Scary mad iPhone & Android Halloween T-Shirt costumes

We are just a couple of days away now from that time of year when we all go out trick or treating and dressing up in cool costumes to make us look even scarier, or not in some cases. There are a huge variety of products and gadgets designed with Halloween in mind, and today we have news of some scary and mad iPhone and Android Halloween T-shirt costumes.

If you are struggling to think of something to dress up in for this year’s Halloween celebrations, an article over on Heavy.com has an idea for you. Armed with an Android or iOS smartphone users can scare the hell out of their friends, which is the main idea for the celebrations each year, at least for the older ones amongst us.

The idea comes from someone called Mark Rober that found fame last year for his double iPad hole in the body Halloween costume, but this year he has decided to create a free application so other people can make use of their smartphones to create their own Halloween costumes.

Some of the creations available include an exposed beating heart or having a character on the T-Shirt whose eyes suddenly move. First users have to order one of the many T-Shirt designs available from the Digital Dubz website, before downloading the free application from either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

Then all that is needed is some duct tape to secure your device to the T-shirt for the scaring to begin, but there has been some problems reported by some Android users. Some have complained about the locating of the mobile device inside the T-shirt, while others have commented on the actual app.

What are you planning for Halloween?


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