iPhone 5 now official but no groundbreaking look

Today many tech enthusiasts across the world have been waiting for the Apple event and the reveal of the iPhone 5 and at last the event is underway. The iPhone 5 is now official and one of the first announcements was that it would indeed be called the iPhone 5 as many alternative names had been rumored. The one drawback we can see so far as that the design is not exactly groundbreaking when we had been hoping for a design offering something completely new.

We’ve been bringing you developments on the iPhone 5 for many months and it’s great to finally be able to bring our readers confirmation. Although we don’t yet know all the details as the keynote is still ongoing we do have initial information to bring you and it seems that many of the factors that were widely rumored have come to fruition. So far we know that there is a larger 4-inch display with resolution of 1136 x 640, which works out at 326ppi. It also boasts improved color saturation. The screen is longer than previous iPhone models and now allows 5 rows of icons.

As far as the widely expected A6 processor goes, that has also arrived and Apple is billing it as being two times faster than the processor in its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. As Engadget points out, there will be plenty of people ready to test that out as soon and no doubt we’ll soon see if that is accurate.

Another piece of big news is the addition of 4G LTE connectivity and this is a big one, especially as we told how Samsung had threatened to counterattack against its recent U.S. patent litigation defeat by Apple with legal action if the iPhone 5 turned up with LTE. Putting all that to one side though Apple has gone full steam ahead with its LTE iPhone 5 and there’s also HSPA+, EV-DO, EDGE and more. So far we know that the LTE iPhone will be compatible in the U.S. on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and we expect to be hearing more on this as the event develops further.

So far so good as far as specs and features go then and we’ll be bringing you more on this as we hear it. However how about the brand-new design that many were anticipating. The iPhone 5 is made from glass and aluminum and there are some pleasing aspects such as the fact that it weighs only 112 grams, that’s a full 20% lighter. It’s also only 7.6mm thick and compared to the iPhone 4S that’s 18% thinner. However, although the design is fine it’s not as groundbreaking as we’d been hoping for. Many will probably disagree on this though as it’s a very personal preference

So there you have it, some first details on the iPhone 5, which is now official. We’ll be bringing you much more on the new iPhone so do check back with us for further news. What are your initial thoughts on the iPhone 5? Are you impressed with what you’ve heard so far? Maybe you would have liked to see a more innovative design? Let us know with your comments.


18 thoughts on “iPhone 5 now official but no groundbreaking look”

  1. Paul says:

    VERY DISAPPOINTED, Was a big Apple fan. IPhone 4 for the last 26 month’s and have been putting off upgrading just waiting for a new innovative product.
    I didn’t see one today from Apple, Only my personal opinion but it may be time to jump ship and will be seriously considering another competitor, possibly time for Nokia/Windows 8. Shame really.

      1. Eikel says:

        I’m sorry but you might not know that the iPhone 5 is the last iPhone where Steve worked on. It was planned to be released together with the 4S but was hold back on the last moment…

  2. Aheni says:

    NOT IMPRESSED. Maybe a bad choice for Steve Job’s replacement. I’m going to get the Samsung S III. Sorry Apple. Bad choice in design. I’ve always learned that if you’re going to change SOMETHING, you need to change EVERYTHING or the fish won’t bite. Just stretching the iPhone out will prove to be detrimental to Apple’s numbers.

  3. Rich says:

    Nokia put wireless charging in a phone and everyone gets excited about a new power cord from Apple. Nokia camera will most certainly be far Superior to Apples little update.
    A slightly larger screen, not as large as its competitors. Very boring old design.
    I really don’t see what is exciting here?
    Nokia really bring new hardware and design to the table, yet the Iphone 5 brings nothing.
    Yet everyone still thinks its amazing.
    Really rather pathetic.

    1. Eikel says:

      Wireless charging is old….it isn’t something new! Who cares about camera quality on a phone? When you want to make stunning pictures you take a (professional) camera! Though if I look at Nokia’s Lumia’s they all have kinda same design as well..so does the new one do that will be released soon. For hardware, iPhone 5 has changed a lot but so did Nokia. I have always been a Nokia user until I was the “proud” owner of a Nokia N8. It’s design was stunning! But well it wasn’t very durable the plastic that was connected to the aluminium broke..so did the plastic on top at the earphones input…Sooo now they’re running on Windows, which is a OS that is new in this market. So has a long way to go…My N8 on Symbian didn’t work very well, had a lot of crashes…

      Now I’m using an iPhone 4S never had any problems with it. Even the glass (where everyone is complaining about) hasn’t break yet! Though I dropped it a few times not a single scratch. Nokia (Windows) used to make good phones but seriously they need to improve allot to be competitive with the big players of Android and Apple (iOS).

      Yet I’d say I never been an Apple fan until I bought one after that Nokia N8! At least my iPhone works when I need it! Nokia left me with poor achievements when I needed it the most. Still I think the choice between a Windows phone (for example Nokia), a Android phone (for example Samsung) or an iPhone has everything to do with your personal choice; and what you are looking for in a phone.

  4. Kroe says:

    Why would I pay $300 just to get a thinner version than what I already have? No 3d? No fingerprint tech? Not even pics from video like other phones now have. Total bust!!!! The heart of innovation should be in the operation not the aesthetics.

  5. Samsungfan says:

    What a disappointment. I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.
    I am going with the Samsung Note, I know some of you think it’s screen might be too large but For me it is the best phone out there.

  6. vze2c558 says:

    They should have made it wider as to making it longer not everyone has small hands i have long fingers so a little wider would have been better for me just saying

  7. Koolbreeze says:

    Apple should post a disclaimer with every new iPhone “won’t work in 2 years, so buy the best iPhone yet”. My 3G runs like a snail, web pages crash, native apps take forever to open. Didn’t do this when it was new. Also iPhone 5 looks silly being so long and thin. They couldn’t make it 1/4 or 1/2 inch wider? I’ll be getting the Galaxy S3 or possibly the Galaxy Note.

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