Samsung Galaxy Note 2 demand after iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was announced at the end of August and is a highly anticipated smartphone. Set for release in some regions in October and for the U.S. sometime later in Q4 the phone is gathering a massive amount of attention and pre-orders. However today we all expect the iPhone 5, or whatever else it might be called, to be shown at the Apple event in San Francisco and it will be interesting to see Galaxy Note 2 demand after details of the iPhone 5 emerge.

The Galaxy Note 2 is set to be a huge hit for Samsung but there have been rumblings about whether people may begin to steer away from Android devices following Apple’s recent US court win against Samsung in patent litigation. However we also told how Samsung plans to counterattack if the iPhone 5 comes along featuring 4G LTE as Samsung holds many LTE patents and may even try to ban the iPhone 5 from sale. Leaving all the legal minefield behind though, on the quality of the handsets alone we wonder which one readers will find more desirable and if the iPhone 5 will threaten sales of the Note 2.

Obviously your preference may already be decided if you’re an Android or iOS devotee but if you have an open mind you might still be persuaded by either. As far as specs go the Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, large 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM and 16/32 or 64GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD. There’s also an 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.9-megapixel front-facing shooter, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 3100mAh battery. It will come in Marble White or Titanium Gray color options and runs on the latest Android OS, 4.1 Jelly Bean.

As far as the iPhone 5 goes we realize it’s hard for readers to compare the two handsets before all the details are known later today but highly rumored are a larger 4-inch display, an A6 quad-core processor, improved camera, 4G LTE connectivity, smaller dock connector and more. We imagine that most of this will be pretty accurate although many less likely rumors are also being bandied about. It’s also likely that it will launch running the new iOS 6, which we also expect to hear more of later today. As far as a release goes there have been lots of murmurings about September 21 but of course until Apple itself says anything we really don’t know. However it’s now only a few more hours until the Apple event (world times here and video stream here) and then we hope all will be revealed and confirmed.

We’d really like to hear the thoughts of our readers about the Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5. Have you already got a preference for one over the other, for instance you may prefer the Note as it will have a much larger screen than the iPhone 5? Maybe you have yet to make your mind up depending on what the iPhone 5 has to offer? Let us know with your comments.


67 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 demand after iPhone 5”

  1. J says:

    I’ve owned the iPhone 3G and 4 and I can’t wait for the Note 2. Jelly Bean looks like a nice refresh and replacement to the same exact apple screen I’ve been staring at since 2008. All of the little “quirks” like my gmail not always refreshing when I want it to and the limited google calendar have really been taking its toll. Google Maps going away is a major blow no matter how lovely Apple’s replacement may be. I’ve built my own personal tech world around Google products (honestly, it seems almost rare to meet anyone who doesn’t have a gmail account), it’s about time I start using the hardware designed with Google in mind.

    1. tiretrack says:

      I am also leaving my 4s and moving onto Note 2. I’m sick of pushing that home button like having a one button mouse to do everything. It’s like riding a bicycle with one hand tied behind your back. Not to mention closing all the open apps by clicking on the individual icons like a moron. I’m really sick of it now.

  2. bawse says:

    im not a fan boy of either..ive had android phones on iphones. my current phone is the iphone 4. personally, if it doesnt fit my expectations im going with the note 2. im really impressed with what I have seen with that phone and the idea of a 5.5″ phone sounds great to me. my biggest concerns witht he iphone was the screen size and 4G. after following the note 2 for the last month i think none of that will matter to me now and i will end up going with the note 2. the one thing i know I will miss is screen shots but with so many things the note 2 has to offer i will get over it.

    1. John says:

      bawse, the Note 2 has a screen recorder. So not only screen shots but you can record movies based on what you see on your screen. Great for tutorials for example. Research it.

  3. John says:

    To me is all about those things:

    1) 5.5″ Super AMOLED HD Plus (RGB) Display – yeah is not PenTile !2) S-Pen – Air View, pressure, button and more related apps3) 3100 mAh REPLACEABLE battery – woohoo4) Replaceable Micro SD Card – I can buy a bunch of those 32-64GB and have unlimited storage – just swap them in a few seconds as necessary5) Android Jelly Bean 6) Back button with hold to kill current app functionality7) Quad core 1.6 Ghz for very smooth interaction8) 2GB RAM – lots of open apps to jump between
    How many in my list do you think iPhone 5 would check?

  4. Guest says:

    I prefer the Note 2, not only because of screen but because its Samsung, they innovate, ha Android 4.1, Better apps, Display, Specs, Camera and you can draw and write with it! =D

  5. Just Because says:

    Apple is a the kid on the play ground that does not like to play with the other kids. Everyone has to conform to Apple and all of its products, if you dont then Apple just throws a fit.
    I could careless how good apple products are, its the companys holier than thou attitude that turns me off to anything they put out.
    Needless to say i will be purchasing a Note 2. Its a much more enjoyable playground.

  6. I like the Note 2’s screen size, s-pen and am okay with it not fitting in most pockets. The software for both is excellent, a wash. The iphone build quality is really the selling point for me. Samsung is all plastic w/ a back that can fall off while w/ Apple its all metal and glass – even the buttons are machined metal. I like the metal construction of the Samsung Ativ but thats Windows Phone 8 🙁 I ‘m interested in the Oppo Find 5 which looks to have to have an excellent build w/ the first 1080 resolution screen. China based Oppo makes cd/dvd players and has put the high end market on the defensive.

    In a perfect world a 5″ Iphone!

  7. mark says:

    Its all about android and its all about the galaxy note i have the first one ive just pre orderd the second one amazing device sorry apple but your no longer at the top of the food chain theres a new dog in town

  8. reb says:

    Had the Galaxy note since march. Screen size is nice. Battery life is just terrible. Ended up selling it and buying a 4S. Every time i leave apple i seem to come back. Loved the note but Apple is where its at!

      1. TechGuy says:

        Battery life has not been a problem on my original Note and the Note II has a larger battery that is replaceable anyway so you can always keep a fully charged spare if you want. Something impossible with iPhones/iPads.

    1. mo2921 says:

      I am a big Apple fan but you are so right in your view. The new Iphone 5 is a let down and I for once in my live will be giving it a miss and going for the Note 2

  9. mike says:

    I’ve owned the original iphone and currently own the iphone 4, and have been a die hard iphone user since it was first released. But frankly im bored of it, its not exciting anymore its nothing fancy does nothing special and everyone around me has one. It’s not the cool phone it once was. I was all for the iphone 5 probably about 3 months ago. Since that point I was disappointed about the rumors and lack thereof innovation. Im saving my hard earned money and not spending it on a phone that pretty much looks the same with a slightly bigger screen and doesn’t offer anything more than what android phones out there already have. I’ve played with the galaxy note it blows my iphone away. I am so excited for the galaxy note 2, probably even more so then I ever was for the iphone when it first came out. Specs note 2 wins hands down, innovation you cant even compare the two its clearly the note 2. Apple is catching up with everyone not reinventing the phone, they use a very good marketing strategy to make you think your buying the best device but in reality your not. You just assume so cause its the newest apple product out and everything they seem to make turns to gold cause people are blind. Go look around try out even the note or the galaxy sIII you wont be disappointed. Im not and thats why im making the switch for the first time to android. The apple UI needs a good update, its boring and is the same way it has looked since 2007….Honestly apple get with the program. Iphone 5 is going to equal a huge disappointment to people who know technology.

  10. Jackie says:

    I must say at first I never liked Android tablets – I waited to purchase an upgrade phone because I wanted to know if iphone 5 would be wider than taller and have finesse as the Samsung Galaxy Note did. I am not impressed so far. I have an macbook pro, windows laptop, first gen ipad – I am disappointed that I can’t get the IOS 6 updates for my first gen ipad. Right now – I want a Samsung Note 2 for VERIZON. I like the Samsung Note 2 because of its size, pen, phone, (a mini ipad on steroids). I hope they come out with ultra Fast Wireless and Ultra Fast BlueTooth and easier screen movement. If Steve Jobs was still around then yes I would buy iphone 5 because I know it will be built with quality and have more features that what Apple presented today. I do like the upgrades to the ipod touch and ipod. I am disappointed about this iphone 5. Chip beautiful but what they did is awful.

  11. umair says:

    Well, i am not excited about iphone 5, its too much from apple to get their consumers in a cage like device! all other android phones are flexible, we can change batteries, we can upgrade or change memory cards, and free apps… without having to do any jailbreak! What i was expecting from iPhone 5 is as follows: NEW DESIGN, which is not there, NEW OS, i am sick of the OLD interface that i have been using since iPhone 3G, Same icons, same boring look! EXTERNAL MEMORY SLOT, (not there), 12MP CAMERA, (not there) THINNER and LIGHTER, (Like Samsung S3) but non of the above are there.. so bye bye iPhone, i might go for Galaxy Note 2 or S3… thanks

  12. Chonaldo says:

    I had so many iPhones I thought it would be difficult to change to another but I got tired of the 3.5 screen and I knew apple were putting in a 4 inch screen so I decided I wasn’t going to wait for that and jumped ship. I got the galaxy note 1 and it’s great. Battery is about the same but I got two battery’s and it’s all good. I defferntly glad about my choice and wish I could get a note 2.

  13. Ozzy says:

    Ironic that Apple sued them considering they make alot of there components.. I was a little skeptic on the note but I fell in love with it at soon as I turned it on, so it goes without saying that the note 2 is going to be in my possession as soon as it comes out! I read the spec’s of the iphone 5 and frankly its terrible, still fan boys will buy the 5 and people with their own mind will buy this bad boy!

  14. TechGuy says:

    Apple is just playing catch up now – and not very well. Have pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Far more “bang for the buck” and wider range of useful apps and features.

      1. TechGuy says:

        Same as you – really wanted the 32GB or 64GB model but there is no news of availability or pricing here in the UK for those variants so I am getting the 16GB variant for now and will probably sell it when I can get the 32GB or 64GB model.

  15. Jeremy says:

    I’ve been an iPhone user for a long time now. I have an iPhone 4 and was going to use my upgrade for an iPhone 5. I was excited when I heard they were making the screen larger, because I have been envious of my friends Galaxy Notes and Galaxy S3 screens. Overall, today was a pretty giant disappointment as the screen is only .37 inches long and not wider at all. I am now seriously considering making that leap to android devices.

  16. iPhone fan (not anymore) says:

    Samsung, after the iPhone 5 launce, believe me you have Nothing to worry about! its the Note II all the way for me, the Iphone 5 launce proved to me that Apple seem to have lost the plot, and still think they are Gods of the phone world and nobody can touch them, when in reality Samsung have beaten them, Im ditching my iPhone 4.

  17. Andyfreib says:

    What a disappointing launch presentation! I was more impressed by Amazon’s pitch to be honest. I have been an iPhone user since the 3Gs and now have the 4, but I will definitely be exiting Apple’s walled garden to pick up the Note 2. Can’t wait to have the expandable storage, replaceable battery if I wish, no iTunes and above all that beautiful screen real estate for my media! Goodbye Apple! The only thing I will miss (for the moment) is the quality of FaceTime which really is head and shoulders above the competition ( no pun intended). I will manage with Tango and Skype and enjoy everything else Samsung has offered in the beautiful Note 2. Brave New World for an ex-Apple-eater!

  18. kimmy says:

    The iphone 5 is a big junk and as if its not an update. I will definitely go with the Note 2. Specs wise and phone friendly wise. If you miss apple’s OS games, facetime or imessage just go with the ipod touch 5th generation, instead of wasting your money on a phone that’s not really a number one smartphone.

  19. I honestly thought Apple brought the 4S last year because they had something revolutionary planned for iPhone 5. I’m pretty disappointed.

    We only seem to get small, incremental improvements instead. iPhone has always been a nice, solid platform so improving it each year isn’t a bad thing. But the market has changed and evolved a lot quicker and Apple is happy just to play catch up now.

    The iPhone 5 isn’t a bad phone by any means. In fact it does match market standards these days for most things – but everything about it has been available for months already and within a few months they’ll be behind again.

    My contracts is up on my phone in a couple of weeks. The 3 I’m considering are iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2. I will decide when I actually have had a chance to hold each of them and experience them ‘in-hand’ because that is what matters more than any processor or speed or anything. But right now, that Note 2 is looking very tempting.

  20. The iPhone 5 is so outclassed it isn’t even a consideration – there’s way much better to choose from, including the Note 2. And binning my iPod in favour of a far better sounding Cowon means I never have to see or use iTunes again.

  21. Anon says:

    How Apple can lable Samsung devices ‘knock offs’ I don’t know, I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S III and it rocks, no problems with it at all and i’ve had it 3 months and this ‘Samsung Galaxy Note II’ looks even better. Apart from it’s camera, which sounds pretty good, i’m not impressed at all with the look or functions of the I phone 5, no wonder they were so keen to get Samsung products off the market, the I phone 5 is no match for the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Apple will need to try better next time 😉

  22. cascadianpdx says:

    As an Apple owner, and also a very pleased owner of the Note 5.3 let me point out what is probably the most signif improvement in the Note2… The slight reduction in width! My 5.3 fits in most pockets but ever-so-slightly too wide for some pockets (ie, my lab coat). The new version is perfectly sized for ‘size’ and usability. Looks like the slight lags that sometimes annoy are totally gone due to JellyBean ‘butter’ and quad-core. Note upgrade trumps iPhone upgrade big time! Much more than just a ‘cell phone’.

  23. Anon says:

    I don’t like the way they’ve made the I phone 5 screen longer but not wider, I know it will be easier to hold, but don’t think I enjoying looking at the screen that much. The Samsung Galaxy Note II will be a real attention grabber, great to keep yourself entertained during long journeys and something two people can sit and look at more enjoyably . . .

  24. Big bob 1987 says:

    Absolutely none of you have any idea of what you talking about,
    you base you comments on childish consumeristic opinions with no understanding of design and innovation processes.
    Note or Galaxy are over sized un-nessasery bricks, take ether one apart and study how crudly they are designed.

    Some talk about inovation, what is so innovative about Note or Galaxy there is nothing difficult about taking a collection of high end components and shaving them in to a large box.
    A wheel has been around for 10000’s of years, and guesse what it is still round. Because that is the basic standard/principle and it will remain so until the wheel is replaced.
    Same with the iPhone.

    Apple took a different approache, with giving incremental modifications To the iPhone that it needs and focusing on the build quality just like a Swiss watch.
    iPhone has no confusion of what it is, it is a well designed exceptionally built accessory to every day life that happens to be a smart phone.

    So before landing your opinions know what you are talking about.
    Oh and as a final note, remember Apple does more for charity and the environment then any other company of it’s size and also provides the best customer care of all manufactures in the world.

  25. Tboneuk says:

    I would be an android / Samsung user if there phones weren’t ridiculously big and if they weren’t made of cheap plastic whilst charging nearly the same amount for their products as apple.

    The only other alternative is the iphone and I have been trapped in their prison since the 3GS was released. Plus the hundreds of pounds I’ve spent on apps and accessories keeps me with them.

    If Samsung made a phone out of glass or aluminium with a 4″ screen that had really good build quality then I would drop apple in a second.

    4″+ for a phone screen is ridiculous let alone a 5.5″ !…. Next thing stupid thing would be apple putting phone functionality in their iPads

  26. SteeveHa says:

    I will definitely skip off the new iPhone4S2 (aka 5), in favor of Note 2. I REFUSE to be identified with that legion of iSheep out there sleeping on the sidewalks to buy a phone that should belong to a tech museum. Apple has made the first step in becoming a dinosaur. And there is no guarantee that they will avoid the path of once mighty RIM.

  27. fyern says:

    buying iphone5 never consider in my mind after look at note 2 spec, i will get note 2. Thanks Samsung for inovatif devices launch before i get the iphone 5

  28. Blueboy Daily says:

    I ordered mine yesterday (1/10) and can expect it by 3rd. Went back on the Three website and they appeared to have sold out already. Can’t wait. Think that it represents innovation and I am so glad that the designers didn’t listen to Mr. Jobs view on the stylus! Let’s see Apple try and drag them through court with this one!

  29. Adz675 says:

    I was considering upgrading to the iphone 5, then last week I look at the note 2 and I made a decision with the note 2, so much more to do on it than iphone, just stuck for choice on colour, white or grey?

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