    As usual, after launch date, read reviews, wait for the next factory batch, software update 1 and price drop, then buy. 🙂

  39. shinobi says:

    I am in the same situation as rosco_1 and totally agree. So I reserved mine online through the Nokia store just a few days ago… It’s selling here in Italy for 599 Euros.

  40. Realitycheck says:

    What a rubbish article – written no doubt by someone pro Apple. Look at the facts dude – the Lumia beats the world leader in every way, its miles ahead of anything else (Camera, Display, Charging, Build Quality AND ITS CHEAPER THAN AN iPHONE 5 – people like you need a reality check.

  41. vrobcs says:

    I will buy this phone, but probably will wait until the price decreses a bit. I have a WP7 phone one and half year and I’m very satisfied with it, I won’t switch to android or ios. And if I decide to upgrade to WP8, I want to have a good quality hardware, and Nokia phones are quality products.

  42. Simba says:

    I have owned the very first iPhone upto the iPhone 4 , the iPhone 4S really did not appeal to me because it was basically an iPhone 4 with the addition of Siri , the iPhone 5 really didn’t appeal to me because its basically an iPhone 4S with a screen that’s only half an inch bigger and just to be annoying or in apples words “save space” they changed the dock connector . but the lumia 920 looks amazing , it has a bigger screen with a better ppi, better design, better camera, wireless charging ( which will be a massive step in front of the competitors if they put the ground work in and get charging pads in places like Starbucks etc) and a better platform ( so im told) so in response to the question yea I do want the lumia 920 epescially when I’ve been use to paying apples hefty price tags and this rocks in cheaper even more so if it was compared the 32gb iPhone which it should be

  43. Wayne says:

    It’s nOt the cost of the phone that will put people off, rather all the accessories that you will have replace. There’s chargers, laptop cables, various speaker packages that will now only play on Aux (if they have them!!!???) the list goes on…

  44. Chris Rowlands says:

    I’ve been looking forward to the 920 with lots of interest though this has been greatly tampered by rumour and lack of hard information for both the phone and WP8 – we are, after all, less than two weeks to WP8 release! The lack of SD slot is a drawback as I would have liked to throw in another 32Gb for £10! I’ll still probably buy one but only if it is less than £500 (approx €617) otherwise it will be the Ativ S

  45. Chris Rowlands says:

    PS had and iPhone 4 for nearly two years – never really got one with it, won’t get Apple again!

  46. Francesco Navarro says:

    One thing that has me puzzled is what are they including with the package? Is it one size fits all, or what options and accessories will be made available for that price tag, plus a little extra.

    But the one thing that really has me concerned is the operating system… iPhone releases it’s iOS updates for free via iTunes, will Microsoft Windows 8 do the same, or am I going to get stuck with paying for updates every single time they have a patch or a new version? iOS 6 is a bit buggy and I am looking forward for them to release an update, but given the track record of MS Windows and their patch filled history I am genuine concerned about making the investment switch.

    1. Nicky says:

      Given the fact that it is a shared platform between PC and Phone I don’t think there is any chance that Microsoft will charge for updates. Plus I’m not too sure what you mean by “patched fill history”, Windows 7 was a great OS and the only reason there were so many updates is because they release every little update individually instead of waiting to build a large new version.

  47. MartinCrosbie says:

    600EUR is not a hefty price tag, When I go phone shopping I don’t look outside the flagship ranges, and don’t expect any change for £500, carrier subsuidy hides it well, but things are worth the money you pay for them – cheap stuff hurts!

  48. John Williams says:

    It will be the Nokia 920 for me. It seems to technically beat the iphone on everything except the price. Can’t wait for the confirmed launch date.

  49. The Stav says:

    The Australian price for the 920 from what I can assertain will be around $655 (pre-order on-line suppliers). If this is close to the mark, then for whatever reason this is a lot less than the estimated price in the UK.
    I purchased the upgrade of Windows 8 Pro at 8a.m. on the 26th. Installation was a breeze, well almost. Because I’m using 2 small SSD’s in raid 0 as my system or boot drives some repartioning was necessary. ‘8’ requires 20GB of free space.
    Skydrive (Microsoft’s cloud) offers 7 GB free with the new O/S which for my use is more than adequate.
    The 920 is apparently due to arrive here between the 4th and 6th of November. Whether I get the colour I want is another question.
    Finally cross platform compatibility. The future, in my humble opinion, starts now.

  50. S. Z. says:

    I think it’s a little pricey. I agree that Lumia 920 is like the third person in the relationships between iPhone and iPhone-lover. But Nokia CEO NEEDs to realize that iPhone is not their ONLY competition. To sell it well, the price has to be on the same line as Samsung S3 or lower. Even if they win over the iPhone lover, Samsung still have a leaning price.