iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Decision Time

At last, after months of build-up and speculation the iPhone 5 has now been officially announced at an Apple event in San Francisco. It looks as though Apple has another big hit on its hands and first impressions from those in the know seem to be very favorable. Earlier today we wondered if the appearance of the iPhone 5 would affect demand of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now the iPhone 5 has been revealed we thought we’d take a further look at the iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note 2 as it’s decision time.

Earlier it was difficult to know whether the iPhone 5 would affect sales of the Galaxy Note 2 as no specs and features for the new iPhone had yet been confirmed. We did however give all the details for the Galaxy Note 2 to give you an idea what to expect when it is released in Q4 and this is already proving to be hugely popular with many Android fans already making the decision that it will be their next choice of smartphone. Check out our previous article here for Galaxy Note 2 specs.

Now we finally have official details of specs and features for the iPhone 5 we’ll just run through some of the highlights. Firstly there’s a step up to a new A6 processor, twice as fast as the A5 in the iPhone 4S. There’s also a larger 4-inch elongated display with resolution of 1136 x 640 and although this is larger than the 3.5-inch display of the iPhone 4S it’s nowhere near the size of the 5.5-inch display on the Galaxy Note 2. This of course may be a big deciding factor for some who prefer the larger phablet style while others favor a smaller handset.

The iPhone 5 comes in 16,32 or 64GB storage models and will be available in black with slate or white with silver color options. The rear camera is still 8-megapixels although there are new camera features and the front-facing shooter steps up to 1.2-megapixels. The new iPhone also has a smaller dock connector, new nanoSIM and at long last, 4G LTE connectivity so it has a lot going for it and one of the first hands-on experiences with the phone gave it some glowing praise. Another bonus is that it will launch running the new operating system, iOS 6.

We already know the Galaxy Note 2 is coming to Europe, Asia and the Middle East at some point in October with a launch in North America later on. However another deciding factor may now be that the iPhone 5 is set to release on September 21 in many regions including the US and UK with prices starting from $199. If you’re an Android or iOS enthusiast that may already be enough to have made your choice but now we finally have official details for the iPhone 5 we’re really interested to know your decision between the two handsets if you were open to either.

Maybe the display size is the main factor for you and so your choice will be the Galaxy Note 2? Alternatively it may just be the fact that the iPhone 5 will beat the Note 2 to the shelves that makes you opt for the new iPhone. Let us know with your comments.


47 thoughts on “iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Decision Time”

  1. bombastoi says:

    theyre not really comparable though are they? the note 2 wipes the floor with the iphone5 in every spec, and has a much slicker and fuller featured OS in Jelly Bean, but ultimately, the iphone 5 has a much sleeker physical design and marketing team behind it, so people who dont care about specs or features (or dont spend much time watching content while commuting!), and just want a solid looking frame with slightly outdated looking icons will choose the iphone5.. I would say because its “cool” but Im not sure whether it will still look cool in a years time before the 5s is no doubt launched

    1. Luke says:

      Don’t agree with you at all. I sold my iPhone 4 to get Galaxy S2, here’s a catch… Yes Galaxy S2 has more features but you have to disable most of them and battery life is still worse then that of an iPhone. Yes you can get more free apps on Android by most are just poorly made. And to top it all off user experience + display are far superior on iPhone. One thing I agree with is that iPhone5 is not worth the hype. I might be going back to 4 though as it will be much cheaper.

      1. eccoo damo says:

        Did you not even read the article? Why would you even compare the S2 to the Iphone? Also one the coolest thing with the Androids are all the juicy roms that are around. If the carrier installed bloat ware, you can just root and flash new rom and the phone screams.

      2. Anon says:

        Yes but the battery in the Galaxy Note II will be far better than the one that was in the Galaxy S II, the the battery in my Galaxy S III is pretty good, it goes for about 10 hours with constant use and I don’t need to disable any features but the Galaxy Note 2 will have an even better battery than that, the S III has a 2100mAh battery but the Galaxy Note is going to have a 3100mAh battery and although it should need a bigger battery cos it’s bigger I think it will still probably have a slightly better battery life than the SIII, which already has quite a good battery life 😉

  2. I’m quite dissapointed with the new iphone 5. I expected a lot more. The biggest thing what should have been is the design. I thought it would be a completely new design, but instead it`s just a streched 4s version. This, let`s call it update, should have been done last year among other things what are still missing… like NFC.
    Just for the record though I always liked Apple, still think iphone 5 is a good, speedy phone but it`s defenetely not for me… rather the Note 2.

    There are several reason. The biggest is the size and the design. I love the Note 2`s size. It`s absolutely georgeus. It`s a massive display, that I can easily use for browsing the net comfortably, watching movies, playing games on a much better level compering to the 4 inch display and yet still portable. Belive me or not I hardly use my phone for making calls, and I think most of the people use their phone lately for browsing the net, listening music, playing games, skype, chatting, taking picture.

    Another reason I`m going for the Note 2 is the os. I think Apple`s ios got boring over the years. I`m totally agreed it`s nice and simple, but it got boring, after a matter of time it made me even fustrated sometimes. No kidding. It`s too simple. You can hardly customise your os on your iphone. It`s basically full of icons. No widgets, all the icons the same size etc. It`s too controlled. You get the idea.

    So just to be fair. I like Apple, and Samsung as well. But this time my money will go to Samsung. Sorry Apple. Maybe I`ll buy the iphone 7s. Unless you come something (real) revolutionary again. Until than the Note 2 will do.

    1. KG says:

      I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been bored with iOS for some time now. I’ve had every iPhone besides the 4s. It’s time to move on and try the Galaxy Note 2. I’m definitely looking forward to learning something new. I’ll pick it up the day it hits the US.

    2. Anirudh Singh says:

      @facebook-723927365:disqus , you pretty much summed up my thoughts there, am ready to move back to apple, but only when its ahead of the game, not when its playing catch up or lacking software features which android gives you outta the box, specially after the JB update.

      I love the my Note 1 and i cant wait to get my hands on the Note 2.

  3. The advancements in each new iPhone seems to be occurring in ever smaller increments. Apple is being too cautious, and won’t really make any major changes until consumers get bored with the same old, same old and sales plummet.

    The iPhone’s good if you’re just into phone calls and music listening with all their accessories, like boom boxes and clock radios, but the Note 2 can be used for much more. I’d definitely get the Note 2.

    1. rob says:

      I agree. Its easy to use for doing basic stuff. Ironic really….the iphone will probably be the most expensive phone in the shop (via contract at least) and yet it’s only good for a few basics.

  4. To me the absence of Google Map on iPhone 5 is a big deal breaker. I mean, Apple, if you kick out of Google, at lease get us something comparable, not with a map lack of locale street details and most frustratingly, without the marks of subway station. I live in Manhattan and I take different subway trains on a daily basis to get to different part of town. I can’t remember all trains on top of my head and I heavily rely on google maps to get public transportation info and subway stop locations. This is the main reason I am hesitated on purchasing a new iPhone 5. I already have an old iPhone 4, maybe I’ll sell it for an Galaxy note

    1. marcusbond says:

      Very much agree with this, It’s a big deal breaker for me too. Until Google launches it’s own map app for the iPhone, so I can continue to get access to Google maps data, I can’t consider the iPhone 5.

  5. Just Because says:

    I love it! i hope Apple keeps doing bonehead crap like this iPhone 5. shows you what they think of their customers, wake up iPhone fanboys Apple wants to give as little as possible for your money. they make 1 or 2 minor tweaks to the iPhone and release it as something NEW and exciting.
    Oh ya and getting rid of Google lol another quality move by Apple (not). i cant wait for the downward spiral to begin (or has it already?).

  6. sweet8 says:

    I believe me and my husband will be going with the samsung note 2 this go around apple didn’t do much upgrading on this one from the last is my opinion never had any problem from samsung products but i have from apple. I love the size of the note and screen view apple has been going with the same size phone maybe tweaking the size by a smidge not enough. Samsung Note 2 it is! =]

  7. Charlie says:

    Fact Check, well just
    based on the internet.

    most of the Google search goes to Sammy if not all! (Yes Sammy created the
    LED). Apple buys screen parts form Sammy. Additionally they buy roughly $5
    billion worth of parts from Samsung.

    -Bigger is better! at
    least for me, I had 3.7″, the 4.3″, 4.8″, 5.3″, and waiting
    from my next honey, the 5.5″. We’re talking about the screen size guys;
    get that grin off your face! =).

    only bigger also more vivid on color. So Sammy again.

    -More apps? , like you
    going to install all 1 million of them!

    In most cases apps on the apple is also on android. More tech apps you’ll find
    on android, I think.

    -Where is the NFC
    apple? Took you like 2 years to finally have the 4G LTE (by the way apple,
    Sammy is suing you on their patent on LTE. I thought I just let you know.)

    -Sammy (and Google)! Activate
    the ALA damn NFC (get it, Ala? I hope I didn’t offend anyone). I
    want to feel like I own the 7-11 on my block, swipe the phone and go.

    For the people who don’t know what NFC (near field communication), basically, you
    swipe your phone on the self-checkout stand or like 7-11 to pay for stuff.

    -and Apple, where is
    my flash? It’s only been a decade. I think you should just pay Adobe to use their
    technology. Google uses it, Microsoft uses it, all the other browsers uses it,
    why can’t you? (yes, I own the IPAD2)

    Well my 1oh1 peeps,
    basically what I am saying is you need to ask SIRI, “who is better, IPHONE 5
    or GALAXY NOTE 2?” it will probably say “Bill Gates gave me 150
    million dollars to jump start apple and now we are headed to galaxy”. (That
    true by the way)

    Or you can asked
    Charlie, to make short story long, it’s okay to be behind, so many apple fans
    are in the same boat, give it a little more time. More and more people will
    eventually learn their lesson and go with Samsung, or in this case Galaxy note

    Lastly, last year,
    Samsung outsold Apple…


    1. -and Apple, where is my flash?”
      not in Google Android anymore as of Jelly Bean4.1, Adobe have decided it is not the way to go – you can hack it but a minority shall do that

  8. Protein says:

    IPhone 5:
    * we’ve just upgraded our camera on our iPhone 4S so there is no point.
    * let’s use a liquid metal at the back so at least the people will say its more durable.
    * let’s take off the side margins so we could say we have a bigger screen!
    * what? Samsung is releasing a Quad core note? Ok lets say we have A6 processor.

  9. GD says:

    At 47, I can’t see well up close anymore. I think my generation was the first to become real tech saavy and many of us can now appreciate a larger screen. I have been using an iPhone since it first came out but I just have to work too hard to read it now. Even though everyone said the new iPhone would only be 4″, I was hoping Apple would supprise me with a 4.5 or larger screen. I’m going to have to goto Galaxy Note 2, I suspect there are a few others like me who are comfortable enough with tech to switch to android and old enough to crave a larger screen. Throw in the fact that all the iPhone cables, docking stations, ect will no longer work; Samsung really has a chance to steal market share from Apple. If only they would release it to the US quicker. I will wait but I’m not sure how patient others are. Samsung, execs are idiots for not getting the Note 2 to the US before the iPhone. I would hire an army and make them work 24/7 if i had to so I could get it out before the iPhone 5. Smartphone loyalty is a prize worth working for, and they lost a golden opportunity to win new loyal customers.

    1. millgate says:

      Well, well, well … join the club !

      I’m a ‘senior’ (and I have been for several years!),
      I wear spectacles (glasses) to read … and I cannot read the text on anything smaller than a 4 inch screen comfortably.
      That’s why I have been using a Dell Streak 5 … and it has worked like a dream for all that time … for the past 2 years – and my contract is coming to an end soon.

      It’s a ‘no brainer’ for me … I’m moving on and up to a Samsung Galaxy NOTE II

      By the way … here’s something else to think about. Apple make their new machine in China, and the published price for one iPHONE 5 in the Chinese market – IS MORE THAN THEY PAY TO HOUSE AND FEED ONE OF THEIR ASSEMBLERS (SLAVES ??), IN THE FOXCONN FACTORY, FOR A WHOLE YEAR !!!





  10. Nigel says:

    Very pleased they have not gone to big, kept the apple design, we don’t need bigger it’s a phone, we don’t want to carry a house brick around, well done apple, Nigel

    1. The Note 2 is hardly a house brick…Apple will realise sooner or later that larger screens are the way the market is going….This time they may be successful, but keep trying the same thing over and over again, whilst other players move on and you can guarantee the iPhone will start to fade away from the former glory it once had…..

  11. mooseolly says:

    Samsung is actually quite smart. They release Galaxy S 3 to capture pre-iphone 5 launch sales and Galaxy Note 2 as post-iphone 5 launch sales but these 2 products don’t really cannibalise each other, they are somehow differentiated. The iphone 5 is really sandwiched in between these 2 devices.

  12. Elbert Joseph Layco says:

    I still prefer the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Besides the specs, i don’t want to have eye strains while reading at smaller texts (relatively speaking). i have a hunch that apple has no choice but to use their own patents to protect themselves. when they change the way iphone is designed, they would just ate their own patents.

  13. Blinky Bill says:

    I think if I was an Apple shareholder I would be selling! Anyway the Note 2 is the one for me, I am not a nitwit who has to rush down to the shops and buy whatever is new, Like to get whatever I feel is the best available product and the Note’s screen size is ideal as are the functions. I also do not like to be taken for a fool and overcharged for a product, I do not mind manufacturers making a fair profit but Apple take the biscuit. For those buying from the UK check out the Amazo Germany site as that was a fair bit cheaper for the original Note.

  14. manumahdi says:

    i have been an ardent apple fan with almost all the apple products at my home. But last year, when I was expecting Iphone 5, Apple disappointed me with iPhone 4S. Still I kept my hope for one more year to see a totally new phone this Sep. Again, second year consecutively I am disappointed. Now that iPhone 5 failed to impress a gadget freek like me, I have almost decided to go for SS Note 2. Maybe I will keep my options open for HTC One X Plus as well. But definitely, iPhone 5 is out of my plan.

  15. me too dissapointed wit da new i phone.!! i was expctng smthng mor.. bt it seems lik.. its jst one mor upgraded version.! nthng attractiv in it.! note 2 is mor appealing. wit so mny new features.. nd so mny apps.!! thumbs down i phone 5.!!

  16. king says:

    i dunno wht apple guys r doin!! after steve jobs no brains left i suppose , iphn 5 is gud bt note 2 seems awesome , letc v wht will i buy!!!!!!!!!!!! iphn 5 doesnt hve much in d hat , smasung note itself out does it ! n note 2 is 2 mch 2 handle 4 it !!!!!!!!

  17. yarrellray says:

    No comparison what so ever. I now own the Galaxy S3 and will be buying the upcoming Galaxy Note 2 without fail. These devices made by Samsung are on entirely another level in comparison to apple. Apple in the technology game is a has been that won’t change anytime soon. Samsung pushes the limits of innovation every year and it’s software is leaps and bounds above apple and it’s tired platform.

  18. Anon says:

    Got to be the Samsung Galaxy note II, not only does it look better it IS better, obviously i’ll have to use it with both hands, but that’s the price you pay for such a big screen. Iphone 5 maybe more comfortable to hold, but I don’t want it, it’s ugly and bet you have to spend a fortune in Itunes to get music on it. Not nice. Bet Apple are going to try and get the Samsung Galaxy Note II band in America too. I don’t live in America but if I did and they succeeded in doing that it still wouldn’t be enough to make me by an overpriced, ugly, boring I phone 5 or 4s, even if the camera does sound good, the rest just sounds so, not me. Galaxy Note II definitely. 😉

  19. Never satisfied, are we? Both great phones, for different reasons. Just spend the money you want to spend, get the phone you are convinced is temporarily perfect, then start thinking about which one to buy next, or, … make a real human your best friend, instead of a gadget … but I’ll buy a Note 2 for the big screen 🙂

  20. I feel disappointed with the iphone 5 too. I have been waited for a long time. I expect more function and surprise on the new phone. Even it is a new design , but only a little bigger monitor. when I use the 4s ,I just hope I can get little more battery even though same as iphone 4. But now I heard of some review it has got less hours of use than 4s on web, more hours on play game. But I am not playing game often. It means I lost more hours of browsing the web. I feel angry about that. I have to wait one more year to get the new iphone which get more battery? No, so I take account to chose the secondary cell phone get a big battery. I think that is the best choice of Galaxy note 2, even the andriod not as good as IOS.

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