LG Optimus G US carriers confirmed & Nexus version rumoured

There are certain handsets in the pipeline that get consumers excited about their release, and one such device that has been speculated about a lot lately is the LG Optimus G. The handset is looked on as a serious rival to the Galaxy Note 2, and now the device has been confirmed to be coming to a couple of US carriers, but a Google Nexus version is rumoured with Android 4.2 as the program is set to change.

The LG Optimus G has been in the news a lot lately and according to a report on BGR the company has confirmed it is coming to US carriers AT&T and Sprint later this year. The handset could also be known as the Optimus G Nexus though as an article on Droid Life is reporting that a previously reliable source has tipped off Android and Me that the new Nexus program included the LG device.

There are many consumers that are impressed with the smartphones specs that feature a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor powering a 4.7-inch IPS+ HD display. This is packed into a slim body with 2GB or RAM and either an 8 or 13MP camera. The Nexus version of the device should be available next month.

The handset could also bring with it Android 4.2 that could only be a small upgrade, but may include improved power management, new version of Google Play, and other features focused on a new Nexus program.

This is believed to begin the groundwork for Android 5.0, but there may be one big change with multi-page home screens getting a more tabbed approach. It is also being claimed that Andy Rubin will announce at the end of this month a new Nexus program that will include the LG Optimus G, but the program will now be more open and allow any manufacturer to release a Nexus device.

The companies will have to meet strict rules that include a standard version of Android along with 64MB of secure memory, which will be used for media streaming. They will be able to add their own Android overlay though, but this must be part of a customization center so consumers can choose and the unit must be able to support Android 5.0.

If this is true consumers who would like to own a Nexus device but not favour a particular manufacturer, will then have a choice from a number of different companies.

Will you be getting the LG Optimus G?


One thought on “LG Optimus G US carriers confirmed & Nexus version rumoured”

  1. Ivan Spiteri says:

    It’s not that easy for me,because I have the SGS 3.and in general the SGS 3 is great.but the LG Optimus G in some ways is greater,apart from the better display,CPU,and GPU,okay I am a really techlover,so in the best smartphone I want every think the best/latest/most innovative!,but to mention only two thinks,the LG Optimus G have the 13MP camera,and The 2GB ram,that I wanted them in the SGS 3 (international version),and it was really a shame for Samsung that they don’t incorporated them instantly in the SGS 3.and because for who like me,want to buy the best smartphone,hi/she they really want to buy The best and nothing less,and the not upgraded camera and ram for Samsung in the SGS 3,it was really a stupid desetion.and so now I don’t know if I have to upgrade to the LG Optimus G,or wait for the SGS 4,but this time Samsung must really do there best or even more!!!!!!!.because LG they are really doing a great job!,and really compliments for them!!!.and like I already mention above,Samsung they really have to do something more special then ever,in the SGS 4!!!!!!!!.and I hope that Samsung will realize/know this!!!.and all they have to do (extremely basically!),is to make a fusion of the SGS 3 int version & US,the Galaxy note 2,and the LG Optimus G!,and some more!.1 because we gonna be in 2013,and because we and Samsung both want that the SGS 4 will gonna be the really best of best!!!!!!!!!.
    And to mention a few/key specs, it must have

    1) 2GB ram,or even a 2.5GB ram!,because US SGS 3,NOTE 2,and Optimus G already
    have,so it must be 2.5GB RAM
    2) as a CPU,NOTE 2 have a 1.6Ghz,Optimus G 1.5Ghz krait,and ONE X+ have 1.7Ghz,so SGS 4 at least must have a Quad-core 2Ghz CPU
    3) the GPU,obviously must be better than the one found on Optimus G (adreno 320)
    4) the camera,Optimus G,and Experia T have 13MP,so SGS 4,must have 14 or 16MP Camera!
    5) DISPLAY/SCREEN,I guess that from the smartphone that want to be the best,and in 2013,it’s gonna be the time for a Full HD Display!!!
    6) as a BATTERY,NOTE 2 have a 3100Amh,and MOTO RAZR HD MAXXX have 3300Ahm,so SGS 4 must be something like those!!!
    7) and it must have a TRULY COMPLETELY (WIRELESS CHARGING!!!)
    8) the sound,it must be a lot lot lot better,it must have at least,TWO STEREO SPEAKERS!!!
    9) the body must be very slim,less than 8.5mm,or even more slim than the iphone 7.6mm.
    10) the UI must be upgraded a lot more!,with 3D and fully animated User Interface experience!!!!!!!!!!!
    11) and to conclude,it is time to at least be splash proof as well!.and to upgrade more what it already have!,as a software & hardware!!!
    And 12) another very important think,is the S-VOICE,they really have to improve it extremely a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,to make the people more comfortably to use it!!!!!!,and because VOICE/VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE (IS THE FUTURE OF ELECTRONICS/TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!).

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