Xbox SmartGlass for android available, iOS waiting

Quite often users of the Android platform have to wait for successful iPhone applications to be released for them to enjoy, which was the case with apps such as Instagram and Temple Run among others, but the Xbox SmartGlass app for Android is already available with iOS users still waiting.

As an article on Tom’s Hardware is reporting Microsoft officially released the application last Friday on Google Play, and is available to users that have a handset running Android 4.0 or later on a device with a WVGA screen resolution or above.

The app is not currently compatible with the Google Nexus 7 that runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, or any other Android tablets. Once downloaded and installed users can navigate their Xbox 360 by simply swiping or tapping on their handsets screen.

The virtual keyboard can be accessed to compose messages to be sent to the console, and if they update the Xbox 360 to Internet Explorer they can use their mobile phone to zoom in and out when viewing web pages and images, and even enter in URLs and conduct Internet searches.

Android users can use their smartphone to play, fast forward, stop, rewind, and pause music and videos on the console. Other functions of the app include searching the Xbox catalogue for things such as games, video, music, keep a track and compare achievements, message Xbox friends, and much more.

Early reviews from users that have downloaded the application have been mainly good, but some are complaining the app is not available for the likes of the Nexus 7. The release of the application is a little bit surprising as it wasn’t originally expected to hit the Android platform until early next year, but you won’t hear too many users complaining its come early.


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  1. So what’s the point of having a nexus 7 if every useful app is not compatible with it. This was one of the apps I was looking forward to and now I don’t know when or if I will even be able to get it.

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