Galaxy Note 2 now offered by Vodafone UK

For those Android faithful over here in the United Kingdom that haven’t yet opted to purchase the latest Galaxy device from the Samsung camp, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from either O2 UK or Three UK, which was made available on Monday, there is now another carrier option for picking up the Galaxy Note 2 in the UK.

Vodafone UK has now launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and is available to purchase from their website in white, and according to a report over on The Inquirer, the Vodafone Galaxy Note 2 comes with a bit of a heft price tag, as with O2 you can get the device free on a 41-quid a month tariff, and from Three for free on a 34-quid a month tariff, Vodafone is offering the Galaxy Note 2 for free on a 47-quid a month tariff.

However for that £41 per month over a 24-month term, the customer does receive 2GB of data, unlimited minutes , and unlimited texts. However if you prefer to reduce that monthly outlay, other tariff options include the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for an upfront cost of £49 and at £42 a month over two-years with 2GB data, unlimited minutes and texts.

Or is you wish to reduce that monthly cost even further, you can purchase the Android Jelly Bean handset for 149-quid up front with a £33 per month cost over 24-months with 600 minutes, 500MB of data and unlimited texts.

If you wish to forego signing up to a lengthy tow-year agreement with Vodafone, you can of course opt to purchase the Galaxy Note 2 as a SIM free device from Samsung at a cost of £549.95, or if you fancy is a bit cheaper you can get the SIM free 16GB version form Amazon at a cost of £529.99 as of the 7th of October.


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  1. MT says:

    And what about o2? Why in the hell are they the last network to either release it or at least announce when they’re releasing it?

    Its driving me insane!

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