Microsoft Windows Phone 3.0 app update for Mac OS X

There are some folks out there that use a Mac and own a Windows Phone, and so those folk can sync their Windows Phone handset with their OS X device, Microsoft has now released the Windows Phone 3.0 app update for Mac OS X, formally known as Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac, which enables users to easily transfer data.

A report by Slash Gear says that the Windows Phone app has been given an extensive overhaul bringing numerous new features including support for Retina Display Macs, Aperture 3.3.2, iPhoto 9.3.2, support for Windows Phone 8, and support for battery charge state on Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Using the updated app, the user can sync such things as music, and movies, along with other data from iTunes straight to their Windows Phone, and can now drag and drop files from their Mac to their other device, and vice versa, although when transferring media files from iTunes only DRM free files are supported.

The updated version of the app offers a sleek and uncluttered interface, whilst the abundance of new features makes using a Mac with a Windows Phone quite easy whilst videos and images can be synced using Aperture Library and iPhoto and can be imported from the users Windows Phone into the apps.

Windows Phone 3.0 also allows for dragging and dropping of files from Finder to your Windows Phone 8 device, along with offering enhanced capability support for ringtone files for Windows Phone 8 devices.

For those that have a Windows Phone and a Mac computer, you can download the Windows Phone 3.0 app for OS X as a free download by hitting up iTunes.

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