Dolphin Browser Propels Mobile Browsing to the Future

As mobile computing starts to become the norm, technology for tablets and smartphones appear to be outpacing the rest of the digital industry. Just as more consumers spend more time with their tablets and smartphones, so are tech companies and developers spending more hours bringing something new and innovative to the market on a daily basis — and letting up may not be an option as consumers clamor for more, triggering stiff competition as never seen before.

Though most users install various applications on their mobile computing units such as tablets and smartphones to make their lives more efficient and entertaining, nothing could be more essential than having a great mobile browser — and no other mobile browser proved to be faster and more innovative than Mobotap’s Dolphin Browser. Dolphin Browser was initially made available as an alternative browser for Android mobile phones. Aside from multi-touch gestures, it offers other innovative features that made it a favorite among users of Android phones — and now this browser is available for Android powered tablets, as well.

Among the Dolphin’s cutting-edge features is the Dolphin Sonar, which uses voice recognition to search and navigate the web without using text input. Webzine presents content in a magazine format and has the ability to cache content for offline browsing. Switching between different web pages is also made convenient with tabbed browsing. Finally, Dolphin Browser offers customized gesture browsing where pre-programmed gestures work for some popular websites while users can also create their own gestures for any specific site. Some of the pre-programmed gestures include the letter “F” to take you to Facebook or the letter “T” to visit Twitter.

Following the success of Dolphin as an alternative Android platform browser, it was made available for iOS, and gained the same positive reviews from Apple users. More recently, Dolphin Browser was also made available to BlackBerry mobile gadgets in the BlackBerry App World.

Since the Dolphin Browser’s launched, it has garnered several awards such as one of PC Magazine’s Best Free iPhone and iPad Apps for 2011, the CNet 100, top startups to watch in 2012 from Networkworld, and more. And these are all from its infancy stage yet. As mobile computing gains even more ground in the coming years and manufacturers keep delivering extremely powerful tablets and smartphones, the possibilities for Dolphin Browser will make web browsing an even more unique experience for millions of users worldwide.

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