Galaxy S3 takes on HTC One X+, the winner is

The holiday buying season is almost upon us, and there are a few high-end smartphones available that might capture your attention if you are looking for a new handset either for yourself or for a loved one. Perhaps you fancy the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 or maybe the HTC One X+, but can’t quite make up your mind.

Well we have a nice little video comparison that pits the might of the Samsung Galaxy S3 up against HTC’s latest smartphone offering, the HTC One X+, for your viewing consideration below that just might go some way in helping you come to a decision.

The HTC One X+ versus Samsung Galaxy S3 footage spans just a tad over sixteen and a half minutes, although if you would prefer reading the in-depth written article you can do so by visiting Phone Arena. But if you don’t have time for that lengthy comparison you can simply head on down and mash the play button.

Currently as I am sure most are aware, the Galaxy S3 is the darling handset of Sammy that has become very popular with the Android faithful in the mobile space, but can the HTC One X+ flagship handset take any of that popularity away from its rival?

Both smartphones offer the customer large touch screens, along with quad core processors, and 8 megapixel rear facing cameras, whilst the Galaxy S3 sports 1.9 megapixel front facing snapper and the HTC One X+ has a 1.6 megapixel front facing camera, whilst both sport a 2100mAh battery.

However, picking a winner between these two smartphones basically comes right down to the fine details. So rather than me going into those details, I’ll leave it right there and let you hit that play button to check out if one of these handsets can best the other…enjoy.

Which would you prefer, the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X+?


4 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 takes on HTC One X+, the winner is”

  1. Guiltygear says:

    For the prices these phones go i still find it unacceptable that you can’t change the battery on the HTC or ad a sd card. S3 still wins for me but i’ll wait till the LG Nexus 4 comparison before i buy my new phone.

    1. techpro1993 says:

      Stop waiting Nexus 4 does not have SD Card slot nor removable battery.
      For me,S3 need to get rid of that ugly physical home button. 64GB is way too much for me. Ican live with 16GB. External battery is easier to carry and I do not need to tell the other side of phone that I need to shutdown phone and change battery. Unacceptable for business dealing.

  2. MannyV says:

    I purchased the hTC One X+ last weekend and love it. I bought it because the specs here in the US are better than the Samsung S3. The S3 is dual core while the One X+ is quad core. And with 64gigs of internal memory on the One X+, I said bye-bye to my 32gig sd card.

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