Samsung to raise stakes with Galaxy S4 release

Currently one of the most sought after smartphones available is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which the company first launched less than six months ago. Now though we are starting to get some small pieces of information about its eventual replacement due sometime next year, and Samsung is set to raise the stakes with the Galaxy S4 release.

Only last month rumours surfaced that the Galaxy S4 will be released in March, but these were quickly shot down by the company. Now though according to an article on Sam Mobile the company is currently busy working on devices for next year that would feature 3GB of RAM.

There is even a leaked image that shows some test devices that have 3GB RAM stickers on them, but it is doubtful if these are actually the Galaxy S4 as they are obviously test devices. To have a device packing that much RAM may mean that Samsung is looking at ways to improve its software, and add more features.

If Samsung is looking to have 3GB of RAM available for its 2013 line up of smartphones, and would probably only be in its flagship handsets such as the next Galaxy S model, and possibly any new Note model that may come out next year as well.

Hopefully this increase in RAM is not just a case of bragging rights, but some useful new features for consumers to enjoy. We have already reported that the company is working on new 13 megapixel back illuminated sensor, and the company is calling it the S5K3L2.

While the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be a long way off yet, it is obvious the company would be busy working on ways to improve it further from this year’s model. There has been talk before that the next version will have a larger screen closer to 5-inches, but with fitting in more RAM who knows what Samsung may have up its sleeves, or it could quite easily just be natural progression like it was moving from 1GB to 2GB.

Do you like the sound of 3GB of RAM in a smartphone?


7 thoughts on “Samsung to raise stakes with Galaxy S4 release”

  1. More RAM the better. My S3 is already taking up most of its RAM with samsungs bloat-ware. What they really need to improve on is batteries, I’d rather have a smaller screen but a larger capacity battery. I know Samsung do some extended batteries for the S3 for aftermarket but I think they need to find ways to improve battery technology, rather then screen sizes. Pointless having a large screen on a phone if the battery can’t handle it.

    Also what the hell is wrong with SAMSUNG they just released the S3 LTE in Europe its the same as the S3 but with more Ram and currently the fastest mobile devise shatters the XTC and Iphone 5 in benchmarks. Can you imagine Apple released a Iphone 6, 5 months after releasing the Iphone 5? It makes no marketing sense.

    1. Joe the plummer says:

      In addition to bloatware, I beleive Samsung and maybe others install programs that send constant feedback about the user back to them and the carrier. I beleive this is what kills your battery life. Other apps you download can also do the same. I think one has to be extra careful with these phones.

    2. HookedOnTabs says:

      It makes good marketing sense. That is why Samsung sells more phones. Always making you want a new phone. If you buy an iPhone 3 or 10, when you boot it up, you already know what the homepage is going to look like. Freaking Boring, samo samo samo.
      I really love my note 1, I would not upgrade to a note 2. Especially since I have the note tablet. However, because I do have the tablet, I just might upgrade my note 1 for the new Samsung camera phone with 16mp camera and the 21x optical zoom, and 4.8 display, all that and it makes calls, search data and email? Why the heck not?

  2. williams says:

    3 gig RAM would be the high waterpoint for any manufacturer now. I think Europe will get them first, possibly HTC as it had with the quadcore chips in the HTC One X and then Samsung will follow very soon after.

    Just like quadcore and LTE speeds. These are just finally starting to hit the U.S. market and its something Europe and foreign countries have enjoyed already for months albeit with HSPA+ speeds. North America is constantly behind the technology curve.

  3. Riordan says:

    More RAM the better obvously! It may sound too much for a smartphone (it’s more RAM than my laptop!), however, if Samsung do this, with a phone on the £500 or less price limit, they would shock the world!!!!

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