Pre-ordering iPhone 5, information & price

Many of you will already know that the iPhone 5 has just been announced by Apple at a long-awaited event. We’ve already brought you some of the first information including 4G LTE connectivity, the larger screen and a step up in processor but now we want to give you those all important pre-order, price and release details.

Our first impressions of the new iPhone are that it’s much as we expected, which is a good thing as a lot was anticipated for this iPhone iteration. However we wondered if the design was as groundbreaking enough as many potential customers were hoping for. The Apple event is still ongoing but we now have the details for you that really count, when you will be able to get your hands on the iPhone 5 and how much it will cost you.

The iPhone 5 starts shipping in the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore on September 21, a date we’d previously reported on as a likely release date so we’re glad we got a few things right! Pre-orders will be available from September 14 so only a few more days to wait. Another 20 markets will be receiving shipments of the iPhone 5 in the coming month, according to Engadget. It will be available in either black or white color options.

Now for the pricing and the 16GB model costs $199, 32GB costs $299 and the 64GB model $399, the same prices as the current iPhone 4S, which will surely please many people. The new iPhone is bound to be popular and we have also just heard that as anticipated, it will launch running the new operating system iOS 6, so that’s another important factor that should satisfy a lot of people. It may be best then to get your pre-orders in quickly before shipment days begin being pushed back, as often happens with popular new Apple products.

We’re always interested to hear thoughts from our readers and the iPhone 5 reveal is a big deal. Will you be pre-ordering it and are you happy with the pricing? What are you more excited about, the new iPhone or iOS 6? Let us know with your comments.


9 thoughts on “Pre-ordering iPhone 5, information & price”

  1. android says:

    The same or less specs for twice the price… and it looks just as it did before but a little bit stretched… yeah it’s a real deal, i can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t drop their S3′ to get this new cutting edge phone with groundbreaking technology… can you make a comparison with the current top models and the ones to be announced? 🙂 i just want to see the disappointing faces of apple fans and of course what new excuse will they have to say this thing is better…

    1. RISC says:

      It’s £29 more to buy it in uk than 4s was16gb so I’m not sure where you learnt maths. Twice the price would make it £1000 it’s £529 which is expensive I agree but have you seen how much a BB cost when it probably cost about a pound to make. The iPhone has never been about hardware but about software HTC had touch screen smart phones way before the iPhone. If you’re not bothered about it why are you commenting on a story about it the day it’s announced and when you use your S3 with Android and go onto one of your apps remember it wouldn’t have existed without the iPhone. Everyone is entitled to buy whatever phone they want and works for them end of.

  2. matt says:

    So whats the iphone 5 got that the iphone 4s have not ? here it is
    1st is the processer, iphone5 has the a6 quad.(the iphone 4s has the a5 processer.)
    2nd is the size 4 in instead of (3.5in)
    3rd is 4gLTE and DC-HSDPA and Rev. B and GLONASS
    4th is simcard size,,i5 has nano

    5th is front camera 1.2MP photos,720p HD video,Backside illumination
    sensor,Take still photos while recording video and Face
    detection,Improved video stabilisation while the i4 has VGA-resolution
    photos,VGA-resolution video.
    6th is diffrent earpods that cost £25
    7th the “Lightning” pin adapter
    8th battery is a little better than the iphone4s by an extra hour on wifi, but neither is as good as the iphone4 battery.

    nothing technically new there in any other phone out there now, outdated before release ?

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