Samsung Galaxy S4 specs anticipation, Quad 2.0GHz Exynos 5450

It is always good to see what will come in the future, and we are hoping that around March 2013 we will get a new smartphone from Sammy. Yes we are going to talk about the new and hopefully what will be released Samsung Galaxy S4 and what we can expect to see spec wise. There will be many rumours flying around and we would like to see if any of these do come true, we all know that the Galaxy Note 2 and of course the Samsung Galaxy S3 are very popular handsets, but we need something in between but with greater specs than these beasties.

What will we get under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well let’s start with what DDaily.kr via Sam Mobile are suggesting, of course powerful specifications are a must and to kick things off it has been suggested the Galaxy S4 will come boasting the Exynos 5450 processor, which will be based on the Cortex A15 architecture, now comes the best bit because it will be clocked at a stunning 2.0GHz.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts the Exynos 4412 quad-core processor, and this clocks in at a cool 1.6GHz, so to have 2.0GHz would be titillating to say the least. The new SGS4 could possibly come boasting 3GB of RAM in 2013 and this is not really going above its potential, this could be what we call realistic in terms of specs.

We here at Phones Review have a wishlist when it comes to new specifications and features, and we would love to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 getting the above, but to be more realistic seeing as the Galaxy S3 has 1GB of RAM so 3GB on the S4 seems a little high so how about the Galaxy S4 coming with 2GB of RAM instead?

A few ideas that could become reality for the Samsung Galaxy S4: 5-inch to 5.2-inch Super AMOLED 1080p display would be a great start as this puts it in between the SGS3 and SG Note 2, as well as a 3MP front camera, 12MP rear-facing camera would be ideal, ok this is stepping it up a little but how about 64GB and 128GB storage options only, hello Flash storage.

Practical wireless charging, 3500mAH battery, we think that Samsung should change up the design, make it more evolutionary to look at and to hold. When it comes to operating system options we know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the UK now has Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and the Galaxy Note 2 also has Jelly Bean, so the S4 really needs to come with Key Lime Pie upon release. There are many other specs running around in our heads such as edge-to-edge display, scratch and dust proof, two speakers instead of the one, not too sure if the Galaxy S4 should come with a 3D display but it could be an option if requested, maybe LTE, what do you think?

We have had a few readers mention the likes of a holographic display, better WiFi; these are some of the features that would make this the best phone on the market by far. We have been playing around with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for a few weeks now and will be doing many hands-on reviews, but we do need to think about a new smartphone, and we believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the next step in the right direction for Samsung.

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46 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 specs anticipation, Quad 2.0GHz Exynos 5450”

  1. Tom says:

    would be better if the phone was either the same or, if not, smaller than the S3,otherwise it would be too big and if people want a big phone, there is the Note 2 as an alternative.

  2. prax says:

    if s4 is to be sold as a phone then the screen size should be equal to or smaller than s3’s. its difficult to use s3 with 1 hand. making it larger does not sound cool.

    1. It needs to be MINIMUM 5″…..but I’m thinking they’ll go for something like a 5.3″ display like the Note. They should be able to make a phone thats not much larger than the S3 with a significantly larger screen. Edge to edge display possibly? Having a smaller display would be going backwards. Samsung needs to move forward.

      1. With all due regards Joe, u do realize that ur ac2ly on d minority here buddy? Not every1 wants a large screen n in fact most folks find it uncomfy! Wat’s d point in havin a super lovable gadget if it ain’t comfy n convenient n u can’t even properly hold it in ur hands??

        1. Joe Cole says:

          Hold up, Joe has a point. Make the screen larger but keep the overall phone size the same. My Nexus S is 5 inches corner to corner. It fits comfortably in my hand. The screen is 4 inches. If it had an edge to edge screen then the phone and the screen would be 5 inches and still be comfortable to hold, carry and use.

          I think all manufacturers need to put a lot more effort into designing something that isn’t just a rectangle with a screen. Samsung, in my opinion, is doing that more than anyone else.

          1. Glen Price says:

            Yep, thats y i admire Sammy loads! They’re definitely at d forefront of innovation in all things electronic! Realistically speakin, I think they’re gonna put a 5′ 1080p screen on d S4 BUT d overall size will be equal to or less than the S3 due 2 superb bezel reduction!

        2. Shanty53 says:

          Buy another phone if you do not like it. Some of us want to move more towards and tablet in a 4.5 inch smaller enviorment, then again, some of us really use our phones for business and not angry birds or to pick up welfare checks 🙂

          1. yourdad says:

            There’s a galaxy note for a reason. Galasxy s4 should stay within reasonably big size with a max of 4.8 inches. If you want a bigger one get the note.

  3. Guillermo Perez-Arguello says:

    I have been spreading online pleas to Samsung about using the Exynos 5450 in the Galaxy S4 so now I see where much of this might be coming from, lol… But, you are missing a ton of information. You are missing the fact that the Exynos 5450 is a true Cortex A15 design and has the ability to transfer memory at 12.8gb/s!! Also, you neglected to mention that Samsung just developed faster DDR3 RAM, which would make 3GB DDR3 overkill… I predict 2GB DDR3. You spoke about the 5450 but then didn’t even mention the, scalable to eight cores, GPU! The Mali T658 (no references to websites? come on!! This is when I can tell you are just spreading rumors, not proving them true!) is extremely fast and also based on the Cortex A15 design… Next, the Samsung Galaxy S (4) will also boast faster onboard FLASH memory. Samsung has been developing this and now will be introducing much faster flash chips (4x faster than available today, even 4x faster than a class 10 SD card!!) that will allow us to execute instructions faster too. This device will run so much faster and much more efficient than any other device out. Guaranteed. Also the Exynos 5 chip will allow you to use USB 3.0 and become host or device, which means you can plug a keyboard up to the phone and use it. Data transfers are now way faster thanks to USB3.0 allowing a faster flow rate between USB devices like external harddrives!! Even the Snapdragon S4 Pro with its Adreno320 GPU won’t be able to catch up to all these amazing components in the next Galaxy device…

    Snapdragon S4 PRO
    NOT TRUE Cortex A15 design (Quad Core Krait)
    USB2.0 (connections to host pcs will be slower and transfers too)
    2GB DDR2 RAM isn’t faster than DDR3

    Exynos 5450 Quad
    True Cortex A15 design (2.0Ghz Quad core)
    2GB DDR3 RAM

    1. I agree with everything….except the screen size. We need a LARGER display. And this is possible with a similar footprint. We could EASILY have 5″ in a phone the same size as the current S3. I’d like to see a 5.3″ display.

    2. ARM 64 bit Cortex A57-A53 r d new kids on d block n they’ll be available in quad core heterogeneous big.Little configs! That wud b a real game changer! Only caveat is they ain’t gonna b available in devices till 1st half of 2014! Duh!

      1. A57 has 3ice d performance per core of d current gen A15 n A53 is d equivalent of a current gen A9 at a fraction d power n with process shrinks, also a fraction of d die area! Will b real cool!

  4. jonny128gb says:

    they should only have 64gb and 128gb storage pissing about with stupid 16gb phones is mental (yes i know i can expand with micro sd) but i want more storage!!! How bout twin micro sd slots???

    1. U got me jonny! 64 GB shud b d bare min for nxt gen flagship fones n since Sammy has alrdy started production of 128GB flash chips v shud get that too! With all d full HD vids n stuff, in a few years we’ll b needing Terabyte storage in our fones n 16-32 GB sounds quaint at best!

  5. S3 user1 says:

    Do not buy samsung, before you see what versions they selling to US and for themselves in Korea… They f*cked us with 1gb version while selling 2gb devices to US, Korea, Australia… They again will make money on Europe and invest it to more important markets… Samsung not so trustable to my eye.

    1. Guillermo Perez-Arguello says:

      Samsung couldnt provide the same specs because their original Exynos chip didn’t play well with LTE, so they opted to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core…. From now on, Samsung will pack their phones with Exynos only chips, trust me. The performance difference between Samsungs new Exynos 5 and even Snapdragon S4 Pro is unable to match it accordingly. So Samsung will simply use its own Exynos 5 Duals/Quads with ARMs MALI-T608s/T-658s!!! Have faith in Samsung this coming year because they will rock the best hardware… For instance, the new Nexus 10 is a Samsung made product and has the latest tech!!! CHECK it out!

  6. jason says:

    PLease make the phone and the screen smaller! 5 inches would be like carrying mini tablet, edge to edge 4.5 to 4.65 screen would be plenty. Why do you think so many people like the iPhone, the size and clarity is great, no one wants to carry a huge “phone” in their pocket!

    1. 5″ to 5.3″ would be PERFECT. Bezels will get smaller giving us larger screen with less footprint. I like big screens….to a point. 5.3″ would not be too much with the thin and sleek designs that are possible with todays tech.

    1. Yep i 2nd that! It’s hi time v got water n shock proof flagship fones! HTC has alrdy opened d door wth the J Butterfly wich is currently 1 of d top fones specwise! It’s jst sickening to hav a top range fone n then it gets spoils or warranty gets void even if ur sweat seeps thru! Most of us lead active lifestyles n our fones outta suit that n live on a water world so it’s all arnd us! Only makes common sense 2 hav water proof fones

  7. edward says:

    here is a better wishlist
    same size as s3 but 5 inch 1080p display (how about new ultra amoled? – brighter)
    2.0ghz exynos 5450 quad core a15, with mali t-658 gpu
    12mp, f-hd 1080p video recording at 60fps, then a 3mp and also f-hd for front facing to give it an complete 360 1080p experience
    64gb only. 2-3 gb ram.
    3000miah (lets be realistic…)
    stereo sound pehaps, and water resistant?
    and finally a high quality unibody polycarbonate or aluminium finish.
    this is the ideal specs guys…

  8. woody says:

    s4 screen size has to be same as s3 (4.8) or bigger (5.3) edge to edge display love the big screen if you dnt want the big screen buy a crappy i phone lol.

    1. robertkoa says:

      Well there are limits on a larger screen in a smaller footprint.

      Until we get to Holographic Displays ( Android 48.4- White Chocolate-projected Release Date 2064),
      the screen must be smaller than the phone….

      For me the S3 size is the upper limit to carry in a pocket

      but the Note / Note 2 carried in a holster type clip or briefcase-I can understand the advantages and fun if the huge screens.

  9. NMG says:

    I was under the impression that the S3 runs at 1.4Ghz for the international version, and 1.5Ghz for the NA version… Maybe you meant the Galaxy Note 2?

  10. Exynos 5450 is gr8! However, I wud personaly prefer a Big.little processor wth 2 A15 n 2 A7 cores n it wud b d best deal 4 both power n battery efficiency! Anyway, Samsung r goin d Big.little route n an announcement of d 1st Samsung made big.Little processor is expected 2mro at d ARM Tech Con convention as Samsung is ARM’s official partner in Big. Little processing! My hunch is a Big.little processor wud make it in d S4 n a quad core Big.Little configuration with 4 pairs of A15 n A7 cores wud b even grander!

  11. Archknight says:

    I have to agree with those who think the S4 should be relatively the same size while offering a larger screen. I am an iPhone user and will be switching to the S4 when it comes to market. The abundance of specs and customization among Android devices has impressed me too much to be ignored, the S3 being at the top of the list and the new Optimus G being the second. As Samsung has been one company to push the envelope on specs for it’s devices I’m betting they will bring out a product that bests the competition in every way and forces others to play catch up. Since the battle between Apple and Samsung continues to heat up, I expect a new form factor to come into play with a push to give the S4 supremacy in just about all areas that a consumer tends to look for in one device (web surfing, music, and overall quality).

  12. sammy_rules says:

    Would love to see a clam shell phone with a large folding screen inside. The Note is too big for a mobile phone and the S3 is very much borderline in terms of what is a practical size. Yes it is nice to have a large screen for photos, video and web browsing etc, but if it could fold in half to use as a phone and fit in your pocket, it would be perfect.

  13. devoted S2 user says:

    If galaxy S4 has a bigger screen would be great if it was a flip phone where screen is in two halves or bends. Otherwise a screen between the S2 and S3 size woyld be bedt. Any bigger and wont fit a pocket

  14. Jason says:

    Samsung should add extra hard ware features too. Like they did with the s3.

    Things like :-

    * Laser beams so that if an apple phone enters the proximity.. Boom!

    * The ability to morph electronic patents, in case of an apple invasion!

    * iMapping! :p

    * A tasty screen which will engulf the entire iphone 5.

    * Radar warning system, ready for incoming iphones!


  15. If they release it with 128gb of storage, I will buy this phone if nothing else than as a media player! I’ve been hanging for a device with 128gb of flash storage for years after my old hard drive based 120gb MP3 players have started clicking.

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