iPhone 5 Cases, sealed LifeProof & MiniSuit Keyboard

The iPhone 5 by Apple is a very expensive smartphone well worth protecting, and when it comes to cases some of you may prefer style and then there are many consumers that want pure protection. The question is “What sort of iPhone 5 case should you choose?” Well, we have two great iPhone 5 cases below that include the LifeProof case and the MiniSuit Bluetooth keyboard case.

The Apple smartphone comes with a touchscreen keyboard and although this works like a charm, some would like the ability to use a physical QWERTY keyboard. Remember back in the day when most mobile phones came with physical keypads whereby we could type at ultra speeds, this sort of slowed down because of inaccurate finger positioning on the smartphone’s onscreen keyboard. This is where the MiniSuit iPhone 5 Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard Case comes into play, number one it is a protective case and number two it offers a slide-out motion to reveal the QWERTY keyboard.

The MiniSuit keyboard case works via Bluetooth, the features include other than the obvious an on and off switch, backlit illumination for typing and raised buttons. This case also comes with a USB cable; apparently you can get a nice 45 days usage on one single charge. If this is the case for you then we suggest heading over to Amazon where they have it on sale for only $17.95, normally it is priced at $34.50.

The case mentioned above is all about typing on a real keyboard and now we move on to pure protection, say hello to the Lifeproof iPhone 5 case. It says it all in the name really whereby it will keep your expensive handset safe from the elements, this is a highly rated shock and waterproof case. We love the fact that on the back this case has a see-through window showing off that Apple logo, it seems a little pointless to hide a brand name, come on you would not go and buy a Ferrari and rip off the badge.

The iPhone 5 LifeProof case comes with a headphone adaptor, owner’s manual and a cleaning cloth. Main features include a military-spec design that is waterproof up to 6 feet 6-inches; it is shock and impact resistant. If you visit Best Buy where you can purchase for $79.99 they have listed that this case will give crystal-clear photo and video quality, what it fails to mention is the sound quality seeing as the whole iPhone 5 is encased. This prompted us to email around and ask a few friends, and apparently the sound is slightly muffled, if you look at the reviews on Best Buy’s site one customer reports that it has distorted sound, the ear piece feed back is there and that it doesn’t come with a belt clip. Please visit Best Buy above and let us know what you think of the iPhone 5 LifeProof case.


8 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Cases, sealed LifeProof & MiniSuit Keyboard”

  1. Adam Swindler says:

    just got mine today…I had the lifeproof case and holster for the 4s and the sound wasnt nearly as distorted as the 5. i am not sure what they did differently, but it isnt good. although I have only had it for less than a day, I am dissapointed thus far. also, i like to have a belt clip/holster and they do not offer one yet, which was another dissapointment.

  2. Sam L says:

    It seems with mine the film is a bit wavy and makes it so you must give more pressure I the touchscreen. Does anyone else notice this or did I maybe get a faulty design?

    1. jesse kearney says:

      Faulty probably mines great no problems at all with it highly recommended and if you go to the site when you buy it and if it has any problems for the first year you have it they will send you a new one no questions asked

  3. Reece Lyle says:

    The life proof iPhone 5 is Terriable it is horriable the screen always looks greasy and the sound quality is terrible the whole phone vibrates when there is base in a song

  4. Rforman says:

    This is a case for those who aren’t going to baby their phone…a day fishing or wakeboarding on the boat and you don’t have to worry about breaking your phone…as for the vibration it is annoying but cut a piece of the cleaning cloth and put it in the back of the case no more annoying sound!

  5. DaveC says:

    The LifeProof case for the iPhone 5 is awful! LifeProof’s “water, dirt, snow and shock” claims are over exaggerated. Sure, it’s waterproof and I’ve yet to take it skiing, but I imagine that anything that is waterproof is snowproof as well. I’ve had the case for over a week now and I’ve already taken it out of the case several times to clean the dust from under the screen protector. In regards to Shockproof, It could take a few drops and average negligence, but isn’t a beefy case so I don’t imagine that it could take nearly the beating that an OtterBox Defender case could – which I had on the my iPhone 5 prior to receiving my LifeProof case. OtterBox drastically improved it’s design from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5- 2 thumbs up for that!

    The screen protector is thin and I believe that I may have already punctured it with my keys when I had them in the same pocket as my iPhone. There is a pretty good amount of screen gap between the screen protector and the iPhone at the top and bottom causing difficulty when typing on the lower line of buttons on the keyboard. Ending calls is problematic as well. When you move the phone away from your ear, the screen does not light up automatically like it should – I have to hit the home button and go back to end the call. The case also causes a weird vibration when playing music or using the speakerphone.

    Bottom line, the LifeProof iPhone 5 case is awful! Unless you absolutely need a waterproof phone, I would go with any one of the OtterBox cases for better protection. My iPhone 4 spent 2.5 years in the same OtterBox Defender and it came out looking brand new. The OtterBox was beat all to crap, but did it’s job protecting the iPhone – sold it on eBay for $315!

    Unfortunately, I’m a parasail captain so a waterproof case is a must. LifeProof should come out with another line of cases that is more beefy like the OtterBox Defender to handle more extreme users that don’t a little extra bulk. Slim is great, but plenty of users are concerned with protection.

  6. jesse kearney says:

    Life proof is a phenomenal company and makes a extraordinary product for today’s high quality products it does what it says and no more if simple instructions are followed that come with the case and you properly care for it the case works great I’ve had mine for the 4s now for two years and just upgraded to the 5 .and though I am a business man I’m always texting on my phone and dropping I or bored in a meeting flipping my phone and there’s never any worry about breaking I even went snorkeling this summer and got beautiful pic and video under the water I surprisingly at my own risk got close up videos of the coral reefs so to the people who say poor about this product because they can’t meet perfection well it’s good enough for the boys who keep this country safe its good enough for me .

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