iPhone 5 screen problem, glitch caused by keyboard

It would appear that when it comes to Apple latest iOS smartphone all is not rosy in the iPhone 5 owning garden because of a screen problem the smartphone has had ever since the iPhone 5 hit the mobile space last month. It appears that the iPhone 5 screen has a bit of a flickering problem when using the keyboard.

According to a report over on Apple Insider, many iPhone 5 owners have reported the flickering glitch over on Apple Discussions, and apparently this flickering glitch appears when a user invokes the symbols and numbers keyboard when pressing the ‘?123’ button when using the iOS handset in portrait mode.

Apparently the flickering problem only happens when the user is asked to enter Apple ID password, although the flickering doesn’t show up every time when entering their Apple ID password using the numbers and symbols keyboard, and as such as the problem is likely to be a software error rather than an issue with the iPhone 5 display.

However some posters has said that the screen flickering glitch doesn’t happen on older Apple handsets running iOS 6 such as the iPhone 4S, whilst Apple tech support, in response to one user called David825, suggested doing a hard reset of his iPhone 5, but apparently this had no effect on the problem.

But there’s more, the same poster who contacted an Apple store in KOP, they told him the problem is the hardware and not software, and as such will not be fixed by a software update, and thus needs to be replaced, although another poster called mosembleker says the Genius Bar has stated this is a known issue but Apple will not give them any more info, and as such they are not swapping that handsets at this time.

We have embedded a couple of video showing the flicking glitch on the iPhone 5 for your viewing consideration below, so check them out, and feel free to let us know if you have experience the same problem on your iPhone 5 by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 5 screen problem, glitch caused by keyboard”

  1. Tyler says:

    Same thing here with my new iPhone 5. Same thing, same way as well.
    Also note that my iPhone and I believe everyone sold and on market has a nother defeact. The auto dim does not work. Maybe it’s software problems or maybe it’s that the light scensor does not function properly.

  2. Tyler says:

    Also, tell me if this happens with previous versions, but the body, when charging, gets extremely hit. This is almost to the point were I can’t bare to touch the metal rims of my phone. Also there is a slight redialing sound when I slightly tap my phone against my hand( or anywhere for that matter). And finally the metal bars that act as atones. When they are touched ( by a human of course) the phone will become grounded. This simply means that you will only have one bar. This only happens while touching these bars though. It seems as if Apple will loose many fans after this faulty device.

      1. HTC user. says:

        I’m going to use that line myself. Never has a truer word been spoken. All the components for the crApple SHiTPhone, mainly Samsung items, come from Foxcomm. crApple don’t make the things.
        Why people pay loads extra for inferior products is a mystery to me. Can’t believe people fall for all the marketing.

  3. Mertpw says:

    IPhone 5 32GB Black, n same prblem, I hope they will do something about it, it’s really annoying and it makes u feel so badd because it’s the newest one and it has a prblem.

  4. shikz says:

    Same problem on my iphone 5 64 gb. The flickering is there for good 2 to 3 minutes until I close and reopen the screen. Something needs to be done about this asap this is not a cheap device to purchase and I expect to get what I pay for.

  5. Mike says:

    Yes, my iPhone 5 has this small screen glitch when entering a password to download a new app. Not that big of a deal and with my phone it does not happen every time. My concern is that it is a sign of a problem that will get worse. But then again, why worry? If this becomes a problem I have confidence that Apple will give you a new phone.

  6. Obo says:

    Hi, I’ve had my 5 now for 4 weeks and have just experienced this flickering problem but something for who ever to into, I never had the problem till I added a second keyboard Emoji. Obo

  7. Andy says:

    I have a white 32gb i5 and it’s not just on the keyboard when it flickers, it happens when I open attachments on emails and on some apps as well…… Not overly impressed. Great phone otherwise, a bit irritating but we’ll see if Apple fixes it…

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