Windows Phone 8 Developer Dev account for $8 sort of

A couple of days ago Microsoft revealed the Windows Phone 8 operating system and devices, along with some new features the software will bring with it. The company is hoping to get more developers on board to increase the amount of applications it has on offer, and now we have news of the Windows Phone 8 Developer Dev account that can be yours for $8, sort of.

As an article over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog is reporting the company is making available the Windows Phone 8 Developer Platform, which includes a new SDK with an enhanced Dev Center that is now open for application submissions for the new platform.

The new Windows Phone 8 operating system is being claimed to be the most personal smartphone platform currently available, and now allows users to customize the Live Tiles, along with new features such as Kid’s Corner and Rooms.

Early reviews and feedback from customers have been good, and the top fifty mobile carriers around the world will be offering Windows Phone 8 from November, which will see the expansion of handset options and the Windows Phone Store to 191 markets. This translates to a ninety percent increase in the market that apps on the platform will be available to this year.

The operating system is now available to developers and the hardware is about to become available to consumers, so to tempt developers to get coding the company is offering an added incentive for a few days.

Individual developers can register for a Dev Center account for only $8, which represents a saving of 92 percent, but is a limited time offer. Developers will at first be charged $99 or the equivalent charge for their local currency, before being refunded the difference in the next 30 to 45 days.

So if you are thinking of submitting apps to the Windows Phone 8 platform this will be a great time to get hold of a Dev Center account.


One thought on “Windows Phone 8 Developer Dev account for $8 sort of”

  1. Jason says:

    I was looking at creating Windows 8 phone apps, but due to the cost involved I won’t bother. They would have been free apps, so why should I stump up $99 or £65? They need the developers, they need to offer an incentive to join.