iPhone 5 is just a 4-inch 4S, harsh arguments begin

There are Android users who are adamant they have the best product and operating system, and there are Apple iPhone users who think they have got the best. We know that heated discussions from both parties happen all the time, and sometimes things do get a little out of hand and in some cases we have had to delete many comments dues to the nature of wording. Let the harsh arguments start is what we are calling it, some responses were a little harsh on the ear.

We will miss out a few details with what actual words were used when we asked people what they thought about the new iPhone 5 about to release, trust us when we say there is a lot of hate for Apple at the moment, of course many love the company and will stick with them because they say its products are the best.

When we asked one random person walking in London the other day what he thought of the iPhone 5 and the Apple event happening today, he said “Well to be honest I use Android and the iPhone 5 is just a 4-inch 4S, how the (Swear word goes here) can Apple users say the iPhone is the best when Samsung have much better phones”. Many Android users really got annoyed when asked the question, not with us but just about the iPhone and Apple in general.

Another person said “Apple are bullies, they use the sue you factor to get more sales, trying to ban Samsung products is ludicrous and just shameful, personally I think Apple is scared and needs to do everything in their power to push out the competition, whatever happened to healthy competition”.

But then the tables turned when we asked a gentleman in Camden Town, he was a friend of a friend we met in a pub. He said you rarely hear Apple iPhone users slag off Android phones or users, is this because Apple users are more comfortable with their choice, or is it simply down to those that own Android are childish and need an argument and feel threatened by a more superior entity”.

Now we here at Phones Review are always on the fence, we neither argue about Apple nor do we moan about Android, our job is to simply provide our readers with the latest news. To verify things on our end, we use many smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S and yes both phones are fantastic, but we will not sit here and slag off any of them because we do not want our heads on the chopping block.

So why is there so much bitching about the iPhone 5? We see so much hate at the moment on both sides, being it via email, here within our commenting areas and via our social networks. Please do have your say below (PLEASE refrain from swearing), thanks all.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 is just a 4-inch 4S, harsh arguments begin”

  1. SenseOffender says:

    The internet is a faceless breeding ground for hate, unfortunately, and as a result people will use it as a platform to spout venom on anything they dislike (or pretend they dislike).

    The easiest solution is not to engage such folk, if their debate isn’t reasoned, hit them with something logical and step away or just don’t engage them at all.

    I have been in phone shops and had similar discussions, as those you’ve listed above, about iPhones vs other devices, in so far as sellers saying iPhones are the best and yet, in all honesty, only a true geek (of which most workers in mobile phone shops are not) would be able to really break down what separates the two devices operationally, aside from the fact that one might have an app that the other doesn’t because the developer chose to launch it on one OS first.

    The arguing is tired now, if not plain boring. Yes debates are thought provoking but add a bit of nastiness and it really makes one question the psyche of the person who spouts it.

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