iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in fascinating detail

From time to time we like to compare two hot smartphones of the moment to give readers an idea of what each has to offer and today we’re taking a look at the iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) with details from a fascinating infographic that has a multitude of information. If you have an interest in either of these phones then this could help you make your final decision between the iPhone 5 on the Apple iOS operating system or the Galaxy Note 2, an Android handset.

We’ve written many articles now on these two phones including straightforward specs comparisons but the infographic is a little different as it involves features, performance, differences, reviews, competition and more looking at the 32GB versions of each. The iPhone 5 has already released in many regions globally while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has just become available in the UK. Hopefully it will be released in the US after a Samsung event in New York on October 24 where it’s expected to be unveiled. We’ve already noted specs and features of these two phones plenty of times and so we’ll give you just a short rundown on some of the main ones before looking at other details of the infographic.

The iPhone 5 then has a 1.02GHz dual-core processor, 4-inch display with resolution of 1136 x 640 at 326ppi, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera, 4G LTE connectivity (some regions), a 1440mAh battery and runs on iOS 6, the new upgrade to Apple’s mobile operating system. By comparison the Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 5.5-inch display with resolution of 1280 x 720 and 267ppi, 2GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera, 4G LTE connectivity (some regions), a 3100mAh battery and runs on the latest Android OS, 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The infographic, which you can see at Sortable here, also displays the differences between the two, highlighting factors such as the iPhone 5 being smaller, lighter and thinner and also having a sharper screen. The Galaxy Note 2 on the other hand has more RAM, a better processor, expandable storage, larger battery capacity, NFC support and more.

Dotted throughout the infographic are review quotes from expert sources and then there are some suggestions for other smartphones that are in competition with these two. These include the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Nokia Lumia 920 and Sony Xperia S along with others with each showing a key aspect of that phone. There’s even a neat feature where you simply click on compare and can enter details of other phones you’d like to see contrasted…. very clever stuff!

At the bottom there is a discussion section where you can ask questions of the community and the infographic also has a conclusion summing up whether the iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note 2 is best. Remember you can see the full infographic in all its glory at the earlier Sortable link. The conclusion looks at features, popularity, performance and reviews for each phone, coming up with a score for each and ending with a total overall score. The iPhone 5 is granted winning spot scoring 53 while the Galaxy Note 2 scores 42.

Obviously there are plenty of readers out there who will agree that the iPhone 5 is the best choice but we reckon there will be equally as many readers asserting that the Galaxy Note 2 is the right option. Whichever way you feel though it’s certainly an interesting and useful infographic with plenty of information in one convenient display.

We’d really like to hear from readers about the iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Note 2. Do you think the infographic comes to the right conclusion about which is best? Let us know which you would opt for by sending us your comments.


66 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in fascinating detail”

  1. Zaid says:

    I think iphone 5 has been given much hype but in reality its a comedy of errors .. a big time failure for a renowned company like apple its a setback with its applications like Maps failing and applications crashing. Purple light on camera .. too many issues it does not even stand anywhere near Note 2, S3 or HTC X one + …

  2. Punde says:

    Is this a joke? You say iphones 5 is better than the note 2 because its smaller, lighter and thinner but arent you forgetting the fact the screen is much larger, it has quad core processer, larger and removable battery so of course this would happen. But then again its the only thing you could find to discredit the mighty note 2. Its all about preference. I just dont get why people are so biased towards apple. The only reason why its fast is because the ui is simple and it has no flash capability. I like apples designs and marketing, and their ipods are really good but the phones are just out dated and only sheeps and dim people buy them because it makes them look flashy and/or intelligent but in reality it just makes them look daft.

    1. brandnew234 says:

      No, they’re saying the iPhone 5 is better because it is more popular, not because it has a nicer design. That’s subjective, popularity can be quantified. But yes, the iPhone is not for tech, it’s for looks. It’s like buying a Bently, you have NO reason to buy one, a BMW i760 does everything a Bently does, but it doesn’t have the same status as a BMW. They pay DOUBLE for looks alone.

  3. Dan says:

    How on earth has the iPhone won this???
    100% for ‘portability’ – that’s just stupid. It’s not in anyway the most portable thing possible, which is what a score of 100% indicates. If you’re in the slightest bit interested in portability you would not be interested in the Note, so it’s a stupid comparison anyway. The note has better performance and better features and it’s cheaper. Yet the iPhone wins, because it’s smaller??? Surely that makes the iPhone 4s better than the 5???

    1. Coreyaun says:

      It’s not even ‘portability’, it’s ‘popularity’. And with that being said, that makes it even more ridiculous that the iphone 5 won. Just because it’s more popular? This is stupid. Galaxy Note 2 is the best smartphone of all-time..

    1. juan alfaro says:

      Its is a smartphone who ruled you the king of what’s a smart phone and what’s not ? Its smart and it can be used to call and text people a phone put them together smart phone duh man

  4. Barry says:

    I actually own an iphone 5 and decided to go and have a play with a Note 2 in my local Carphone Warehouse today to see how powerful and fluid it is, hoping for a powerhouse of a phone……. Well I have never been so disappointed. Of the 2 models on display only one would even turn on, the other just sat the showing 100% battery and that was it. The one that was on was laggy, taking a photo and then subsequently trying to view in gallery took what felt like an age, literally 20 seconds or so. The samsung air system of hovering over videos to show preview looks neat but in reality was again a laggy affair that just doesnt scream best phone in the world. For now, this phone is pants and I’m keeping my iphone 5. Maybe just the store phone, but who knows as you can’t try a new unit without buying it and breaking the seal. Bitterly disappointed!

      1. Gingerking2010 says:

        And me, its the best Phone Ive Owned my wife has an iphone and she is so jealous. It is one of the smoothest phones around. And samsung have thought of everything you could possibly need in a phone. I just love the call blocking so only people in my phonebook can call me. The quality of the screen is unreal and makes the iphone look lame.

    1. Mick says:

      I have been one of many blind iSheep for way too long. I was waiting impatiently for the iPhone 5 to come out and (luckily!) missed out on the pre-order. I am so glad I did. After seeing the thing, same phone as before only stretched a bit, and realizing how ridiculous Apple and it’s iPhone has turned out to be I decided to go ahead and get a closer look at the Galaxy III. Right next to it was the Note, same phone but nice and big. When I saw the major! differences in speed and that the display was just as nice, and all of the other stuff Samsung has figured out…I WAS SOLD. I haven’t been this excited about a phone since Apple first started with the iPhone. If anyone is ragging on a Galaxy III or the Note they are just blowing smoke, the specs are the facts. If you had a problem with A phone then that’s exactly what happened, you had a problem with A phone. If we want to get into “real” problems and bugs with phones you probably don’t want to try to defend the past few iPhones. How Apple can still release a phone and have so many issues is pathetic and I am so glad I’ve finally opened my eyes. The stupid secrecy, the stupid not being able to even get to a battery without taking a goddam class and buying a tool kit, the stupid accessory cords and garbage, it all gets so stupid if you take a step back and look at it all.

      The Galaxy Note II comes out soon, whether it’s popular or not it will be a major step up from any iPhone on the market now or any time in the near future…and that’s a fact.

  5. What? What are you counting into a score??? THE POPULARITY??
    So on one hand you have a more powerful phone packed with more features and the overall score tips into other direction just because it’s an iSh…beep…Phone?
    Let me ask you a question or two?

    – on which device would you prefer to watch a movie?

    – on which device would you prefer to play a game?

    – on which device would you prefer to browse the internet?

    – on which device would you prefer to look pictures?
    – on which device would you prefer to read a book?

    – on which device would you prefer to do something creative?

    The answer is almost self revealing. On Note 2.
    Case closed

    1. caruso2323 says:

      The answer to your SIX questions is definitely NOT the Note2 nor the iPhone 5 ! … Note 2 sells for 699 EUROS … Toss 100 more Euros and get the new iPad ! … It is VASTLY superior to that travesty Note2 Fagot Phablet … LOL

        1. mike says:

          I couldn’t agree more how does the popularity of the iphone make it perform better than note 2 it really comes down to features, specs etc… this seems to be more of a popularity contest.. what a joke!

          1. Chris says:

            Iphone has been out for years, Galaxy Note 2 hmm maybe 6 months. This throws popularity out the window. Galaxy Note is all around better.

        2. apple smells durian says:

          Awesome u asked well, I hate apple. they introduce those technology newly which android devices already used in their grandma editions. they are charging more for less. just on the name. poor foolish customers who are running behind names….

    2. jeff says:

      on which device would you like to listen to the radio on? oh silly me, the i phone ain`t got one,,, one which device would you want to insert a 64gb micro sdxc card? silly me again, i phone ain`t got one either, on which device has a S pen that you can write text messages etc instead of typing ? i phone ain`t got one, do you have to queue up overnight for a note2? nah, which device impresses everyone in the pub? to me the i phone is all hype. the answer is simples, get a note 2

    3. I think it’s really just about what you need. I don’t quite need a
      tablet. Note 2 is really impressive but in all honestly it’s just too
      big for me to consider it “mobile”.

      • I watch my movies on a television

      • I play games on my desktop when I have the time

      • I occasionally surf on my phone but mostly on my desktop

      • I would prefer reading an actual book

      • I don’t need a tablet to be creative

      So the bottomline is really what every individual user needs.

    4. Jammy says:

      Thanks a lot for ur view…I was an android fan before shifting my loyalties to apple a few months ago…I bought an iPad 3 just 2 months ago believing in their retina screen and apps….within a 2 month gap these apple crap released iPad 4 making a less than 6 months iPad 3 obsolete…when I bought iPad 3 every one was screaming about retina screen and nothing else mattered…but now when nexus 10 released..screen resolution is not some thing to discuss for the fanboys…
      iOS 6 has no lag because it is a simple grandma os with no customisation options…so bragging about it is pointless
      The argument put forward by fanboys is that it is a simple os….for them i suggest to stop studying after grade 1 cos grade 12 is complicated…better work as a labourer rather than in a complicated job

    5. Arun says:

      completely agree with u mate…..the overall score is just because iphone scored on the popularity which should not be the basis of judging a phone..it scores way above the iphone in other parameters…Note 2 all the way!!!!!!!!!

  6. Daniel Chen says:

    Popularity as a measurement of a phone’s worth?!!! I don’t know what to say.

    MacDonald burgers are also popular, as popular as any food, so it should be given extra points in an assessmment of its healthy features or taste or its ingredients?

    1. Grum says:

      I’m with you on this one what kind of review site bases a phone review on the popularity! Of course the iPhone 5 is popular but for a lot of us that’s not a reason to get one! My 4s does the same as the 5 apart from bigger screen, LTE and camera it’s not that great! I’m leaning toward the note 2 or the s3 because of functionality and features!!!!

  7. Dezza says:

    I cannot help but compare the iphone to the latest Porsche 911 and the Samsung to the Porsche indirect but closest Nurburgring lapping partner the GTR. The Porsche is ultimately the better branded, built and just works, but to bet the best from it needs tweaked. The GTR a tour De force and a bit silly looking.

    But by god, I want a GTR Note 2.

  8. nicopretorius says:

    Different devices for different markets, I’m ditching my iPhone for a Note 2 because I think I’ll be more productive on one. Also saves me the cost of buying a pad because I will have the functionality I wanted in a pad (notes & stylus) on a phone. If you just want a phone and look cool when talking on it and surf the web on a smaller screen then the iPhone is for you. If you want more out of a device than just a phone and be more productive on it, the Note 2 will be a better choice.

  9. saysHI says:

    the stupiest article i ever read. Please, lighter, thinner, smaller = a good phone.
    Let me introduce you my own Smartphone, its thinner than 1micrometer, smaller than Helium atoms, lighter than Helium gas. Dumb
    DO YOU KNOW i5 is a unsmart smartphone while NOTE II is a phablet? its not tablet or smartphone but PHABLET. come read it together with me, P H A B L E T

  10. wonneil says:

    Lol. I was actually reading this thinking it was going to be interesting until I got to the picture and saw that the iPhone won because it was more popular!
    You do realise that the Note 2 has only been out a couple of days?

  11. Charles says:

    Take out popularity and see how the percentages change! Yes being popular makes it easier to find accessories but doesn’t equate to being a better phone.

  12. HookedOnTabs says:

    My God,
    The iPhone is a ant in an elephant fight compared to the GN 2.
    The GN 2 has software and features so many years beyond the i-toy,
    there is no way to compare them. The GN 2 is the personal data device of the future and the iPhone is simply a tracfone in comparison.
    Only an idiot would place them in the same arena.
    Sad article, utter rubbish and a waste of time to anyone who doesn’t require training wheels on their mobile. Give me a break!

  13. Vitalic says:

    I have been an apple fanboy for a while now, but this year I was introduced to the Galaxy Note, and I actually got jealous. The phone is a bit too large in my opinion, but it is so amazing. I just returned my iPhone 5 and will be getting the Note 2 as soon as it is released.

    I laughed so hard when I saw that the iPhone 5 won for popularity, cause that is the reality of it. The iPhone never actually was a better phone, and if it was it was for a minimal amount of time. The iPhone only sells well because a the Brand name. When I got my iPhone 5, I became bored of it so fast, because in reality, IT IS the SAME EXACT thing as iPhone 4s. I literally didn’t see any new features (other than Passbook which is a joke). The battery doesn’t last long either. I have to plug it in wherever I go.

    Samsung just won me over 🙂

  14. xplmr says:

    How can popularity be a tool of measurement in this article, when the Galaxy Note II has not been released in many important markets, namely the US market? Of course you will sell more of something that is for sale than something that is not…yet! Also, due to its size, the Galaxy Note II may never be as popular as the one and only, iPhone. How many Android devices will be made available over the next year worldwide? Fifty? One hundred? How many iPhones? One? So either you buy the ONE Apple phone, or one of the hundreds of others. It will always be more popular than any single Android phone. Even if only 10% of smart phone users preferred iPhone, that means that 10% would buy the iPhone and the other 90% would be strewn over a plethora of Android, RIM, and Windows offerings (not to mention, not all US carriers carry all of the same phones; example AT&T’s Galaxy Note was exclusive). We all know that the actual percentage is more like 30-40% Apple. Which makes the scoring system in this article even more ridiculous. I am not a fan of the iPhone but I guarantee that this 5th generation iPhone is the best iPhone ever made. If you wanted an iPhone, this is the one to get IMO. I will wait for the big man hand sized GNII.

  15. riceryder says:

    A real world unbiased comparison:

    Features: Iphone5 = 40%, Note2 = 95%
    Popularity: Joking Right?!
    Performance: Iphone5 = 39%, Note2 = 80%

  16. Apox says:

    By far the worst comparison ever written. I will not come back to this site ever again. These kind of sites are meant to help readers choose between 2 devices. Even though the note 2 is practically better than the iphone 5 in every way. The iphone somewhow wins?

    Can’t be bothered to say more. I’ll be just lazy as the person who wrote this article…..

  17. optimus says:

    someone help me overcome the fact that the Note 2 is just so ridiculously large. Where do you store it on your body? It will certainly not fit into my pocket.

  18. AJ says:

    Accessories is where Apple lost me. The 2nd place they lost me was an iOS 6 update. iPad 2 was my first and last apple product. I simply cannot trust a company that discards my internet experience of you tube and maps because they have some weird kindergarten wars going on. Galaxy Note 2 is my first Android product. I don’t carry my charger, can charge my phone almost anywhere because USB is so universal. I can open any web page, not worrying about flash and other things. I can add additional 64 GB memory at a fraction of the cost. One of the main reason I avoided previous generation smart phones and stuck with blackberry was the keyboard. With Note 2, the size easily helps me type and more importantly I now don’t have to carry a diary to jot down notes during client meetings.

    1. nosmohtac says:

      If the note II is your first Android phone, welcome to the party, and I highly suggest you get swiftkey 3 (replacement keyboard) it will improve your typing speed tremendously. Try the free one for 30 days to see if purchasing is for you.

  19. nosmohtac says:

    I am definitely not a fan boy, but I am going to get an iPhone 5 for my wife. She mostly just uses her phone as a phone, and is not very technically savvy. I think this is what makes the iPhone a great choice for many people. I however will be getting the GNote II without a doubt. I use my phone for so much more than a phone, and the Note II is the best thing out there for what I will use it for. I really wanted to get an iPhone 5 for me as well, but I rely on Google Maps way too much to be able to go down to Apples Map app.

    I have never seen a technical review of any product where popularity was a factor. It reminds me of those arguments I use to have with my mom and dad in high school. me- “but mom/dad all of my friends are going to the party” Parent- “and if they all jumped off of a bridge would you?” This seems to be the mentality of so many of Apple’s fans. It’s all hype with no substance (and everyone else is doing it so I should too).

  20. Raj says:

    I was using samsung phones, since they started. You can say fanboy, but apple is better brand as resale value considered. iphone 4 , 2yrs used=new galaxy note.
    In india iphone 5 sold at 100% premium last week, now its cooled to 1000$ while note2 at 710 $. usefullness, no doubt note2, cant even compare futures [apart from camera],
    but think other way, aluminium body, slim and u will earn more respect when u will hold iphone 5 in your hand. though for us geeks, its a toy.anyway i went for gn2 for stylus.

  21. The iphone 5 has finally been able to attach picture and video only to email, my note1 has every attachment a computer can send in an email, i run a buisness so the note 2 im buying! its a mini computer with a phone. I have wanted a device like this for ages, i reguarly send meeting places from my snote to clients in 30sec, it saves in google maps where i am or where to meet me and save the map and send as an attachment. No other phone can do this. I have owned iphone 4 and all i can say is i couldnt go back to something inferior!

  22. Confused says:

    I do not understand why “popularity” should be a reliable factor to measure which phone is better. Clearly, according to the diagram, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 bests apple in everything BUT popularity. Can someone please tell me if this review is a sarcastic one?

  23. bookeyboy says:

    I find this article laughable on all accounts…..simplicity vs tech r u kidding me!!! The only thing apple is good for is reimplementing old features and tech passing it off as new like n their tv ad …..smaller yet bigger

  24. Grb says:

    what a bull**** ….how can one add popularity as the measure of the phone perfomance…it’s like if some high end technology is not known and not all people can use it or frindly to use it does not mean the technoligy is vest…note 2 is clear winner no need to compare at all….

  25. benny06 says:

    Had an iphone4, didn’t bother to switch to the 4S, couldn’t see what the big improvement was.
    I thought I’d wait for the Iphone5, was quite happy with the jailbrocken I4.
    Went to the store to try the Iphone 5, what a deception…nothing new, no new gizmos, screen is a bit bigger in landscape mode, a bit lighter…not REALLY a different phone.
    Then just next to it, was sitting the Galaxy S3 and the Note2…choice was made, not the Iphone5.
    I use a phone like a swiss army knife: has all the progz and apps I need for work , keep in touch with home, facebook, news, games, books… all the thinghs you can do with an Iphone, if you walk along with your personal power station.
    I use remote connections a lot, so a big screen is better.
    I’ve had the GN2 for 15 days now, I have absolutely no regrets for finishing the apple.
    Absolutely ALL the apps I had on the I4 exist on Android
    Better, no need to give a credit card, jailbreak, or any personnal data.
    Set up a quick and nasty google account, installed all the cracked apps from aptoid.
    Phone lasts 2 DAYS without recharge, have installed overclock/underclock tweaks to maximize battery life.
    There is no doubt the Iphone5 is out dated , so is the commercial and marketing way of thinking of Apple.
    Be smart, get yourself a GN2.

  26. ian says:

    Really iphone 5? Wins gosh if you took of popularity then you have a fair count plz if your going to do this do it right. So the true winner is note 2 .

  27. peekay says:

    This is not in fascinating detail, it is in moronic detail. Even if you believe that Popularity should drive why you should spend ~$1000 for a phone, the data is wrong. Samsung outsold Apple in smart phone. What are you, a steve jobs groupie

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