iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time, contracts favoured

We here at Phones Review would like to point out our frustration with the iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time and contracts being favoured. We have been very busy indeed and that is why we have not had the time to buy our own Apple iPhone 5, so we decided it was time too. Last week we got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 with ease via O2 UK in Bristol, the reason we have got these phones is simply down to reviewing many aspects as well as many products we are getting sent to us.

Whilst we was in O2 we purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, that was easy and painless, then we asked the O2 store worker for the 32GB iPhone 5 and the reply came back stating they only had the 64GB version. We here at Phones Review wanted the Pay & Go version and even on O2’s website they state, “All stock of iPhone 5 on Pay & Go has been snapped up. Check back later to see when we’ve got some.”

The online O2 store also states that there are no iPhone 5 smartphones on contract either but you can check in-store using there dedicated section where you add your postcode, and yes they do have them in stock here in Bristol. We have asked many readers if they are having trouble getting there iPhone 5 on Pay & Go and they said yes.

Someone we know ordered his iPhone 5 via Vodafone last week and it was delivered to his door yesterday, and yes this was on contract. We decided that O2 was not the place to be so we decided to visit the Apple store, and yet again they have not got any unlocked iPhone 5’s either only contract versions. We just find it a little strange that you can get the iPhone 5 on contract but not Pay & Go, we have pre-ordered ours via the Apple Store online but had an email stating 3 to 4 week delivery with an estimated delivery date between November 24th / 26th. The Apple service is always fantastic but they did ask if we wanted the iPhone 5 unlocked or on contract, we Said “Unlocked Please” they said that they do not have any in stock, which tells us they have them on contract in stock, strange that.

Are you still waiting for your iPhone 5? If so please let us know where you have ordered from and if it is on contract or unlocked. Are we missing something why this is the case, or is it that those wanting these smartphones on contract are more favoured as the carriers get more money in the long run?

Another thing we might add is that Apple sells the 32GB iPhone 5 for £599, but if you decide to use O2 they charge £619, yes that is £20 more, makes sense to shop Apple really. If you shop O2 you have to get a Pay & Go SIM card being it £10 or £20, whereas Apple you can simply get the phone as is.

Hopefully we are not barking up the wrong tree here, but do you agree that it is strange you can go into the Apple store and get contract iPhone 5’s but not unlocked?


20 thoughts on “iPhone 5 ridiculous delivery time, contracts favoured”

  1. Sam says:

    I was aware that the apple store has 3 sets of stock, one being returns stock for people that have to return their iphone 5. two being stock for pay as you go and as you say thirdly they have stock aside for customers who want to take out a contract. Good for those who are taking the contract option but for those who want to buy it outright its not so easy.

  2. P Carr says:

    I was so excited when iPhone 5 was finally released, but my experience is similar to yours. None of my local o2 stores have the configuration I want, but I’ve been told that even if they did, it wouldn’t be available on pay & go for a long while, even though I’m an existing o2 iphone payg customer. So, I’m trying to be patient… and I’ve stopped checking the stock 5 times per day!

  3. Knightyk says:

    The iPhone 5 availability is a shambles. Carphone Warehouse will only sell the 64GB as a SIM only offer, which I guess is the model that most turn away from due to it’s price, and they make their money from contracts, so will hold inventory back for that. Many people have waited a long time for this phone, however, many will be fortunate to get it before xmas. With Vodafone & O2 stating that their 4G networks will start to roll out in Spring (perhaps May), surely they shall pile pressure on Apple to comply with their 800 bandwidth, in which case, I’ll bet an updated iPhone 5 & new LTE iPads will be released by early summer. If that’s the case, then all mugs who rushed in early will only be able to sell their devices to a restricted market as everyone will have 4G in a years time!!! It’ll be even worse if Apple releases two different versions of LTE products within the UK, similar to the US… which will be ridiculous….

  4. bob says:

    If you want your journalism to be taken seriously (you do have some valid points to make), it won’t do you any harm to learn some basic spelling and grammar. Some of your piece reads as though it were written by a 6 year old. Come on, you’re letting the site and the profession down, but worst of all yourself – since you can actually structure well-based arguments…

  5. rach92 says:

    I ordered my iphone 5 in store to upgrade my orange contract on the 23/10/2012 and told it would be anything up to 4 weeks, i havent recieved any confirmation however only paid a £25 deposit.

  6. mm12345 says:

    I ordered my iPhone 5 (16 GB white) on 1st October, on a contract with Orange. I was given a wait time of a maximum of 30 days, however, still not heard anything from Orange except sporadic ridiculous texts informing me my order has not been forgotten – unsurprisingly I am furious!

  7. Raja says:

    i reserved my iphone 5 32gb black and on the next day i got the confirmation email next day i went to the apple store they said they do not have 32gb black iphone 5 factory unlock its being a second weak im waiting for it they told me that when the first iphone 5 32gb would come they would give it to me and still i didn’t got it so please help me……

  8. Leighton says:

    Yes I ordered my iphone 5 on the Apple store on October 7. Delivers between 31 October & 6 November. I’m not banking on my phone being delivered before next Tuesday

  9. Martin "Lawliet" Amuesi says:

    Apple is really taking their time. I ordered mine (64GB White & Silver) on the 14th of October. It’s still stuck on processing order. My estimated delivery date is from the 7th to the 13th of November.

    To be honest I didn’t think it would actually take 3-4 weeks. But it looks like the estimates are spot on for most. Some people have gotten theirs a week early but that’s about it.

  10. MovingToVodafone says:

    Ordered 3 16gb iPhone 5 Black on 21st of september and not had anything. Have contacted o2 so many times but have been told nothing but lies and false promises, quite simply a joke. O2 business contract customers are actually bottom of the picking list.. Consumer and Business ‘Lease’ Customers appear to be getiing later orders, supplied sooner. I can only assume that there is a higher profit margin on these customers and because I am a contract customer, they can treat me worse as I have little choice?!?!?!

  11. Dan says:

    Ordered one with orange on the 3rd October and came on the 4th the next day. Then I ordered my sisters phone with t mobile on the 11th and it still hasn’t arrived..

  12. Mick Kelly says:

    Yep. same here. No unlocked to be had at Apple store Leicester but as many contract phones as I want. I guess Apple are taking a cut of the contract as a reseller! thanks Apple..NOT.

  13. David says:

    Hi, I ordered my iPhone 5 with Vodafone on 29th September, but when I went into the shop 2 weeks later to find out when it was being ordered they said get in touch with Customer Services. They said that the phone order was not submitted properly. So now I have no idea when I will get my iPhone as the customers services are fobbing me off with different dates. I will not use Vodafone again!

  14. al says:

    ordered a white 16gb iphone 5 on an orange contract 25th sept. and still waiting for it to be delivered. they say they can’t give me a delivery date as apple won’t give them a date for stock to be delivered to them.

  15. kato d says:

    i was at the genius bar at an apple store 2 weeks ago in seattle, wa and inquired about an unlocked iphone 5. the clerk said he thought it was “strange” apple hadn’t made unlocked 5’s available yet after eight weeks, when unlocked 4’s and 4s’s came out within 3-4 weeks. maybe 5’s are rolling off the line way slower than expected? i’ve read apple workers at foxxconn aren’t well treated either at least compared to western standards. is there a “fair trade”electronics standard the way there is for coffee now? i’m sure kickbacks from the contract companies are another reason. apple have you forgotten the artists and non-conformers who supported you for so many years?

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