Nexus 7 vs iPad mini and the obvious choice

The smaller tablet PC market has just got more complicated with the recent launch of the iPad mini, which has come around the same time as Google announced some new versions of the already popular Nexus 7 device. Today we are looking at the Nexus 7 vs the iPad mini and trying to help you make the obvious choice.

There can be a number of reasons why consumers decide to purchase a certain device over another, which can sometimes not just come down to price or brand loyalty, and this could certainly be the case when looking at the Apple iPad mini and Google Nexus 7.

Processor and Power
The iPad mini uses the same Apple A5 1GHz dual core processor that is found in the iPad 2 that is coupled with 500MB of RAM, while the Nexus 7 has the upper hand here by using the Nvidia quad core Tegra 3 chip clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM.

On the Nexus 7 you get a seven inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 1280 that provides 216ppi, which compares to the 7.9-inch iPad mini display at a resolution of 1024 x 768 that offers 163ppi.

The Nexus 7 now comes in either 16GB or 32GB storage options without the possibility of expanding further, which compares to the iPad mini that has the option of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB that also can’t be expanded further by the user.

Dimensions and Weight
Apple’s iPad mini measures in at 200mm x 134.7mm x 7.2mm weighing 312grams for the Wi-Fi+ cellular model, where the Nexus 7 32GB + 3G measures 198.5mm x 120mm x 10.45mm and weighs 340grams.

This is where the iPad mini wins hands down as it features a 5MP rear camera and a 1.2MP unit on the front, where the Nexus 7 only has a 1.2MP front facing camera.

The iPad mini will come running iOS 6 but will soon be upgraded to iOS 6.0.1, while the Nexus 7 is currently running Android 4.1.2, but the company has this week announced Android 4.2 Jelly Bean that should be finding its way to the Nexus device soon.

Pricing for the Wi-Fi only iPad mini starts at £269/$329 for the 16GB model with the Nexus 7 is priced at £159/$199. The 32GB Wi-FI and cellular Nexus 7 is priced at £239/$299 that compares to the 32GB iPad mini with the same connectivity that is priced at £449/$559.

When it comes to choosing between the two products those that already own an iOS device are likely to choose the iPad mini, but if cost is your main decision the Nexus 7 will probably be at the top of many consumers’ wish lists.

Do you have an obvious choice between the iPad mini and Nexus 7?


22 thoughts on “Nexus 7 vs iPad mini and the obvious choice”

      1. Fred says:

        £100 difference. I could buy all the apps I ever wanted. I was tempted by iPad but having seen the Google announcement on Monday about the new 10″ and even the phone, my biggest problem now is which Nexus to get! I seriously can’t decide as the Nexus 10 has even more processing power as does the Nexus 4 and superb resolution screens too, Apple used to dominate that with the impressive Retina but now that’s knocked into second place.
        Great article and for a moment I pondered the camera dilemma, but then realised I won’t ever take photo’s with a tablet. I’ve got my phone for that if really needed.

        1. Dub says:

          In May I purchased a galaxy tab 7 in order to stream major league baseball, only to realize that the MLB app wasn’t supported on the device. I then did some further research and noticed that the droid version of the app was inferior in every way. If I am willing to invest $125 a year for a product why would I purchase a tablet that provides an inferior user experience to go along with it. Now I understand that this is not the tablets fault, its the developer. However, indirectly the developer is guiding my decision to support apple, which I am not proud of. Apple has done nice job of catering to developers, and by keep aspect ratios in order is one way that this has helped.

          1. Dunk says:

            Apple had a head start (well done them for getting the ball rolling) however, they have now been overtaken in quality of hardware and price for both phones and tablets. Consumers have already voted with their feet by switching camps to Android with regard to phones and the same is starting to happen with tablets. Developers develop for the biggest market place. It has always been thus. The fastest growing app library is for Android, so you will soon see that overtake Apple as well. This will also see products that are currently ports from Apple get more developer time. Once Android overtake, then it’ll be Apple that starts getting the greater number of ports.

          2. bats says:

            Sorry, but while I agree with you on the hardware being more updated that doesn’t necessarily equate to quality a better quality of hardware. I also wouldn’t be so sure on the Android app library being the fastest growing, the next 6mths will see Windows 8 Apps begin to pick up speed, however, I still think both have some way to go before taking Apple’s dominance. Infact, the ipad mini will probably just solidify that.

          3. sholey says:

            I second that, apple didn’t put a massive CPU in their tablet, because their apps/ios doesn’t need it. spec sheets mean nothing, its about personal preference, some people like buying cheaper plastic devices that feel like a toy leappad, some people like a sheet of glass in their hand. And just because a nexus has more PPI… it still has less screen space than the ipad. good sides too both, I know what I choose though!

      2. dubsonic says:

        Tablet specific apps.. You’re right I should be more specific. lol . For example the MLB app is specifically designed for the iOS. While the Droid version is a functional mobile port.

  1. Henry Ayeni says:

    Since Nexus 10 is around the corner I better wait to get that as against mini iPad or iPad 4. Screen resolution and speed matters to me. One can’t meat is another can’t poison. Goodluck to applemaniacs, they should also wish those of us Droidmaniacs well too.

    1. ronf57 says:

      what i don’t understand is why did samsung goto a dual core processor rather than another quad core processor for nexus 10?

      Also, why no video out??? ALlPlayShare doesn’t work everywhere, no matter who says it does. I’ve been trying with a samsung S3 -Samsung Bluray -Samsung Tv and WD Live.

      and apple going to a lower resolution for ipad mini, cmon, 1280 x 800 is now the accepted minimum apple….1024 x 768 is not 720p even. (1280 x 720)
      i guess with apple we go back to 4:3 instead of 16:9 we have all come to expect. back to the black bars and squished image again. nice choice that one apple.

      1. Christopher Clark says:

        ronf57, The 1.7GHz Exynos 5 dual-core processor is a new generation
        dual-core processor that is actually faster than the Tegra 3 quad-core.
        The Exynos 5 paired with 2GB RAM is going to make it a very quick and
        responsive tablet.

  2. Mooper says:

    The iPad Mini costs 65% more but has an easily-scratched anodized case (like the iPhone 5), is too big to be held in one hand by many people, has an inefficient aspect ratio, has inferior display resolution, requires an expensive proprietary charger, and lacks GPS as well as decent maps. Even the app store now lags behind Google. Apple used to make top quality products that justified the premium price. What happened?!

    1. rend0g says:

      You’re right. I’m getting a nexus 7 and one of the great features when i used it in a store was the clever case. The rubber (or whatever it is) is really innovative. It is almost impossible to break. I think the nexus 7 wins hands down. Even if they were the same price, i would go with a better tablet with the android ecosystem any day

  3. MoreQuads says:

    Just bought the 32gb Nexus 7 for the car. Tether off the Note with AT&T 4G LTE so far up to 49 Mbps.
    Why go backward in speed and resolution.
    Nexus 7 for a baby tablet. Galaxy Note10.1 for serious.
    700,000 apps is plenty.

  4. I can’t believe in all the reviews of the Nexus 7 vs iPad mini that no one has called out that even though it’s more costly, the iPad has better video connectivity options. You can get a VGA or HDMI adaptor to connect to a high def TV or LCD projector for the iPad — not so for the Nexus 7. Had Google and Asus added MHL via USB video, then they would have had the hand’s down winner over the iPad mini — but as it stands, if you want to use the tablet as a media device for groups of people, the iPad mini wins out. Of course lost of other larger Android tablets have the full-on video capability but the idea of the smaller tablets for me is portability and that would include showing videos to groups for me.

  5. sholey says:

    These comparisons are so funny. ANDROIDS THE BEST… NO APPLE ARE THE BEST. Ultimately it boils down the the user experience, and although Android is feature rich it presents it in a disgusting and cluttered way. Android apps are not nice to work with at all, there are very few tablet specific apps on Android store, the screen is cluttered, there are too many buttons. it may seem bias but I’ve had both Android phones & tablets, & apple phone/tablets so i think I can compare in a fair manner. Android tablets/phones are cheap, plastic devices, they have too many buttons, too many menus, too much going on. Unless you need a full PC in the shape of a phone why would you want one. Yes its customization, but its buggy, has many issues (not saying apple’s don’t), and can be very confusing even for the brightest minds. Apple are simple, locked down, uncustomizable, smooth glass, slick devices, we don’t buy them because they do everything, we buy them because they do what we need them to do well, no hiccups, no hanging (sometimes maybe), seamless integration between pc/mac/phone/ipad. There is always a comparison to be had between which tablet is the best, which phone is the best blah blah blah, the best is what is best for you! and if you want a slick nice device that does everything you need it to do (except flash… WHO CARES) you will go and buy an iPad. I don’t understand why a nexus is better than an iPad, because it has a quad core CPU? or a higher res display? It has a more powerful CPU to run its greedy OS, it has a higher res BUT still has 50% (49%) less display than the iPad. These figures and facts are insignificant when it boils down to who does what with their device, and for me, a device that is razor thin, will fit in my pocket, talk to my phone/pc/tv without any issues is a winner. Simplicity is all i ask, after struggling for years with Windows OS’s (I’m a sys admin) and the devices i choose provide that now. I jailbroke my iPhone (to add a few features that annoyed me) and now I have the best of both worlds, all my android could offer me and the simplicity, elegance and speed of apple. I wish people would pull their head out of their a**ss and see that you get what you pay for, there is a reason why the next/kindle are £100+ cheaper than the iPad. Go and hold them side by side, play with them, the choice is down to you, not what people say is better. Just because a spec is higher, it doesn’t mean anything!! just because the nexus has a quad core CPU doesn’t mean it will be any faster or more stable than its opposition. Just because the ipad is thinner doesn’t mean that the nexus is clunky. Personal preference, choose what you like, then keep your decision to yourself. I swear people could start a war over this “android VS apple” BS…You got your phone/tablet, well done you. Enjoy it, and grow up now people. 🙂 Happy halloween everyone 🙂

    1. Robbo says:

      you’re a system admin, you managed to jailbreak your iPhone, yet android is too difficult for you.. right… I smell an iDiot. Btw, Android 4.0+ is not disgusting. Or anywhere close to disgusting. iOS=stale, but Apple can’t change it because it would confuse people.

  6. Carla says:

    I want to buy a tablet, but the more I read the more confused I get. I am not tech savy so need help with this one. I can’t justify the money for th ipads, but would do so if a wise decision.

  7. John says:

    I use both iOS and Android devices. The biggest hook for me with iOS is Airplay. It allows me to easily stream music and videos to a my TVs and stereo at home. There are Android apps that simulate Airplay, but I have not found any that work consistently.

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